Mod the sims – the settler challenge f gas regulations r22

-Create a couple in CAS (young adult or adult). They are your settlers. Pick their traits and aspirations randomly (you can use dice, or this trait generator: Choose which one of them you’re going to control.

-Bulldoze all lots in the world. Your sims are settlers and there are no other people living in the colony yet. You may leave one starter house and buy that lot for your sims, or you can build a completely new house or download one from the gallery.

-Choose the starting era for your settlers and choose the furniture, clothes, decorations etc. accordingly. For example, if you want to start in the Wild West in the 19th century, don’t buy a television. (Besides, your colony won’t have electricity in the beginning in any case.)

-You must use all or almost all your money building and furnishing the house. You can also buy up to three books and one pack of seeds. The point is that you must not have any money when you start the game. If you run out of things to buy for some reason, use a money cheat to reduce your money to zero.

-There may only ever be one heir at a time. You can freely choose who the next heir is and you can decide when to start playing the next heir, but once you’ve decided, you can’t change your mind and go back to playing the old heir. If you start playing the new heir while the old one is still alive, the old one is not considered an heir anymore.

-If you want to make this challenge easier, you can use one helper (the spouse / sibling / parent etc. of your heir). The helper may do simple tasks (such as repair an object, water plants, cook a meal, feed a baby), but you shouldn’t control the helper too much – only a couple of tasks a day. If you don’t use a helper, you may notice that the inactive sims in your family won’t do much (or any!) work autonomously, which does not feel very realistic in a hard-working colony.

-Traits and aspirations are always randomized when a baby is born or a sim ages up. You can use any random trait generator (e.g.…rait-generator/ or or just roll dice. Exception: You may choose the traits and aspirations for the child if either of the child’s parents has any of the following traits: Family-Oriented, Patriarch, Mentor.

Hospital births are not allowed and woohooing may always lead to a pregnancy (roll a six-sided die or use first: 1 means you need to pick the interaction Try for baby instead, and if you roll 2-6 you can just pick Woohoo). You can always choose to Try for baby if you want to.

There may only be one community lot of each type (ie. one café or restaurant, one pub or bar, one library etc.). One heir can unlock and add only one community lot during their lifetime, unless they have one or several of the following traits: Business Savvy, Genius, Ambitious. In that case, they may unlock and add one community lot per each of those traits that they have during their lifetime.

When a community lot has a certain cost, you can either pay for that lot or try to fill the other requirements, in which case you won’t have to pay anything. If you decide to pay, just use a money cheat to reduce your money by the required amount.

If there is anything that needs clarification, please let me know! This was a rather lengthy challenge to write, so it’s quite possible that I haven’t been able to think all the rules through as well as I would have liked. Feel free to point out any miscrepancies or unclear rules to me!

4 Problems with the building permit office. If you can raise your Logic skill by two points (unless it’s maxed already, in which case you succeed automatically) in the next 24 hours, you’ll be able to convince them that your requests are rational and nothing happens. If you can’t raise your Logic by two points, you may not build anything before next Sunday.

6 Unrest on the border! All young adult and adult sims will have to leave the house to help EXCEPT the heir, because the heir must take care of the internal affairs of the colony. Move the other adult or young adult sims out to another lot. Every day after this, roll dice or use to pick a random number: 1=The war continues and one of your sims is killed (pick randomly) and will not return home after the war, 2= The war continues, 3= The war continues, 4=The war continues, 5=The war is over, everyone can come home immediately (move them back in), 6=The war is over, everyone can come home immediately (move them back in).

8 A casanova moves into the community, sweeps one of the female sims in your family (young adult or adult) off her feet and knocks her up. Pick the female sim randomly. That sim may even be your heir if your heir is female. Instructions: Create the casanova in CAS (if you haven’t already), move him into your house and make him Try for baby with the selected sim. You can then move him out if you want to.

9 Your Mister Casanova is at it again! This time a female sim from another household gets pregnant. Pick the female sim randomly. Instructions: Create the casanova in CAS (if you haven’t already), move him into the female sim’s house and add a baby to that family in Household Management.

Lauryn is neat, perfectionist and ambitious (which has been quite frustrating since the careers aren’t available in the colony yet!), Benjamin is hot-headed, genius and bro. He also seems to be quite lazy, since it’s always Lauryn who does all the work in their garden, which is their only source of income. Benjamin just sort of hovers over her when she’s working and desperately tries to get her attention. He usually either wants to flirt or argue with her, so she has decided just to ignore him most of the time.

During the third week, Lauryn raised her Handiness skill level to 6 and they were finally able to build the first community lot, a church, in their little colony. That attracted the first new family to the colony. Because Lauryn had the Ambitious trait, she was able to add another community lot, a park, when she reached the level 6 in Gardening. That was enough to persuade the second new family to move to the colony. The little colony felt desolate and lonely no longer! There were now enough inhabitants to lift the School restriction, too. That was a big relief for the Holloway children as they were all failing because there is no homeschooling option in Sims 4. Their good luck continued: some gold was found in the colony and they got 4000 simoleons.

A spring festival took place during the fourth week and resulted in one of the new families having a baby. By the end of the week, Lauryn felt that she wanted to retire from being the heir and to concentrate on taking care of her beautiful garden. So I picked their eldest child, Sophie, as the new heir. Sophie, who aspires to become a painter, is proud but also a bit scared to take on this responsibility. I’ll report on how she’s doing later when I’ve had time to continue playing. There have been rumours that a casanova is moving to the colony, so Sophie might be in some real trouble.