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Other top 3 reasons we love Minuets: They are much more playful even as adults. Their coats are easier to manage. They are small and cute. Minuets play even as adults. natural gas jokes Their coats are very silky, which makes that daily combing and grooming unnecessary: most of our Minuets require combing only once a week or less, because they do not have that cottony undercoat. We also breed short hair Minuets – which more and more families prefer now. Lastly, standard Minuets are even smaller than nonstandard. Some of them are good jumpers but THEY WILL NOT JUMP ON YOUR TABLE OR KITCHEN COUNTER (not even when you are not home!)

Some health problems can be triggered or aggravated by inbreeding, and some Persian cats in the US were or are in-bred. Because Minuets are cross between two breeds, we breed completely unrelated cats, thus inbreeding is eliminated, and health is improved. We vaccinate all our kittens with a quadruple cats vaccine (killed viruses) at the age of about 6-7 and again 9-10 weeks. They are wormed twice at the same age.

A: Yes, from time to time we still have a litter of Persian kittens, mostly Silver or Golden. Sometimes we also have pointed Persians = Himalayans. But we like Minuets for their advantages over Persians. If you are interested in a Persian kitten, we recommend to consider a nonstandard Minuet kitten instead. It will look just like a classic doll face Persian, only smaller, and the price is more advantageous too.

A: I personally never had just one kitten. Getting two kittens at the same time is best for both your family and the kittens. You will have 10 times more fun with two kittens than with just one. e85 gasoline It is a whole new world! The kitten will have his buddy with him when leaving his mother and our cattery, and the travel and transition will be so much smoother. All the crying (and meowing) of the first days will be eliminated, and stress from new environment will be cut in half.

Two kittens will keep each other company when you are not home. Each kitten needs at least one feline and one human friend. We discount the second kitten and we charge only one shipping fee for both. So – we prefer families who want two kittens. One standard and one nonstandard is best choice. Unfortunately, your elderly cat is not a suitable companion for a young kitten. He can watch the kitten play, but will not interact much with him, so even if you do have a cat at home, you still need to consider two young kittens.

A: Families who have sent us an Application but have not chosen a kitten yet, can be placed on our WAITING LIST. Please sign up for our NEWSLETTER, as we notify via our NEWSLETTER when new litters arrive & you have first dibs! Families who want two kittens – a nonstandard with a standard, are given preference. We may accept a deposit toward a future kitten under specific circumstances – for those who are sure they want our kitten and are willing to wait for a certain coat color or gender, for instance. If we cannot produce that desired color or gender during one breeding season or during one year, the deposit is returned. If you cancel for any reason during the waiting period, there is no refund. But talk to us about this possibility first, please. If you are certain of adopting a kitten and choose to pay a deposit toward a future kitten, you can be placed on our PAID Waiting List (top choice).

(Canceling suddenly triggers a large amount of new bathing, new grooming for photographing, cropping, publishing, advertising, new communication with a new possible families. There is a lot of time involved with it and all that makes the kitten more expensive.) The DEPOSIT is $200 (or $400 for a standard kitten), but please be sure about your kitten before you pay, since as with all other catteries, the deposit is not refundable.

Our beautiful doll face Persians are from $ 1,250 to $1,500 and my daughter’s BSH kittens are $ 1,350 – $1,750. Note, if paying via PayPal, a 3% fee applies; explained below. Because we have MANY FAMILIES who want STANDARD Minuet kittens, we give preference to families who take two kittens – one standard and one nonstandard. Those have the shortest wait time. gas delivery Also – it is much better if the kitten comes to their new environment with a feline companion. Lastly, sometimes our older kittens, or teen kittens, are discounted.

A: Yes, we are to ship kittens nationwide. We prefer and recommend to all adoptive families to pick up their kitten in person (and take them in cabin). It is the safest and most comfortable way for the kitten. We do use several airlines pet programs, and even though they have temperature controlled and air pressurized pet cabins – they are imperfect: experiencing weather restrictions, flight delays, summer embargoes to hot/warm areas, travelling with other pets, etc. Some smaller airports do not have pet programs or are closed over weekends. gaz 67b for sale Our average shipping cost is $ 500. The fee covers a veterinary visit & health certificate stating the kitten is healthy & able to fly required by the airlines, an airline approved pet carrier, and the cost of the airfare and trip to the airport.

TO RESERVE A KITTEN: If you have chosen one (or two) of our kittens which are currently marked AVAILABLE on our NURSERY or AVAILABLE KITTENS pages, please fill out our APPLICATION FORM letting us know which kitten to reserve for you. At that point you must put down the non refundable Paypal deposit. We also accept Venmo. Then that kitten will be RESERVED for you and you will be notified. It is your kitten now, so the deposit is not refundable and not transferable to another kitten. It does apply toward the kitten adoption fee. For STANDARD kittens there is a $400 deposit. Please note kittens are reserved on a first come, first serve basis in terms of receiving your deposit (not your application).

