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Okay, first I think we should all have a mono party and get together and gripe about what mono does do to your system. I was diagnosed with mono in April after a couple of weeks of feeling ill. My son had it before me. No, we did not kiss, except maybe on the cheek =). Anyway, coincidentally at the same time I apparently got mono, I also got GERD for the first time in my life. Since this time the GERD has never gone away and been resistant to most of the treatments they have given me. Prevacid seems to help the most — I have tried Omeprezole, over the counter Prilosec, Protonix and Pepto Bismol, (I’ll explain that one.) Anyway, shortly after being on these medications, I developed arthritic type pain and burning in my fingers and toes. I’ve never had arthritic pain in my fingers and toes ever. In fact I was told at one point a few years back that I did have Osteoarthritis but it never touched gas company my fingers and toes only my knees. I woke up daily since it started a couple months ago with pain in both my fingers and toes which seemed to be helped a little by moving but would not go away. It is now August and I’ve been told they have no idea why I would have GERD and arthritis right after mono. Maybe I’m stupid here, but I’m thinking gas 93 octane why aren’t they connecting any dots here. Every doctor I tell gives me a hm response with no follow up. They retested for mono in August and said I still have it but that the levels are dropping. Flare up of old infection is what they wrote. Funny because if it’s a flare up of the old March/April infection why didn’t they run an EBNA to verify that it was active? Okay, to make a long story short. I went to the ER two days ago feeling as if I was having a heart attack. Pain went down the back of my arm and same GERD type pain yet even stronger. Enough that I thought if I don’t go in and I die some people might be pissed that I didn’t go in. Funny, I know. My blood pressure shot up from it’s normal 116 over 65 to 140 over 80. Luckily the ER was able to note the BP difference. To make a long story short, my mother told me the same thing had happened to her minus the mono. She was tested by blood for H-Pylori twice both negative and once by biopsy which was negative. Finally the breath test came out positive. She was treated for H-Pylori and is much much better. When I asked about mono bringing on H-Pylori the docs looked stumped. Let me just say that many people have H-Pylori in their bodies but only some react and they suspect some of those may be immunocompromised. Why is it hard for a doctor to suspect that an immunocompromised mono patient could have already had H-Pylori and when infected with Mono it decided gas bijoux discount code to react. Not only that, once you get on the medication for GERD it can affect your body’s ability to absorb B12 and cause surprise surprise neurological symptoms which also explains the arthritis and eventual burning sensation in my fingers and toes which I could not get rid of. If I sound frustrated it’s because I am. Either mono is the most ridiculous annoying virus or doctors are missing clues that should be obvious. So I would recommend you get an H-Pylori test and be sure it is the breath test. Also be sure that you don’t take antacids 14 days prior to the test because they can skew the results of the blood, breath and endoscopy. The other reason I believe I have H-Pylori is that during the time of mono they confirmed I had power company near me a UTI as well. I was on three courses of antibiotics — Cipro Cipro and then Bactrim I thought it was called — something like that anway. During this time I have never felt better and never had less stomach problems in my life. This is significant to me considering that 15 years ago they said I had IBS. I have had all the lab tests done, including ESR for Rheumatoid and it all comes back negative. I am headed to the doctor today to ask him to give me a breath test and to treat me for H-Pylori and to also test my levels of Vitamin B12. If this doesn’t work and these symptoms continue I will continue to pursue this until I find a doctor who will find out what is wrong with me. We need doctor/detectives which is what I think may be lacking in our health care system these days due to the pressures insurances are putting on our doctors to just get rid of the patient. I could go on and on, but I’m hoping this post might help someone else with the same issues. Good luck! I really hope you all get some help. I think mono is a terrible virus for some people and can cause many things that may not be so obvious to our physicians. I hate gas leak in car being sick. I can’t stand to sit still. It’s the only time I watch television so Im not someone to go around trying to find out what’s wrong with me. This is enough that I cannot eat well any longer and I don’t want this chest pain. I want it gone. (EKG, ECHO and Treadmill were all good.) Something that may help distinguish between the two I’m not sure is that Pepto Bismol has been shown to help to a certain degree with H-Pylori. You can read about it. So I’m trying Pepto right now until I get an answer and I’ll probably have to take both the Pepto and the stupid GERD medicine. Okay. Thank you, I’m done griping.

Looked at this blog because my 8 year old son has been having pain in his side and back for about three weeks. I really thought it was him imagination at first until it started waking him up at night. Dr. said constipation, I gave him a laxative and flushed his system. Dr. said stress next. I have just been watching this. Monday, he had a headache, stomach ache, and throat pain. I kept him home from school and then he developed a fever of 104 electricity human body. Took him back to Dr. and they said he had the flu. Did not have strep. This is Wednesday, last night he developed hives all over his body. Treated with Benadryl and they went away. Wakes up this morning with hives again. Took him back to Dr. today and she was sure it was mono. My older son had this years ago and I can’t believe I did not tie the symptoms all together. Tested negative. So now she says H Pylori. Also, she prescribes an antibiotic just in case as well as hydroxyzine for the hives. I am reading all over the internet that one can cause the other. Either way I just want to know what is going on with my son. Anyone else out there have any negative tests before showing positive?

I was tested three times and finally came positive on the third try. I asked why and the doc said it was because I probably wasn’t in the active stage at the time so it didnt show up yet. I’ve had it for about 6 weeks now and it’s been hell. Been to countless doctors, had CT’s and ultrasounds done, and my blood drawn numerous times. I’ve had severe headaches, fatigue, swollen glands, pain in left temple and in left eye, brain fog and difficulty concentrating, pain at the base of my neck, leg weakness, joint pain, abdominal pain (docs thought it was gastritis), muscle twitches at night, fever that came and went, etc. It’s caused me to have anxiety VERY bad and have to be put on meds now. You go thorugh all this and think there’s no way that mono could cause all these symptoms and you start to think your crazy! I’m very glad I found this site and know that I’m not alone in what I’m going through. We WILL get better and we can’t let this damn diesease/virus beat us!!! Hope all of you get to feeling better soon and most of all just get back to feeling electricity lesson plans 4th grade normal again =)