Mod the sims – editing premade worlds electricity per kwh

2. Open S3PE. Open the .world file that you just made. Choose Resource> Import> From package, and browse to the world you want to open- for example, or It can be any INSTALLED world, you can’t really use a S3Pack for this. Click replace duplicates, use resource names, and compress- choose NO if it asks do you want to autosave. Click okay, and let S3PE import those files.

3. When it has finished, delete the following resources if they are present: WPID 0xF609FD60 and UNKN 0x296A6258. Those files give the world its identity and type, so you do not want to copy those. (Exception- you might want to keep the city resource if you wish to make an amended version of Bridgeport, or the vacation resource if you with to make a vacation replacement world. See this thread for more details.)

4. Open the edited file in CAW. It may take a while to open and may look weird at first (trees were black for at least two minutes after it appeared the file was fully loaded). I can also go to Edit in Game and it looks good there too – though any sims inhabiting the world are standing outside their homes.

Removing sims- some people have had problems with inhabited worlds, you could remove the population by either entering edit-in-game mode and evicting sims to the clipboard, then deleting them, or else using Awesomemod and the command ‘destroyallhumans’.

Please note: This method seems to work fine on unoccupied user made worlds, but not so well on some of the EA worlds (users are having an ‘Out of memory’ error). [Edit 20th Oct 2011- it does seem to work on Appaloosa Plains!] I would suggest trying the first method before this one if you are editing the EA worlds.

If you don’t want to create your own resources, download the files attached to this post and extract to your desktop. The file called ‘’ contains the Test Folder, the one called ‘unpacked world’ contains the files to import to the world file.

Go to Documents\ Electronic Arts\ The Sims 3 Create A World Tool\ UserToolData\ Worlds and copy the Test folder to your desktop. Open Documents\ Electronic Arts\ The Sims 3 Create A World Tool\ UserToolData\ Worlds\ in S3Pe, and find resources UNKN 0x0477BD6A and UNKN 0x0498DA7E. Right click those, export to file and choose your desktop.

Now, open your packed world file, for example Bridgeport.World, in S3Pe. Resource> Import> From file and select your two exported resources, UNKN 0x0477BD6A and UNKN 0x0498DA7E, from your desktop. Tick the ‘Replace Duplicates’ and ‘compress’ boxes in the import dialogue box.

Delete the following if it is present: WPID 0xF609FD60. This file gives the world its identity, so you do not want to copy that (unless you are making a default replacement for an EA world). If you are opening Bridgeport or the Vacation worlds you may also need to edit UNKN 0x296A6258. See this thread for more details.

[Discard the UNKN 0x0477BD6A and UNKN 0x0498DA7E files from your desktop, unless you want to save them to use again. Also you could delete the Test.World file from Documents\ Electronic Arts\ The Sims 3 Create A World Tool\ UserToolData\ Worlds.]

This is just caused by the game messing up some texture files, you can correct it by entering the lot (in EIG or in-game) and editing it slightly by moving a tree or spraying terrain paint. This will cause the lot textures to be recalculated correctly.

Lot names/ sim names being displated in the form World\ Pleasantvalley\ housename:Goth or similar in EA Worlds: This seems to be due to the way in which the sim and lot names are stored- the world file references an STBL rather than storing them as plain text. The only known solutions are to manually edit the names in EIG, or to import the _XML resource from the original EA world to your CAW world, as in this post by Inkantator. (Thanks Inkantator!)

Populated worlds- MODL resource giving an error in S3Pe- This seems to be happening when opening user populated worlds ( populated using this method). S3PE will give an ‘Error reading resource’ message. To get around this, you could try using the second method as this does not involve S3PE reading those files.

‘Could not open package’ error in S3Pe- if you try to open any of the world files that came with the game and you have Vista/ Win7, you may have an error which is caused by the UAC protecting game files. To solve this, copy the world file to your desktop before opening, or else open as read only with S3Pe.

Once I had it all imported to s3pe, you say only to save in S3PE and not to save as. When I did that CAW threw up an exception and said it couldn’t open a packed file. I then did save as and named it as V2. When I went to CAW to open the world I opened the (the first version and this time it did open, maybe it’s just because I hadn’t shut down S3PE at that point.

Anyway, I’d tried this the first way on this thread and it didn’t work for me. I now have Bridgeport opened and don’t care too much about the city part as I didn’t quite get all that going from thread to thread. So it will be a basic world and I’ll just have to use the modded food trucks and parking spaces for it.

I really just want to get stuck into that suburb area and leave the town as is. The problem for most people with Bridgeport is that there isn’t much room for expansion, so removing some of the non routable areas would solve that, plus I’d like to plonk down some of my own builds. I’ll also murder all the Sims first. So far so good. Thanks for the thread.

EDIT*** Did a bit of terrain work, i.e. making another flat area for builds and fixing a few of the EA bumpy roads, tried to save and it wouldn’t let me, CAW crashed, will work on and try again. I think it might be that I didn’t save the world tight away and get the layers and lots folders in CAW before I started work, so when I tried to save a whole world it was too much for it. Or, I’m rubbish at this, lol