Mod the sims – 8 pack of teen exclusive traits electricity office near me


I also took this opportunity to remove the "can’t die" part from the traits, since Parenthood patch turned off emotional deaths for teens. However, if you notice any erroneous emotional deaths that aren’t easily attributable to a mod that modifies emotional death settings, feel free to let me know.

Frenzied Rebel will no longer be Angry about being at home when they are at work or school. They will, however, still be Angry about being at work or school, as intended, because they don’t like work or school. It’s angering. But now they will be slightly less Angry at work and school. Degrees of Anger are very important here. As the saying goes, "A little Anger goes a long way." Which probably isn’t a real saying, but don’t get Angry at me about it! Or, at least, if you’re going to get Angry at me about it, have the right Degree of Anger.

To get the update, use the file with 4-19-17 in the name, instead of the current file you’re using. If you haven’t downloaded this mod before, use one of the files with 4-19-17 in the name, unless for some reason you want anger issues and if so, no judgment, that’s totally your choice. I’ll just be over here, in another town over.

Hi! Triplis here. I’ve been thinking for a long time about Emotions in TS4 and I thought what better way to put some ideas to work than make a set of Traits exclusive to Teens, a life stage that many agree is sorely lacking in unique gameplay.

There is a lot of detail information to say about them. If you would prefer to do as little reading as possible and jump in-game to try them, I nonetheless recommend you at least skim the "What you need to know" section, as it contains some information that can prevent you from becoming very confused.

1) The package file comes in two versions: Base Game and Expansions (ONLY USE ONE AT A TIME!). The Expansions version includes references to Nightclub venue, Cafe venue, and DJ Mixing skill from Get Together; Singing skill from City Living; and Organ skill from Vampires. Features that are only part of the Expansion version, or are different in the Base Game version, will be denoted with an * in each trait’s "Features" section below.

If you are feeling daring and only have some of the above named Expansions, you are welcome to use the Expansions version anyway. I don’t have any reason to believe that issues are guaranteed to crop up, but the possibility is there. If you do try this and you run into issues, please let me know, so I can inform people. If it causes significant issues, I may consider splitting things up in more detail in the future.

2) Each custom trait has "Cannot Die" status linked to it; meaning, if your Sim has one of the 8 custom traits, they can’t die. Some of the traits revolve around extreme emotions that fall under Angry, Embarrassed, or Playful, so I felt it was important that they are free to have extreme emotions without random emotional deaths. Note that because the traits are exclusive to Teens, they will lose the trait when they Age Up from Teen and therefore lose Cannot Die status in the process. So if you’re worried about your Sim never dying, fear not! Age them up to lose the trait and they will be vulnerable to death again.

Questions: Some of the notes on Trait features are written in "dev speak," aka: They make more sense if you know something about the code; this is a result of them starting out as notes for me, while developing. If you have questions about what something means, please feel free to ask and I will try to clarify as I go along and make the notes more transparent.

Feedback and the Future: I want your feedback! If this set of traits is well-received, and provided I can justify spending time on it (modding doesn’t give me a paycheck, unfortunately), I’d like to make a set of companion traits for Child, YA, Adult, and Elder. But it’s a time-consuming endeavor and I want to do each one justice in making it unique and relevant to the life stage. Your feedback will help me in this process!

– Frenzied Rebel has Angry buff from being at Home, even when at Work/School. I believe the issue here is the game thinks the Sim is still on the Home Lot, since Work and School are a "rabbit hole." At this moment, I don’t know how to fix it. [This should be fixed with 4/19/17 update]

– Walking Punchline escalating Playfulness: When on Tier 2 or 3, a prior Tier buff will sometimes show up for half a second and then disappear. This is because it is being Blocked and that function is reactive, so they still show up on the screen briefly. I will look into a better way of Blocking.

– Living Instrument Nightclub/Bar Mood will say "from being at Nightclub," whether it’s Bar (Base Game version) or Nightclub (Expansions version). Frankly, this is "easy" to fix, but at the time I noticed it, it wasn’t going to be "quick" to fix. If I release an updated version of the Traits at some point, I will try to get that in there.

– Using Comedy skill triggers a 30s duration Playful Moodlet (this buff can be refreshed by invoking Comedy skill while it is active). Each time Comedy skill is invoked with this buff active, there is a chance of gaining a longer duration Playful Moodlet, which opens you up to the next tier strength of 30s duration Playful moodlet from invoking Comedy skill. This escalating Playfulness caps out at a 4 hour duration buff +3 Playful Moodlet, which causes the 30s duration Playful Moodlet from invoking Comedy skill to be +5 strength.