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I’ve been playing TS3 for a while now, and I’m at ease to say that I’m no stupid player, and I can easily find the neatest tricks in any game in a short time. So here I’ll say some tricks I found to be able to do, some I’m yet to experiment on, and some I’d very much like to know. Hope this helps you all, and hope you help me back on some too!

If you build a roof part, then delete it, then change the roof height and THEN press CTRL+Z (undo), it’s not the the roof height change that will be undone, but rather the roof part deletion. The result is that the roof part you had deleted will reappear with the OLD roof height, not the new, effectively letting you have different roof zones with different tilts. Very awesome for houses with different buildings.

You may have found that if you build a wall right near the border of your terrain, you won’t be able to put windows facing outside (some windows are not symmetrical). This is a real pain, and real stupid, but there’s an easy workaround that’s perfect for most cases: using the hand tool in the build mode, simply drag the wall a bit further from the border, put the window how you want it to be, and THEN drag the wall back. It will all be ok.

You all should know this, but some of you apparently bought a copy of the game without a manual (and a brain) and don’t know that, if you press ALT while placing items in the ground (doesn’t work for most – if not all -wallbound items), you will be able to snap it off the grid and place it where you want it to be. You will also be able to rotate it in any angle, making houses look way cooler and more natural. Please overuse this feature, as it’s very neat and handsome.

There was this cool thing that you could do in TS2 that was to raise the ground level, and start building those ground thingies that you put your house upon (I forget the name, this house has it, it’s that thing you see the stair in right in the front), but you have to start building them on top of the ground elevation, so that it’s higher, and then you just have to level the ground again, and those thingies are higher than before. It’s not good for much, except if you’re going to a basement or something, because you couldn’t place windows or doors on that thing, you had to tear it down and build a wall on it. Has anyone tried this trick yet? Also:

This one is quite easy actually. You just build those things I was talking about earlier, and then lower the ground inside them until you have room to build a wall underneath. Be careful, if you want, to lower it just enough for the wall, otherwise it’ll be too low and it may look odd. Stairs and the like work fine.

It’s a little trick that’s easy to do and can look very cool. Now that we don’t have those cool glass coverings with had back in some TS2 expansions, we have to pull if off somehow. Try building some random floor above the ground, say, on top of your entry door, like a protection. Now building a mesh of those low low room separation things you see in the "fences" section. They’re more like pipes, if you ask me, and look very ugly in the ground, but they work perfectly here. After the mess is done, just delete the ground (not the "fences") and you have a nice mesh you can pretend to be like a glass or something Nothing better than the actual thing, but still, better than nothing.

I don’t know how it’s actually called, but whatever. It’s the place where you keep your poultry. I know there are no animals yet in TS3, and even if there will be, it’s very unlikely there will be poultry (because EA is more concerned with stupid hairdos than with actually fun gameplay), but it’s great to have your garden, since you can’t have a greenhouse, for the most part. It’s easy: build the walls as normal, place the roof above (play around with it for added effects, if you like, say a place that has no roof and stuff like that), then delete the walls. In their stead, build that metal fence thing that’s available in TS3 (don’t forget the door that goes with it, the double doors are great). Now, you will notice those fences don’t actually touch the roof, so it’s kind of left there flying on its own. What you want to do is place some columns on each corner. You will want to use the "moveObjects on" cheat (to place it correctly, "on top" of the fence) and the ALT key, to place it just in the corner of it. Works great if you color the column according, either to your house or to the poultry house.

– Ground level garage side by side with a above ground house. You know, those foundations thingies of sorts. It’s something that has always bothered me is that you can’t make your garage and your house with those "foundations" one single building. Does anybody know if it is possible?