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Traveled with a friend and we wanted to be active and see monkeys. We stayed at this fantastic lodge located right on the water. Just the trip to the lodge was more than we ever anticipated. We saw 3 different kinds of monkeys as we traveled along the canal to the lodge. at 2 stops we even had monkeys boarding our boat and we got to feed them. Pretty exciting 🙂 After arriving hp gas online booking phone number and settling in, we went on a kayak trip with Nate and Lindsey to a waterfall. I even jumped from the waterfall. It was only about 10 feet, but still a bit thrilling for me. Lindsey took us the next day on a hike across an island in a rain forest. One evening we went on the night safari. Nate and Mike did an awesome job. They caught us a young American Croc and brought it on board so each of us could hold it. We also went fishing with Nate and Mike and I was fortunate to catch 2 peacock bass after a quick tutorial by Mike on the best strategy. The food was also great. Daniel did a fantastic job planning menus that would accommodate both of us. Alcohol along with our meals was included, The staff was always offering to get us a beer or make us a delicious cocktail. Our room was clean and comfortable and we enjoyed our own small balcony with its own hammock. Everyone gas national average on board was very friendly and the both of us could not have enjoyed our experience more. I definitely want to go back and bring others.

Where do I begin?!?! We ended our 11 day Panamanian vacation with 2 nts spent at Jungle Land Panama. What an amazing end to a great vacation and truly our favorite 2 days of the gas works park entire trip. We are fairly well traveled, self professed adrenaline junkies who actively seek out new experiences. We have never encountered such an opportunity as Jungle Land Panama. They offer day tours which if all you have is a day it is a must do. By all means, though, if you can make it happen do spend at least 1 night! You won’t regret it. Don’t flinch at the price if you are considering an overnight stay. Think about it first……. We paid $700 for 2 nts for 2 people. This includes: 2 nts with a balcony and not just water front, but on the water room – perhaps $150/nt x 2? Maybe more?? 6 meals and all the alcohol you can drink (not just cheap beer and wine either. Includes a variety of liquors). Chef lives on board and each meal was freshly prepared and you will not go hungry! Dessert provided each night and happy hour hor d’ouevres. The chef was regularly checking with us regarding our food preferences and always wanted to accomodate gas 69. I’m a vegetarian by choice. If you have food restrictions or preferences don’t worry. They will take care of you! 6 meals x 2 people x $15 = 180 and that would assume you don’t drink! We are up to $500 already between food and room . You haven’t had an adult beverage and you’ve participated in no activities. In 2 days our activities included: Panama Canal boat tour – approx 90 min. Highlights were getting to feed several varieties of monkeys which came aboard our boat. 2 different kayak tours with hikes to various waterfalls for swimming. (2) 30 min electricity in salt water personal trainer/fitness sessions Stand Up Paddle Yoga 1+ hr fishing tour 1+ hr night boat tour on the lake looking for crocodiles and monkeys Do the math……All these tours alone for 2 people could add up to nearly $700!!! So while the price for 2 nts might catch you by surprise, it’s actually an amazing deal and an even more amazing experience! If you prefer a more relaxed experience on the floating lodge, that is an option as well. Your vacation, your choice! Ok, about the lodge. Remember, this is a floating lodge on a lake. It’s not the Embassy Suites. There are 8 private rooms each with their own bathroom and balcony. The shower/sink water is lake water and there is no hot water. There are no flushing toilets. You are asked to place a handful of cedar shavings in your “portable potty” each time you use it. I have NO idea how and would not believe it if I had not experienced it, but there is no smell. You do have electricity and internet access (although slow and sometimes not available). There are 3 decks. Deck 1 is crew rooms, kitchen, storage, etc. Deck 2 is cabins, dining room and bar. Deck 3 is a “community” area. The la t gastrobar opiniones covered portion has hammocks. The 2 uncovered portions of the deck have chairs and hanging glider chairs. This is also the area where the personal fitness training session is offered (for the few people who actually exercise on vacation – yes, we do exist gas leak los angeles california!) The entire property is very well maintained. Very impressed with the upkeep of the lodge especially considering they are floating in the jungle and just the wear and tear mother nature must take on their property and equipment. The staff does a great job. The current “hosts” other than the owner are Nate and his wife Lindsey. Can’t say enough about how attentive they were, how engaging they were in conversations and their genuine enjoyment of what they are doing. The owner has found a real gem in these 2 who recently joined his crew! Nate is the fitness/personal trainer and Lindsey provides the yoga instruction. If you’ve never had a training session or you’ve never tried yoga, DO IT! This is the perfect opportunity. Try everything gas youtube in life once at least! You’ve already paid for it so go for it! You just might be surprised. We are not fisherman. It’s been 30+ yrs since I used hot dogs and bologna to fish with my father as a small child. We were at the lodge, they offered the fishing tour and no, not normally a tour we would do, but what the heck. We’re here and we went for it. So glad we did. An hour plus of laughing and actually managed to keep one of the minnows I caught! Others in our group managed to catch several good size bass. We were fortunate to be traveling during low electricity and magnetism online games season (early Nov 2015). Our 1st day/nt we had 2 other couples in our group and no day tours onboard. The 2nd day/nt we had the Lodge to ourselves! While not the norm, we know we were blessed with this. My suggestion….arrange your visit during off season if possible OR if not ask how many people will be on board for a day tour and plan your visit accordingly. There are times when they can have day trip groups as large as 80 people. I don’t think groups this size are the norm, but if you have some flexibility with your scheduling of your Jungle Adventure it may make your unique adventure even more amazing! Small group, private tour and large group, though…..you won’t regret a day, a night or several nights at the Jungle Land Panama. Another suggestion….we spent 7 nts in Pedasi, 1.5 days in Panama City and 2 days/nts at the Jungle Lodge. We don’t enjoy the “big city” (although we live in Houston the 4th largest city in the US!), but yet wanted to see P City. We chose to stay gas and electric credit union at the Country Inn and Suites – Panama Canal during our time in the city. Great decision. Kept us out of the chaos of the city, but yet let us see the highlights. The location of this hotel provided quick access to the dock to get to the Jungle Lodge boat ramp. The hotel is directly on the Panama Canal Causeway so could see the Canal from our hotel room balcony and direct walking access to this popular tourist attraction (Causeway) and water front restaurants. Hop On/Hop Off Bus tour also stops there. Yes, it’s touristy! Yet, it gets you the highlights of any major city, allowed us to avoid driving in all the chaos of Panama City and let us first visually see electricity generation by source by country what areas we’d like to explore further and which areas we could skip. The drive from the hotel to the Jungle Lodge boat dock goes directly pass the Miramar/Panama Canal Locks. $15 for an hour or two pre or post Jungle Land adventure. This tour is a must do whether as a day trip or an overnight!