Montreal alouettes offensive line decisions – last word on sports gasset y ortega filosofia


However, Washington is a free agent. gas pump emoji While Kavis Reed is confident that the Alouettes will be able to conclude a new deal, the Alouettes must explore alternatives. Internally there is one option. The Alouettes selected 26-year-old National Tyler Johnstone in the 2018 supplemental draft. Johnstone oozes potential. However, he suffered a knee injury in August and wasn’t able to play more than one game. e 87 gasoline The future of the Alouettes blind side rests with Johnstone but it may be more beneficial to focus on bringing in a veteran in order to provide time for Johnstone’s development. One potential option is free agent Joel Figueroa. Figueroa is a six-year veteran who anchored some impressive offensive lines in both BC and Edmonton. While it would probably take a deal that includes above average money for an offensive lineman as well as multi-year term, it is something Reed should explore.

24-year-old National Sean Jamieson and 33-year-old National Kristian Matte split duties at left guard. electricity voltage in china Matte is a long time Alouette. Drafted by Montreal in the 1st Round of the 2010 CFL Draft, Matte played 117 games total on the Alouettes offensive line. gas and bloating While Matte’s contributions to the organization’s success are tangible, at 33 he is not the long-term solution. Additionally Matte is a free agent.

The Alouettes already have the solution in 22-year-old National Trey Rutherford. Drafted 2nd overall in the 2018 CFL Draft Rutherford has to be considered a cornerstone of the Alouettes rebuild. Rutherford played sporadically throughout the season, ending with 9 games played in total. electricity sources in us While he doesn’t have a ton of experience, Rutherford has to be considered the favourite to start next season at left guard.

This is traditionally the territory of longtime Alouette great Luc Brodeur-Jourdain. Drafted by Montreal in the 2008 CFL Draft, Brodeur-Jourdain has amassed 167 games for the Alouettes. electricity outage compensation A fair amount of these starts were at Centre. Brodeur-Jourdain is a solid and reliable option but he is coming to the end of his career. electricity transformer near house At the start of 2018, he openly acknowledged this, stating that he was grateful to have the opportunity to attend training camp.

Brodeur-Jourdain is a free agent and it remains to be seen if the Alouettes will resign him. If he doesn’t come back the simple solution is an internal one. Matte is cross-trained as a Centre and played the position at times throughout the 2018 season. While Matte is not a long-term solution he should be able to buy enough time for the Alouettes to either draft or sign another Centre.

The Alouettes Offensive Line is a work in progress. While odds are minimal that the entire line will change over, 2019 could bring some fresh faces to the roster. With 4 2018 starters currently free agents Kavis Reed faces a critical offseason. He must decide how quickly the talented 2018 draft picks Rutherford and Johnstone can be relied upon to start. Additionally, Reed must decide on the future of longtime players Kristian Matte and Luc Brodeur-Jourdain. gas x dosage for dogs The future success of the franchise may rest on these decisions.