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Now she just had to get it off the hospital property without being caught. ‘We were petrified that they were going to realize that we had it,’ says the mother, who is still too nervous about the placenta-snatching to go on the record with her name, the date she gave birth or how her husband managed to get the placenta into the cooler in the first place.

Despite the growing trend to eat afterbirth, many U.S. hospitals– like Baylor University–treat placenta as a bio-hazard and have policies against giving a mom her placenta, experts say, particularly since little scientific evidence exists whether afterbirth consumption offers human health benefits ( most mammals eat their afterbirth).

But placenta-ingesting enthusiasts say afterbirth is rich in iron, vitamins B6 and B12 as well as hormones like estrogen and progesterone. Eating it, they say, helps to increase breast milk supply, boost energy levels, protect against postpartum depression and relieve pains associated with labor and delivery. Afterbirth can be cooked like organ meat, blended into a smoothie or made into a pill (and some say it tastes good).

The trend is rising in popularity among natural childbirth advocates, entrepreneurs who encapsulate placenta into pills and afterbirth-munching celebrities such as January Jones, Alicia Silverstone and Mayim Bialik. The topic also turned into a hot debate topic after Kim and Kourtney Kardashian advocated it on their show, “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.”

No way would I have eaten my placenta. I am not judging, rather I’m a picky-eating vegetarian who freaks when my food touches meat. But if a woman wants to eat her afterbirth, she should be able to without resorting to the stresses of smuggling, which is aptly described in the Dallas Observer:

After her husband did whatever thing he did to get the placenta into the cooler, she texted her encapsulator–the person who promised to turn the placenta into hundreds of digestible pills. The encapsulator agreed to meet the husband in the parking lot, where he passed the color.

I think it’s deranged they wouldn’t let her just have it. After all, it belongs to her. Just cause they took it out of her doesn’t given them rights to it. Or do they get rights to the baby as well? To me the logic of you can have this thing you just popped out but not the other doesn’t make sense.

I wish there would be more research done on this stuff. At least then we’d actually know for sure if there are benefits to consuming it. Then once we knew it was actually helpful we could have real labs making these capsules. Right now I worry about these random individuals doing this stuff. Do we really know what they’re putting into those capsules? What if someone else’s placenta somehow got mixed in, or god forbid swapped, ewwwwwwww!

For me, I didn’t care what they did with it. I was asked by my midwife if I wanted it, my OB never gave the same courtesy. I told the midwife she could just magic it away, they look icky to me and I don’t need to have a relationship with it. I was also unwilling to eat it in any form. It IS a human organ, and for me it just treads too close to cannibalism. If someone else wants to eat theirs that’s fine by me, I won’t begrudge them their snack choices. It was just too weird for me.

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Well, #1 if the placenta had a free I think it would be other problems going on and that would be the mother Least Concern # 2 if there was an infection I would hope that the hospital would have run some kind of antibiotic in there again that would be the least of the mother’s concern. I experiences of the hospital for my friend had given birth and it wasn’t just a polite no we don’t do that they made her and I still like it was something wrong with us that we were weirdos, they were rude and Smug. it ended up turning out to be by the grace of God something happens the nurse that was in charge got called out on an emergency and had to leave so another nurse came in and I guess they didn’t inform her they didn’t say anything to her so she wasn’t very protective of the bio hazardous waste and they left us alone in the room with that after they clean mother and baby up so we did just like they did, we stole it and no one was wiser. But shame on them, if we would of screamed ‘I know you’re infringing on my religious belief or just screaming discriminating against me because I have a religious beliefs’ would they have thought twice about saying no and being so rude and nasty. Hmmmm , food for thought no pun intended