Minnesota democrats wage war on god, faith and american history fox news chapter 7 electricity test


God is one of the most unifying and inclusive aspects of America. The term is used by many religions to reference the Supreme Being. Christians, Jews and Muslims all refer to the higher power they worship as “God,” with variants in different languages all having the identical meaning.

The Democratic Party has been completely hijacked by political correctness, which is one of the reasons Donald Trump was elected president. Voters saw the assault on their religious freedoms and the war on God and people of faith by the Democrats. That’s why the faith community has rallied behind this president so intently.

Who can forget when God was literally booed at the Democratic National Convention in 2012? The Democrats removed recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, and God from their party platform and then moved to add the references back in after concerns about losing Jewish voters and Christian independent voters. However, when they added the references back in a voice vote, the move was met with loud boos on the floor of the convention.

It’s worth noting that Charlotte, North Carolina – where the 2012 Democratic National Convention was held – is the same city where we recently saw the funeral service for the Rev. Billy Graham, who spoke at President Bill Clinton’s first inauguration in 1993.

The more Democrats want to take God out of our daily lives, and our children’s lives, the more they expose themselves as extremists who want to take our country down a very destructive path. This is where they completely lose honest, hard-working, law-abiding people of faith.

Marty could certainly make a donation to any number of good causes that wouldn’t find his money offensive. Perhaps he should start with his local school. Teachers are underpaid and always forced to reach into their own wallets for classroom supplies, which add up quickly. I’m sure they would welcome the generosity of the money that so offends the senator.

What many parents find offensive are politicians like Marty, whose salaries and office staff are paid for by the taxpayers. With the many problems plaguing our public schools – safety and security being the biggest – why are Democrats like Marty working overtime trying to keep God out of schools rather than focusing on keeping kids safe in schools?

Hall said: “We’ve lost a lot of respect for those things in life that we should be respecting. I only assume that if you take those things out of government, if you take the things that are respectful out, you’re going to put in something different.”

That’s exactly what has happened. The further we’ve moved away from God in our schools, the more he’s been replaced by the extreme indoctrination of our kids with teaching and programs that completely undercut what families teach their children at home.

Political correctness has infected schools to the point where priorities are out of whack. Our schools lack the security they desperately need, teachers are underpaid, and yet politicians ignore these real issues and, instead, pick fights with people of faith.