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First of all I want to say this career was 3 years in the making. I started it in 2008 but got so many headaches trying to wrap my head around Simpe, I decided to take a break. That ‘break’ took 3 years and it almost never got completed because The Sims 3 came out and I was ready to move on. Unfortunately, The Sims 3 has yet to live up to my expectations, so now I’m back with a shiny new career for you all!

I created this career after downloading so many items for my ‘homeboys’ and then realising they didn’t have an appropriate career. Your sims will have to work really hard in the early days of this career if they want to make it in the rap game! This is a complete career with full job descriptions and 10 chance cards. I tried to make the levels as logical as possible, but in real life most of the levels could be incorporated into one. This career uses the teleprompter as a career reward. I hope to update this by changing it to the standing microphone that came with Freetime or Apartment Life.

I have play-tested this career once and the only issue I had was two chance cards turning up at level 5 – my chance card and a game chance card. I’m not sure if this was an anomaly or there is something wrong with the career. (However, this may actually be a hobby chance card that appeared, which means there’s no problem at all.) I kinda cheated and used mathgirlky’s Nursing Career as a template. (Still couldn’t get to grips with Simpe!) So if you experience any problems please let me know.

The streets are where Hip Hop was born – and it is here you’ll learn to hone your skills. You’ll spit rhymes and practice beats to the local crowds’ delight. Make sure you put that front-line experience to good use to develop those creativity skills.

All that street performing has given you enough confidence to perform to a wider audience. People have recognised you’ve got skills, but now it’s time to put your money where your mouth is. You spend countless evenings entering contests trying to get that ‘big break’. Keep making those appearances and winning those contests and you’ll definitely get noticed. Be sure to keep fit and maintain those creativity skills… don’t want to get on stage and choke!

Your rhyming skills have got you noticed by a top agent. All that grafting has paid off and you’ve been rewarded with the well coveted spot of Supporting Act for Simoleanaire, the hottest Rap artist in SimCity right now. You’re touring from town to town, night after night and mixing with the right crowds. Being on the road will take its toll on your body so remember to keep fit to keep up with the pace.

You’re finally in the limelight…and now it’s time to get paid. Your guest appearances on hip hop’s top artistes’ albums are starting to gain you credibility. There are a lot of characters out there so it’s time to develop a personality that will distinguish you as more than just a flash in the pan. Start working on your charisma skills and show the people you’ve got what it takes to rock the mike!

You’ve finally hit the big time. You’ve got your very first recording contract and producers are lining up around the block to work with you. With all those commercial endorsements, TV appearances and movie cameos it’s time to stay fly-y-y-y. Make sure you maintain your fitness levels and keep developing your persona.

Your lyrical flow is so tight right now other artists seek your penmanship. You write tunes for the hottest acts in hip hop, helping to establish your name within the industry. Although you don’t get official acknowledgement for the songs you write you still reap the rewards. It takes a lot of skill to match the right lyrics to the right artist so develop those logical skills to stay ahead of the game.

All that time in the recording studio has given you enough experience to come from in front of the mike to behind the recording desk. You’re just as skilled at mixing, fading and producing beats as you are at spitting rhymes. You work with top acts from all music industries and develop a skill for recognising a hit or a flop. With all that technical equipment to work with make sure you keep on top of those mechanical skills.

Producing all those beats has really paid off. You’ve recorded enough tunes to start your own music factory. As head of Sim Jam Records you nurture the hottest new artists and produce the phatest beats. You begin to develop a keen business sense and are starting to become commercially aware. Developing those logical skills will ensure you wield your influence in the boardroom.

With the success of your record company you can now move into ventures more out of your comfort zone. With a new clothing line, restaurant and nightclub to manage you’re starting to make a name for yourself as a real money-maker. You begin to attract attention from industry fat cats who want to tap into the lucrative Hip Hop market. Start brushing up on those Charisma and logical skills to capitalise on your success.

As THE major player within the Hip Hop industry no beat gets made or artist gets signed without your say so. You wield such influential power that heads of major commercial industries seek your advice on hip hop related matters. Your well developed business sense enables you to establish hip hop foundations to motivate inner-city kids. Networking is an integral part of your job now. You know the name of the game and you’re playing it well.

I hope you all enjoy playing this career as much as I did writing it. I’ve put in a lot of hip hop clichés in there so you should get a laugh. Also there are a lot of ‘familiar’ names in there. If you’re a fan of hip-hop you’ll know what I mean.