Momma mia, mea culpa too lazy to hide the crazy electricity and magnetism quiz questions


Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday: I did all Internet things and all Retail Shop things. And it was wonderful. Then, I received a text message from my son, Justin, informing me that he landed a spot in a ‘Standup Comedy Competition’at The Broadway Club in NYC! Winning would mean he gets a permanent slot at The Broadway Club for SIX MONTHS. And just in case you’re not familiar with The Broadway Club – it’s where 90% of the SNL cast members got their start! This could be YUUUUUGE for him! So naturally, I immediately created an event on Facebook and invited over 60 people to come cheer him on! If you would like to join me please feel free to inbox me on FB and I’ll send you the details!

Thursday: I wasn’t feeling that great and I just needed a day to rest and clean out my DVR. I love this time of year, not only because the weather is bearable, but also because there is sooooo much good television! I caught up with: The Voice (totally loving Jennifer & Kelly). This Is Us (the season three premiere made my cry my face off, per usual). gas water heater reviews 2012 Manifest (which is a new show and I haven’t decided if I like it or not, I feel like they’re trying too hard). New Amsterdam (another new show, and I’m already obsessed). The Good Doctor (the season two premiere made me cry even HARDER than This Is Us and the actor Freddie Highmore deserves an Emmy Award for his role as Shaun). Chicago Med (Oliver Platt is everything, and that’s all I have to say about that). electricity year 4 And How To Get Away With Murder (is already proving to be one of the craziest seasons ever.)

Later that evening, I decided to say, “goodbye,” to the totally super hot guy who may or may not be thirty years old. Mostly because, he really IS only thirty-years-old and we literally had nothing to talk about. p gasol stats Like, dude – you don’t know the movies Forrest Gump or Almost Famous? Have you heard of the bands The Rolling Stones or Led Zeppelin? Forget about President Ronald Reagan, do you at least know George H.W. Bush Senior? How about Bill Clinton? Have you ever had a flip-phone or ANY non-touch-screen device? HOW ABOUT A LANDLINE? Is the word, “beeper” remotely familiar to you? Can you at least tell time on an analog clock? And lastly, have you ever watched the television shows Breaking Bad or Shameless? NO? While the attention and the affection, from said thirty-year-old, was an AMAZING ego-boost; he’s closer to my son’s age than my age. And that just felt creepy! But thanks, totally-super-hot-thirty-year-old-guy, for the massive boost in self-confidence! #MeleahGotHerGrooveBack #PeaceOut

Friday: I unloaded my peapod home delivered groceries and spent the rest of the day/night on the phone with BlueHost and WordPress trying to learn/figure-out the best design/layout for my friends new retail business store. And since I have NO IDEA what the f*ck I’m doing – if anyone reading this blog with web-design skills and wants to help a sista out please email or facebook message me! Thanks in advance!

Monday: I cleaned, I laundered, I changed the sheets, and I took out the trash. Just like I always do. Then I met up with my girlfriend Claudia for Chicken Caesar Salads and laughter and gossip. And then I unloaded my peapod home-delivered groceries – fully stocking my fridge – before relaxing on the sofa watching ‘ The Real Housewives of Orange County’. Totally-Super-Awesome-Day.

Tuesday: I woke up with a spring in my step and a smile on my face. I went for a much-needed summer pedicure – complete with fire-engine-red-toes. electricity definition physics Ahhhh #pampered! That evening, I made my FAMOUS ‘moist muffins’ for my son’s girlfriend’s birthday! We watched ‘ So You Think You Can Dance’ and laughed, and cried, while Justin made fun of us. Another-Totally-Super-Awesome-Day!

Wednesday: You know the expression – “right place, right time” – or how just one decision, or just one moment in time, can change the ENTIRE trajectory of your life? No? Well, I do. Because, that’s exactly what happened. I really wasn’t in the mood to leave the house but I forced myself to get up, get dressed, and run some errands. electricity billy elliot instrumental AND MAN I’M GLAD I DID!

I ended up running into one of my old friends that just opened a brand new retail store and he wants me to help with some social media stuff. And of course I said, “Hell, yes!” Because, YAY, money in the bank and I don’t even have to leave the house or break a sweat! And THEN? He may or may not have introduced me to a TOTALLY SUPER HOT GUY who may or may not be THIRTY years old, who refused to leave me alone, until I gave him my number!

Thursday: My air-conditioning suddenly stopped working. The heat / humidity was so brutal, I put my air on full blast, and the pipes froze. Luckily, the day before, I met a TOTALLY SUPER HOT GUY, who just happens to have his own HVAC business, who made me take his number. Obviously, I had to call him. gaston y astrid lima And then, I may or may not have spent the entire day AND the entire night with said TOTALLY SUPER HOT GUY getting to know all about him. And that’s all I have to say about that!

Friday: I went to the new retail shop to check things out and completely fell in love with the store and the owner. This is truly an amazing opportunity for me and I am running with it! I already made an INSTAGRAM and TWITTER account for the business. And if y’all could just like/follow the requests I’ve been sending you, I will love you forever n ever! Yet-Another-Totally-Super-Awesome-Day.