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You probably came in looking for how to buy a Jetski, or ways to get the best deal on a jet ski, or maybe to learn the tricks that jet ski salesman play to overcharge you on one? If you did then you came to the right place. I will talk about all the mistakes you make when buying a Jet ski to make you a more informed buyer. The Number One Mistake

A car dealership can sell you a car at dealer invoice and still make money. kansas gas service login If a Jet Ski dealership sold you a jet ski at dealer invoice they will soon be out of business. One of the reasons for this is because cars are shipped ready to go, besides removing some cosmetic pieces. Jet Ski’s on the other hand, are shipped in crates and do to them needing to be compressed will require the jet ski to be assembled.

A dealership will have to pay someone to get the units out of the crate, not easy work especially since jet skis are sold during the hottest days of the year. On top of that some jet ski manufacturers don’t even ship a battery with the units and if they do ship one it doesn’t have the fluid nor is it charged to go. A “good” battery will cost you $165, so don’t be surprised if a dealer charges a prep or doc fee to help with this cost.

Also, don’t be surprised if a watercraft dealership charges you freight especially on the lower price models. It cost money to get anything shipped these days. The manufacturer ships the units in crates to protect them in transit on Semi-trucks. Just like when you buy anything on Amazon you get charged shipping so does the dealership with Jet Skis. gas gangrene You might be wondering why can’t the dealership just absorb the cost of shipping? They can’t, which leads me to my next point. Markup

In the world of 40% off to even some places with 80% in most retail stores, people seem to think that Jet Ski dealers have great markup. The fact is that people like to feel like they’re winning and seeing signs that say 50% off makes people feel like they got a good deal. The problem is that this places a wrong mindset for people and they think everything has at least a 40% markup especially luxury items like watercrafts.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a good deal myself but you must realize that everything doesn’t have a great markup. Don’t be off put if a jet ski dealership charges you freight since some jet skis may only have a $200 markup while it cost the dealership $400 to get it shipped there. Yes, you read that right, no I’m not fooling you, some jet skis only have a $200 markup. You can’t run a dealership on $200 especially if it cost $400 to get the unit to your store. The Best Time to Buy

The good news is that you can even save more money by getting rebates. gas exchange in the lungs happens by the process of The bad news is that usually rebates are only given at the end of the season or on leftover models. In the summer most dealerships have sold out of all the prior year models. So the best time to buy a jet ski is the worst time to ride one, but you still get some deals in the summer. For example, the manufacturer may give some extra warranty or promotional financing.

A little trick that car dealers have is to make some extra money off the financing. Jet Ski dealerships usually get their financing from the manufacturer and make no extra money off the deal. What happens is that a manufacturer will team up with a bank to buy down their rates on watercraft. These rates are different for different parts of the state but they run lower for people that qualify.

So the dealership doesn’t get to choose the rates or the terms but merely act like a middleman for the bank and the customer. Don’t be surprised if the dealership tells you a list of rates and terms, they usually have no control over it. The rates that are usually offered are sometimes better than going somewhere else to get the same loan.

Financing a watercraft and paying cash (check) is the same for the dealership. The only difference is that the money from financing might take a day or two for the dealership to get. Because of this, most dealers won’t give you a discount for cash and some might even hate that you use cash if they use a 3rd party bank that gives them a kickback.

To give you an example many credit card processors will charge the dealership a 2% fee to use them. So if you buy a jet ski that is $10,000 it will cost the dealership $200 just for that one purchase. eur j gastroenterology hepatology impact factor With some watercrafts having $200 markup, that eats away at all the profit. If using a credit card is preferred then talk to the dealer about it and see what they can do, sometimes they’ll allow it if you pay the processing fee. Don’t use KBB when Buying New

I’m surprised that I even have to add this but it does happen. You find a prior year model watercraft (new 0 hours – never been registered) and your local dealer gives you a price. To make sure you’re getting a good deal you go online to KBB or NADA to see what price it should be and see that the dealership is thousands more than what KBB says.

This is not so easily done with watercraft. electricity how it works It’s nothing for you to hop in a car and take it down the road, but with a jet ski you need water and most dealerships are not on the water. Also, watercraft dealers don’t have one of every unit ready to go. It’s better for the dealership to keep the units in the crates since that is the best way to keep it clean and pristine for its new owner. Would you rather have a jet ski that’s fresh in the crate or one that many people have been on running around and crashing into docks since it’s their first time out? I’m sure you want the one in the crate since it has not been in the water.

Some dealerships will do events that allow you to take a demo machine out during a “demo days”. Call up your local dealership and see when they do these events. If you can’t make it to a demo event then call ahead and talk to a salesperson to set up a time to ride. Don’t get mad if you walk in and they can’t do a test ride that day. Find a time and place that fits both of you.

This is also when you should trust your salesman since they more than likely have ridden every model and can help you find the correct machine to fit your needs. You may not even need to test ride a jet ski after talking to your salesman and having them put you in the correct machine. Make sure you sit on the machine and tell the salesman all the features you’re looking for and I’m sure they will find you the correct machine without either of you having to get wet. They Get Busy

The best thing to do to beat the rush of people and to make sure you get helped and have your questions answered is to email the dealership first. The perks of email is everything is in writing so if you strike up a deal then you’re good to go. o gastro Also, with email, they can answer your questions better by linking to things like video’s or attach a PDF of current promotions. I do still recommend going to the dealership and looking/sitting on the machines to get a feel for them.