Mod the sims – the colony, sims style! (a new challenge!) electricity word search puzzle


It has been only been about a week since a virus has wiped out most of the sim population, only a few have survived, most were taken by the goverment to quarantine camps, others escaped being captured, only to survive by themselves. Those who were brought in by the goverment are quarantined for forty-eight hours before being taken to their new colony, a place they aren’t told the location of beforehand, they’re instructed that they just have to survive until the government comes back for them.

The main base of this challenge is to have your sims last for twenty sim weeks, with atleast one sim surviving at the end of those twenty weeks, this is when the government will come into ‘rescue’ the remaining colonists. The sims must survive on whatever they can scrounge up, fish for, plant, etc.

1). No cheats. The only cheat acceptable for this challenge is the freerealestate cheat, which may only be used for the initial move into the colonist’s home. Once the colonists are move into their home, you must also reduce the family funds to zero simoleons by any means, either using the familyfunds cheat, or by buying items. However, if you buy items they must be placed in the family inventory, not ever being used.

4). There are only a few trait restrictions for this challenge, only one sim per household may have the green thumb trait, angler trait, handy trait, savvy sculptor trait, artistic trait, and the eccentric trait. Though, three sims in the household must have the kleptomaniac trait.

7). Sims are only allowed some of the basic items, since the apocalypse the world hasn’t had any electricity, water or other main essentials. This means no items that require electricity or water, until the sims figure out how to substitute these items. Though, since sims need atleast a toilet, you’re allowed to have one toilet in the household. (See unlocking to figure out to accquire some of these items)

9). Due to the world ending, sims may not have jobs, they must rely on their skills to get them simoleons. Also, all community lots must be set to not allow any visitors, so no going to the store to shop, or to the spa, etc. The consignment shop will be open, however, this must be unlocked(See unlocking to figure out to accquire some of these items). However, sims may head to other sims camps and loot there, but they must not come into physical contact with the sims living in the house.

14). When you move the colonists into their lot, you must sell all the objects on this lot, except for a toilet, and a bookcase. With this money, you must buy enough cheap beds for each of the colonists, have a single chair for each colonist, and a table. Make sure to reduce the family funds to zero after this.

The main essentials of surviving are shelter, security, food, electricity, and water. Sims have shelter for the time being, but they must scavenge for food, by either planting or fishing. The sims also must find a way to get water and electricity, this will be an ongoing project throughout the challenge.

No one is sure what started the virus, or how it is spread, but those who aren’t infected are cautioned to not make any physical contact with those who they aren’t sure are infected or not. Those who come into contact with outsiders must be in quarantine for twelve hours, as well as those who throw up, for any reasons.

Security is a must, mainly to keep outsiders out, and those inside the colony safe. Also, sims may want to build other things as well, such as smaller buildings on the lot, and other things. In order to build things, the colonists must collect scrap from the junkyard, and also must have enough simoleons on had to complete the buildings.

The consignment shop will be unlocked in week three of the challenge, sims will then be able to sell some of their items, and pick up other items at the shop that may be useful to them. This is where the colonists will be able to buy items that are hard to find in the new world, so be concious on what you pick, simoleons are hard to come by.

On week three, two more colonists will be introduced to the main house. Their traits must stay within the trait limits listed above, but you may have one of these sims have the klepto trait, even if there are already three sims in the first household with said trait.

Sims must collect a certain number of scraps in order to build things, the number of scraps varies from project to project. Also, sims may collect junk objects here, take them home, and ‘fix’ them to use em, or sell them. In order to be able to fix objects up, a sim in the house must be a level five in handiness skill.

Water – This includes showers, sinks, and sprinklers. The colonists will have a short supply of water, so they’re only allowed one shower, two sinks, and four sprinklers. Water is unlocked when all sims in the house get to level five in a skill, but the objects using water are unlocked seperately. This is an essential, so try to get this as quickly as possible. Also, only the cheapest items may be bought.

Electricity – This includes televisions, radios, etc. Due to having limited power resources, the colonists may only have one television, one radio, two small appliances, and a light for each room, these also must be the cheapest items. Electricity is unlocked when each sim in the household maxes a skill, but the objects using electricity are unlocked seperately.

You put a lot of thought into this and I love the Apocalypse type of thing. It has been done in varying forms. But I say NO tv at least until third generation adults. Who is gonna be on TV in the beginning? but I like to play it out as in rebuilding the whole sim world. Certain professions and objects don’t open up until the world is built up a bit through the generations. I like to just give them a radio, radio signals will always be available and there may be other survivors. and no car. They can salvage a bike from somewhere. Also, I never give them a stove. They use that upgraded fire pit, which you can cook fish on. You can make it harder where the fish are radioactive so no fishing same with gardening until such and such time, I’ve done that and it’s killer! I like to make it as "scavenging" as possible. I like the idea of wiping out all the other sims in town. The houses stay to be broken into and scavenged. Not sure how that would work, haven’t tried it. How about digging through the garbage cans also? I love your ideas about the scrap yard. Excellent. and the ideas about water. All in all a good challenge!