A: After some unfortunate experiences we are not open to public anymore. The rules are nearly the same as for Internet purchasing. We used to welcome our prospective families in our private home for the past 10 years, in spite of them coming sometimes in big groups, with kids, relatives and schoolmates. It is not safe to invite into our home someone we met on the Internet and we believe most of you would be hesitant to do that as well. So thank you in advance for understanding.

A: Full payment can be split in two. When the reserved kitten is 5-6 weeks old, the first half payment plus transport fee $500 (if needed), are due. electricity in the body We cannot accept personal checks, but you can either mail us a Money Order / Cashier’s Check, or we can send you an INVOICE via Paypal (3% Paypal fee applies) for the first half payment. We also use Venmo. After first payment is made, it is time to sign a contract, which serves as your receipt.

2. If a single person, working long hrs, shipping across country, one really tiny STANDARD kitten, if a first time cat owner: the time frame is closer to 12 – 16 weeks. Our veterinarians do not want kittens weighing less than 2 – 2.5 lbs prior to travel. Because Minuets are dwarf kittens – much smaller than other breeds, some may reach this weight later. Especially standards. There may be many possible risks involved – the weather, dehydration, cancelled flights, contact with other pets travelling…

Your kitten comes with a Contract and a Health Certificate and with a one year guarantee against a hereditary disease. You are not allowed to breed our kittens without breeding rights, which have to be agreed and paid for ahead of time. Part of the Contract is, that the kitten has to be neutered at the age of 6-8 months. After you provide us with a veterinary proof that the kitten was spayed, and when arranged ahead of time, then we can forward you kittens registration documents and a small TICA fee will be due. This has to be arranged prior the adoption, because it is quite time consuming and 90% of families do not request registration. We randomly neuter some kittens.

A: Sometimes. electricity physics test Our decisions are made together with our veterinary, who is very experienced and specializes in cats only. Yes, in some catteries the kittens are fixed very young and since it is a major surgery for females, sometimes they die. Some breeders do it – since they want to be sure the buyer will not breed the cat illegally. We have the statement in our CONTRACT (below) and we trust our adoptive families, that they will keep the contract and will not breed the cat illegally, without breeding rights. 🙂

This kitten/cat is being adopted as a pet, does not have the breeding rights and must be spayed or neutered before the age of 6-8 months. If desired, her CFA or TICA registration documents and pedigree will be forwarded to the new owner after the veterinary proof of spay/neuter is provided to breeder. This must be arranged prior to purchase. The kitten/cat is adopted in good faith and appears to be in an excellent health and age appropriate weight. This cat will NEVER be declawed, since such a surgery is a cruelty against the animal. The seller reserves the right to cancel any kitten adoption at any time prior to pick up.

The adopted kitten /cat is protected by a health guarantee against all life threatening genetic defects up to one year of age. Should it be found by a licensed veterinarian that this kitten/cat in fact has a life threatening genetic defect, upon written proof/necropsy, a replacement kitten/cat of comparable quality and value will be offered when available (within one year).

The purchaser has three business days to have a veterinarian exam performed should purchaser so desire. It is recommended the kitten/cat is quarantined from other pets for a minimum of two weeks. Failure to have the kitten/cat examined within the three days relieves the seller of any financial responsibility and renders this contract void. After that any expenses incurred by the new owner for the veterinarian or the treatment of the kitten/cat shall be the sole responsibility of the new owner. Should medical treatment be necessary within 3 days period, upon proof, the breeder will be responsible for half of the incurred bill for medication only.

"Hi. We named her Evie (formerly Grace Kitty) – her personality is spirited, curious and daring. She and Ashby are fast becoming loving companions. Our vet says Evie is healthy and will be getting her third immunization shot on the 3rd of July. She is already has insurance just in case her bravery gets her in a bit of of a pickle. She is eating and drinking well (including goat’s milk) and having fun exploring our home which is nice and roomy for all of us. Presently Ashby and Evie are napping together – so very sweet. gas prices going up in nj Please stay in touch, we will try to keep you updated.

“Hi. Just wanted to update you on Evie. She was spayed on Monday. She did well and is recovering brilliantly. It is a challenge for her to remain confined to her playpen since she is very playful and active when well. We, especially Ashby, just love her spirit and personality – she is very sweet but an adorable rascal. Curious about everything and everyone. Evie stays close to me and let’s me know when she wants to know where I am if separated too long – 5 minutes or so.