Minnesota boys state high school hockey tournament matchups and predictions – hockey wilderness gas meter car


Review: With Hermantown out of the Class A tournament this year, it’s a little more wide open but Mahtomedi have the chance to take full advantage this year and capture that elusive first title. New Ulm caught a tough break between the three unseeded teams to draw the Zephyrs. There can be some gaston yla agrupacion santa fe 2016 blow outs with the first-round matchups, I hope New Ulm keeps it close.

Review: Since it’s the matchup of 4 and 5 seeds, it should be the best game. This is Delano’s 2 nd appearance and are taking on an Iron Range team, that’s never an easy task. Greenway and its surrounding schools will be sending everyone down for this and to be honest, will have the rest of the northern schools behind them. A feel-good story about where they’ve come from always helps. Should be a great matchup.

Review: Blaine comes to the tournament as the #2 seed and should be a favorite to do some damage. White Bear Lake isn’t going to go lightly though electricity towers in japan which makes for a great matchup right off the bat on Thursday. Because of the tourney cred both these possess, it could be a toss up despite the seeds. To bad their matchup on January 29 th was cancelled. Snow and cold is ruining our hockey. Kind of a weird gas in spanish thing to say, right?

Review: Seriously, how does Eden Prairie get seeded in this tournament? You already my distain for Moorhead but they got screwed and even St. Thomas. I guess EP still has a little money to throw around when they need to. I’ll give Lakeville South more than a punchers chance, but they’ve lost some head scratcher games during electricity outage austin the season. The Cougars are known to upset some teams, hopefully it will be a good game.

Review: How and the hell do I choose this matchup? It’s like the hockey God’s know how much I hate both teams and decided to pair them together. In fairness, this might be one heck of a game. If I were Edina, I’d be a little upset that the MSHSL allowed Moorhead to go unseeded and they were drawn to face-off against one another. I guess the Hornet’s money b games virus doesn’t go as far as we once thought. Sweet Lou, what are your thoughts? Big time heavy hitters here in the primetime 6pm matchup. TV ratings should be outstanding, and the X will be packed. I’m just going to continue to spew nonsense, so I don’t have to pick a winner…

Review: With St. Thomas getting robbed of a higher seed, they now must go against the cardiac kids who never give up and with Mike Randolph behind the bench for East, they will always make it hard on their opponent. Duluth East gas in texas is a very hard team to predict but I must go with the cake-eaters of the north. I can’t bring myself to ever choose a private school, especially the Cadets. I’m happy they moved up, yes, but that still doesn’t mean I enjoy watching them. By the way, notice how the two northern schools are in the same bracket for Class AA? That’s not a coincidence, that’s a G.D conspiracy.

Finals Prediction: Since it can’t be an all north final for AA, I’ll have to actually choose a metro team which goes against my beliefs. I’m scared about my potential Duluth East/Moorhead matchup in the semifinals. A Moorhead win gets them closer to their first title, which will hurt my heart but on the flip side gas symptoms, they could get their record breaking 9 th runner up. This is truly the toughest decision of my life (maybe I will be nominated for the Preposterous Statement Tournament next year). Finals matchup prediction, Blaine and Duluth East.

Despite all gas vs electric stove the jokes and small jabs at the teams, mostly the communities and not the players, this will be a great tournament as always. Class A field is really wide open with no Hermantown and there are legitimately three or four teams that can win it. Class AA is made up of some of the biggest names in high school hockey and it’s awesome to see it. Again, because of their tourney cred, there are multiple teams that have a chance and that should make it exciting from the first puck drop to the last gas stoichiometry examples buzzer.

Two teams will raise the new “Eveleth Trophy” for the first time on this special 75 th annual tournament. From the bottom of my heart, I wish all these kids a safe and fun tournament. Both kids and parents, take in every moment and soak up the excitement and pageantry that this tournament puts out. The State of Hockey will be watching on the edge of their seats for four days and by the end of it, we will all be counting down until next year.