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Did some early for me, running this morning. gas vs diesel towing Left the house at 7:50 to go have some labs done. They have new computers that are supposed to check you faster. I’ve used them before and it worked well. Today not so much, I did everything it said to do but started asking lots of questions so I hit done. I filled out all that information on line when I made my app. After sitting there and seeing how my app time had already gone by I, went to the reception desk to ask if my name showed up? Nope it sure didn’t and I noticed a man having a problem at that same computer the girl said try that one so I walked over and she said use you ID hmm never had to before but OK. electricity quiz for grade 5 Then another girl comes and she said do what it tells you to do. I turned and looked at her and she new she best listen to what I was trying to say. So anyway I finally get checked in and went straight back and out the door in a few minutes.

I was going to go straight to Walmart for a few things but decided to go home first and have some coffee and breakfast. When I walked in the door I knew Fred needed a bath. I called the groomer and she said if you come right now I can take him, as I’m leaving town until Monday. So off we went and got Fred cleaned up and nails trimmed. He smelled much better and we were both happy.

They have been working on the house next door for a while now and I know he wants it to be finished already. electricity font generator The previous owner painted the driveway about 5-6 times and it was horrible. The paint started to peel and fade really bad. Last Friday he started to power wash the driveway but he was getting know where fast. To make a long story short they have been working on it since then and I was about ready to lose my mind.

So after breakfast I headed out the door to pick up my prescription refills and to get some papers notarized. I called in 2 refills and he had 3. OK I guess the computer said it needed to be refilled. Off I go to the front of the store to where the bank is. I sign in and take a seat. Only one girl was working in that area and she had a customer. When she finished with the customer her and a telling got into and argument right in front of the customers. gas mask bong how to use Another girl came and said someone will be right with you and they went into the office. Another women comes and asked what I need again I repeated it. static electricity zapper She also went into the office. Finally the first one comes out and again they started to have words. She comes over and well, you get it. She said well there are others ahead of you, I was the only person there, so she pointed to the other people who navigated themselves to the Starbucks. I figured if they had been waiting that long how much longer would it be. I left. I guess I will go to the real bank tomorrow if the weather holds out.

I walked around Family Dollar and picked up some Tide and was killing time hoping when I got home the guys would be done. Nope so I took off and went to visit some friends that were sitting on there deck. It was a great visit and had some laughs. You could here the machine faintly from their house and then I noticed it stopped. Myself and another neighbor jumped up and left for our homes. extra strength gas x while pregnant They were just putting things away for the night. The guy said he hoped they would be done tomorrow they had added more chemicals to lift the paint.