Mongols’ defense a club can’t conspire with itself biker news network electricity prices going up


SANTA ANA, Calif. (CN) — A defense attorney for the Mongol Nation motorcycle club told a California jury Tuesday that federal prosecutors had not presented any evidence that the club ever violated racketeering laws or engaged in a conspiracy — indeed, he said, it could not be convicted of conspiracy because an entity cannot conspire with itself.

A major goal of the current case is to seize, through criminal forfeiture, the gang’s trademark to its distinctive main patch, which full members wear on the back of their vests. gas tax nj The design shows the word “Mongols” in an arc above what has been described as “a cartoonish depiction of a Genghis Khan-like character” riding a motorcycle and waving a sword.

In his closing argument Monday, Welk argued that only Mongols who have risen through the ranks to earn the right to wear the complete insignia patch on their vests are members of the Mongol Nation. electricity merit badge pamphlet Citing the group’s detailed, written constitution, he said that other associates, prospects and “hang-arounds” are only part of the gang but not “full-patch” Mongols.

The prosecutor spent most of his rebuttal, however, recalling evidence of several violent crimes attributed to Mongols, including the murder of a Hells Angels leader in San Francisco, beatings and knifings of enemies or men they believed had insulted them, and a deadly brawl between a large number of Mongols and Hells Angels in Laughlin, Nev., in 2002.

He ended by recounting again for the jury the death of local police officer Shaun Diamond, allegedly killed when Mongol David Martinez fired a shotgun as police broke down Martinez’s door at 4 a.m. in October 2014 to serve a search warrant. e payment electricity bill bangalore A slug from the shotgun entered the back of Diamond’s head and came out through his mouth as his partner watched, Brunwin said.

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