Mod the sims – the sims 4 custom content gas yourself in car

… Huh? EA has not given us CC (unless you include packaging sims and lots, and CAP and CAW for TS3). The tools for making custom hairs, makeup, skin, clothes etc etc etc were produced by the sims modding community in SPITE of EA, not BECAUSE of them.

Yes, I am aware that there is a rumor that EA leaked to the community the basic method for getting the game to recognize a player mod… but all the rest of the work, including deciphering of obscure file formats and writing programs to manipulate those files, was done by our great mod tool makers. Take a look at this if you want to be impressed by what they figured out:…oding_Tutorials

So, will there be CC? Yes. Will EA have anything to do with it, either to help or to hinder? Unlikely We can hope they don’t actively get in the way, since they haven’t in the past (and the dev community seems to be generally modder-friendly, based on comments by Graham and others who are working on TS4).

It’s possible they’ll make a sharp U-turn in the OTHER direction, and provide us with new and more powerful tools than we ever had before… i.e. EA-provided tools for hair and clothes, and maybe even a user-friendly scripting language to modify gameplay. I would be surprised, but I don’t think it’s essential We’ve been managing fine without that.

I also hope that they stick with the xml tuning for behaviors, as it made it far easier to tweak the game to individual preferences. Even idiots like me can adjust behaviors in 3 that are personally bothersome, and there are lots of tuning modders in the community who share some nicely creative work with us. If we need to work in C# for adjusting behaviors, many tuning modders might feel it not worth the effort to pursue. I’m not so keen on firing up Visual Studio Express just to turn off some overemphasized behavior.

And one thing EA is known for, it’s overemphasizing new features and behavior. Like the way when we got pillow fighting, our sims wanted to pillow fight every freaking sim they ever met after saying hello. Or how the new attraction system, left to its own devices, had my sim getting called up for a date by her ex-husband’s mother. I can already tell that suicide inducing violin will need some retuning before my entire world drinks the Kool Aid just because I like my sim to play with a violin instead of a guitar once in a while.

Of course, we still need talented scripting modders to support 4 if it’s feasible, as more complex mods do require their depth of expertise. And for me to even consider moving on to 4, that ability is an absolute requirement. If it’s too hard to mod, it’s not going on my machine. That, and some core features like design utilities at least as good as the now ~5 year old CAST tool, and some type of CAW tool for the talented world creators. There’s no way EA can produce the sheer number of worlds with the rich variety that the talented community of world builders now creates for our benefit.

EDIT: Oops, missed Inge’s statement (I really need to read to the end of a thread before replying to an earlier post). Well, assuming we can obtain access to the tool used, or can reverse engineer a tool to output SmartSim, we might be alright. I guess. Which is the problem. We shouldn’t have to guess. EA should be involving the community in getting up to speed on what will be available, and what will be required. They’ll pay lip service to the positive effect custom content and mods can have on the game, but they sure don’t seem to be reaching out on this issue right now. Which is really when they should be, as it would reassure a lot of players like me who won’t consider this for purchase, let alone a pre-order, until the information is known.