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Join us on the beautiful campus of the University of Kansas; discover and develop your musical talents! Spend an inspiring week with students from across the country studying with our outstanding faculty and world renowned guest musicians. The Midwestern Music Camp is a tradition stretching back to 1936.

Since 1936, Midwestern Music Camp has brought musicians in grade 6-12 to the University of Kansas to study and play with our outstanding faculty and world renowned guest musicians. Students from across the United States come together each summer to learn and perform with one another on one of the nation’s most beautiful college campuses. To date more than 65,000 young musicians have been a part of this tradition. Many of them are now performing in major symphony orchestras and service bands, while others teach at great schools and universities around the world.

Each division of the camp offers a comprehensive musical experience, carefully planned and supervised by KU faculty to ensure that students at all levels of experience receive the quality instruction and attention that they need to improve their skills and enjoy making music. We hope you can join us this summer for an unforgettable musical experience!

Only certain instruments are available for rental during the camp, and those are reserved for students who must fly to camp. All others must bring their own instrument or check out your school instrument for camp. Contact the camp office in advance if you may need an instrument. Insurance charges may be assessed on university instruments. Bows, strings, mouthpieces, reeds, and percussion mallets are not supplied.

Each camp has its own curriculum. In general, you will be playing music in ensembles, practicing in small sectionals (by instrument), and then taking classes in musicianship. This can include such topics as music theory, music history, ear training, and many other topics.

Students in the Middle School and High School Band and Orchestra Camps will audition for their spaces in ensembles and combos. The audition process is part of the learning experience and important for faculty to evaluate what areas the students excel at and in which areas they could benefit from assistance. Each camp has a specific requirement for auditions. Audition information will be available in the camp handbooks, posted on the website and emailed to registrants in the spring.

Students should have comfortable shoes (as they will be doing a fair amount of walking between rehearsals, meals, and the dorms). T-shirts and shorts are allowable, provided they meet school dress code standards. Please make sure your child brings appropriate clothing!

Students are permitted to have cell phones, however, the KU School of Music and the Midwestern Music Camp are not responsible for lost or broken items. Please note that there will be times when cell phones will be ‘off’ (during classes, rehearsals, and concerts). We will also provide you a 24 hour emergency number that will connect you with our Head Counselors.

We will be sending you forms regarding medical treatment and care. Any health problems, chronic ailments and medications will be shared with your Counselor at check in. Campers needing non-emergency medical attention are taken to Watkins Health Center. Watkins Health Center is on campus and open 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM. Students requiring emergency medical attention will be taken to Lawrence Memorial Hospital. All charges for medical services are the responsibility of the camper and their parent/guardian.