Mixed feelings. – review of the wilderness, birmingham, england – tripadvisor gas laws worksheet answers and work


Hello there Thanks for sharing your experience. Fair play. I wouldn’t know how to design or put together a restaurant that wasn’t to my taste, but I totally get that won’t be for everyone. Any readers can just review the past week of mischief of Tripadvisor to see how a bit of rock and roll music and a black dining room seems to polarise opinion but that’s alright, I reckon we’re all a bit different and other dining options are available. It does make me a bit sad, but then I can’t please everyone. Really glad you enjoyed the food so cheers for that. Our main menu is 13 courses, with multiple elements on each dish; we’re always pushing to make our food as intense in flavour and ingredient as possible, so this will always be improving but I have to be honest, I’m not entirely sure what else constitutes an elaborate menu. For me, my main concern is how delicious the food is and how exciting the dishes are to eat. I would love the chance to cook for you again so you can enjoy the progress as we evolve! Finally, thank you for your parting epithet – more strange than special – which will now constitute my Tinder bio. Warm wishes Alex

Hello Anna Thanks for taking your time to share your feedback. I really do care about each and every guest who visits and I’m genuinely sorry that we weren’t for you. That said, your review is a little confusing given it’s mostly just statements of fact. We are very upfront about what we do and there are lots of photos of the dining space on the booking portal and Tripadvisor – I’m saddened that in spite of this you were still shocked by the dining room. The music and interior are to my taste, but I reckon that’s to be expected? If I wasn’t so cripplingly sad from Tripadvisor, I imagine I would use more colour but unfortunately the dining room reflects my soul. Lots of our guests enjoy the fact that we don’t play smooth jazz but each to their own and I know it’s not for everyone. I’m genuinely perplexed by both yours and other recent reviews stressed about the theme of the restaurant. I once went to a god awful pub called the Hungry Horse and let me assure you the theme was explicit and my terrible food no better for the man dressed as a horse nor the equine puns through out the menu. I cook the best possible food I can using the best ingredients we can source. I’m not pushing for a theme or anything more than food that people enjoy. I assure it will take more than £85 per head for me to dress up a horse. For anyone interested in me dressed as a horse, please email hello at wearethewilderness.co.uk to discuss my rates which will have you chomping at the bit. Most fine dining restaurants in the city do not offer a la carte dining and focus on a tasting menu – I don’t think it’s fair to penalise us for that. I do take the feedback on board though and we are discussing the best menu structure for the restaurant moving forward. Basically, I totally understand if you were looking for something that wasn’t us – the city has a wealth of cool places to eat including that Hungry Horse – but by by no reasonable stretch of that imagination is what we offer poor. I don’t control the hype – I just cook some food that, fortunately,the vast majority of people seem to enjoy, Warm wishes Black Beauty