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Now that the "Fungus" is no longer among us and the turkeys are out of season, this is the perfect time to start picking your Missouri deer hunting spot. I personally already have 4 cameras and 4 stands up and in place so I can decide where that Missouri monster will be and what his patterns are. I am already seeing him growing his massive rack and I got to tell you, I have never been more excited about harvesting a mature buck as I am this year. As most any avid deer hunter knows, these deer are getting smarter and smarter every year they elude us and that’s why the bigger ones are harder to find. Well, if you start now you can outsmart these Missouri Giants and bring them to their knees with a clean kill shot. By putting your stands in now and scouting now, you will lessen the pressure come archery season or rifle season. Many hunters make the common mistake of scouting a few weeks before they want to hunt, walking up to their stand and leaving their scent all over the ground. When you scout, you need to take all measures you would opening day when you are waiting for your Monster Buck to come strolling by. If there is one thing I know, its DEER habits and patterns. I have made all the mistakes that any person could make and I have learned from them. I used to place stands up a week or so before I wanted to hunt a spot, Guess what? The bigger bucks changed their pattern and only came by my stand after dark or didn’t come by at all. Their pattern didn’t change back until I removed the stand and then they came by during the day or when I left the stand in place for several months in advance. Secondly, many people like to scout early in the morning or late in the evening. I do encourage that but when you go in the Missouri woods conceal yourself, and be scent free. Don’t hang stands early morning and late evening because you will get busted. Once you’re busted that whitetail knows where you’re at. Keep in mind, the woods is "home" to deer just like your house is "home" to you, they notice when things are out of place. I would encourage you to only hang your stand in the middle of the afternoon and I would start hanging them in May or June. By putting your stand up several months in advance and practicing sent free control every time you are in the deer woods, you will not disturb his habits and you will be more successful just like these members have.

Hunting Sports Plus is a very unique self guided hunting club, unlike any other you have ever seen. We have Top quality free range "Big Deer" producing land and our members gain access to all of the land we have for their deer hunting needs for a small trespass fee. Just imagine yourself looking into a field of MONSTER BUCKS and having to choose which one to harvest! Is this a decision you get to make now or do you take the first legal buck that comes by because you may not see another one? Click here to request more information about Missouri Deer Hunting with Hunting Sports Plus

We like to keep things simple; our members make reservations on the telephone or on the internet using our exclusive Online Reservation System. Members can log onto this special Reservation System and browse all available properties in the state/county they are interested in for deer hunting and click RESERVE, it’s that simple!. They can also look at the satellite photos of each property before they visit the property so they know where they want to put their stand before they get there. On this reservation system they can read harvest reports from other members who had been to these properties in the past so they will know what to expect when they show up on the property. When the property is reserved, no other member can reserve it and our members have exclusive rights for the entire time they have it reserved. This completely ensures our members won’t be hunting on top of each other, thus creating a safe and secure hunting environment for them and their family. Should you decide to become a part of our club, you will have the exact same rights.

Not only do we continue to lease tremendous hunting land year after year that produces "TOP QUALITY GAME", we dispose of any land that is not producing TOP QUALITY hunt-able game at our high standards and our members vote on where they want more property! We keep a minimum average of 200 acres of quality deer hunting land per member to have access 365 days per year. Last year in Missouri, we had over 35 properties that didn’t get used because we have more land than we do members (by design) That means that when we gain hunting members we will add additional acres of quality hunting ground leased to accommodate our new arrivals, and that is a PROMISE! Click here to request more information about Missouri Deer Hunting with Hunting Sports Plus

Hunting Sports Plus is the founding member of the American Wildlife Association (AWA) so when you join Hunting Sports Plus you will also have access to all of the land that other AWA clubs lease, from border to border, and coast to coast. Come Join HSP and start filling your tags and not your gas tank.