Mod the sims – yandere simulator (requires get to work) gas in back relief


2.) (Optional) Create Senpai. It can be either sex and can have any trait and aspiration. They must, however, be a Young Adult and cannot live with your Yandere. To ensure Senpai (or any other Sim you’d like) attends college, you will need to control and enroll them into college manually via the "Find a Job" option on their cellphone before the first day of class. Make sure they are all enrolled in the same course as your Yandere.

1.)Your Yandere may communicate with anyone except for Senpai (This isn’t about romancing Senpai. This is about sabotaging their love life so they have no choice but to accept your Yandere). They may only speak to Senpai on the last two days.

4.) Your Yandere loses if three or more people witness any murder that you directly cause (A witnesses is anyone who shows up to a crime scene you directly caused while you are close to the body). Three witnesses are enough to create a solid alibi for the police department to arrest your Yandere, and Senpai could never receive a love confession from someone in jail.

6.) Your Yandere loses if Senpai is not your Boyfriend/Girlfriend by the end of graduation day. Senpai is moving to another country afterwards, and your Yandere will be unable to keep in contact with them. Senpai could never love someone they forgot about.

There are two current ways for your Yandere to kill their rivals (for me personally, anyone who even talks to Senpai is a rival, but you do you, fam.) If there are any other Sims 4 murder mods out there (like a Sniper mod perhaps, since we have in-game cameras now! Please come through for me Sims modders!), please let me know and I’ll see if I can implement it into the game somehow.

In Yandere Simulator, you are able to kidnap students and mentally torment them to bend them to your will. Since the Sims 4 doesn’t have any means of torture as of yet (I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing), Yandere SIMulator has a similar method of "breaking" your victims. You will need to build a "torture room" in your house to do this.

1.) In order to begin the "breaking" process, your Yandere will first need to "kidnap" someone. They may kidnap anyone who either knocks at your door or accepts an "Invite To Stay The Night" interaction. They may not "Travel To…" your Yandere‘s home together or be invited to a party at your house.

Have fun and be creative with this challenge! Anyone is welcome to play, YouTuber or not. However, if you are YouTuber using this challenge, some credit my way, as well as some for the mod creators and YandereDev, the inspiration behind the challenge, would be nice *nudge nudge* *wink wink* *hint hint.* Good luck and have fun, because remember, it’s all for Senpai!

Unfortunately, I only will have "Get Together" in a few days as it was more important to me than "Get to Work" and I had to choose, I also can’t use mods since some time, idk what happened… so I made my own alteration of the gameplay, I hope you don’t mind if I share the changes! ^^

ad6. We enable aging here (the time span of life determines "difficculty", player can choose between the three) and the time Yandere or Senpai skips to the next age group (they should age at the same time but sometimes it’s not that way so the first to age determines it) is the deadline to confess to Senpai.

Yandere can also torture in a way described by you, but there is no use of this (except for Yan-chan’s good mood when that person dies, so that’s a good thing). However, I know there are some sadists that just love to make sims suffer as much as possible, so there’s that.

Also, if someone has "Get Together" like I will, they can also use the non-lethal method: play matchmaker! And I’d like you to add a thing in the YandereSim(s)’ "rulebook" for owners of such expansion – Clubs! Like, what benefits could they bring etc.