Mishimoto mustang performance aluminum radiator – manual mmrad-mus-79 (79-93 5.0l) – free shipping gas in california


Hey everyone I’m Justin with AmericanMuscle.com and I’m checking out a way to keep your ride cool, all while making a dramatic visual improvement under the hood as well, talking about these Mishimoto performance radiators for your Mustang. Mishimoto has become one of the industry leaders in terms of performance radiators, this direct factory replacement is a great solution for an old or leaking radiator. Now some of our customers have mentioned that this rad has been their cure for their motor running a little hot when adding different performance mods, especially superchargers which can notorious for making any motor run hot. This radiator has been designed to keep your street or strip Mustang much cooler thanks to their unique design, which allows a 25% increase of cooling capacity over your stock radiator. These radiators are manufactured from lightweight aluminum, feature leak proof brass fittings, and are all hand welded to ensure top notch quality, and a perfect fitment. On top of all that they also feature a limited lifetime warranty, no questions asked. The install may be slightly more difficult than bolting up that new cold air intake, but honestly it’s not that bad, think of it as a giant oil change. The first step is you need to drain all the coolant out of the factory radiator, but you want to make sure you have something large enough to hold all that fluid, we recommend at least a 15 quart drain pan. Once you’ve done that, yank the hoses off, then unbolt your factory radiator, removing it from your engine bay. Once you’ve done that, reinstall the Mishimoto in its place, reattach the hoses, and fill it with a 50-50 mix of coolant and water. That’s it, install should take you about 2 hours from start to finish. This would also be a good time to check out Mishimoto’s performance radiator hose kit, not only will they hold up to the heat and pressure better than your stock hoses, but they’ll also make a nice visual improvement under the hood. Every gearhead knows that heat is one of the worst enemies for performance, it can drain power, hurt your fuel mileage, or even damage your motor. So if you want to help your Mustang keep its cool whether it’s on the street or the track, then you’ll definitely want to check out these performance radiators from Mishimoto

Although the radiator arrived well packaged, the lower radiator hose Inlet was dented. I had to straighten it out as best I could so that the inlet pipe was evenly round. It ended up okay, no leaks. I also replaced the radiator cap that came with the radiator because it was impossible to remove without using channel locks. I bought a new Stant radiator cap, it fits much better and it’s of higher-quality. I also read reviews about the petcock leaking potential, so I used thread sealant on the petcock bolt threads and torqued it to about 12 foot pounds. The radiator itself is well constructed and drop right in to the original stock mounting brackets, both upper and lower. My car now runs at just under normal on my temperature gauge even with the AC on while driving at highway speeds for when stuck in traffic. My original radiator be on the verge of overheating after a half hour on hot days with the AC on. I should have replaced that radiator with this one a long time ago. All in all I’m glad I bought this radiator, it’s a good price for a quality product, minus the few issues I stated above.