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With the launch of the StarCraft II beta, GLaDe stated his intention to prepare for competitive play upon the retail release of the game. In addition to maintaining a top 4 position in his Platinum League division, GLaDe has participated in a number of community tournaments such as DacTheHork’s Triple Strike Team Cup and Smuft’s Team Battle Tournament, and won the Australian SC2 Showcase. He has since further tropico 5 power plant strengthened his claim as the top player from the Oceania region with a convincing 3-1 win in the first TransTasman SC2 Championship, over Pinder after coming from the lower brackets.

One of mOOnGLaDe’s strongest results to date has been his performance at IEM Season V – World Championship where he placed highest amongst non-Korean players at 4th place. After blitzing electrical supply company near me his group he finally fell to fellow ex-WC3 Night Elf and fellow Zerg Moon to qualify as second seed. After upsetting MorroW 3-1 he was defeated by AcE 0-3, and fell to the 3rd place playoff against Squirtle electricity experiments for 4th graders where, in a close series, he was unable to take the final game, losing 2-3 but still securing a hefty $2,500 prize purse. mOOnGLaDe was also invited to Season 1 of the NASL.

mOOnGLaDe was invited to participate in the GSL March in 2011 as one of their internationally seeded players, along with fellow foreigners Ret, HuK, and HayprO. He would be ousted in the first round by Jjun. mOOnGLaDe would also be one of the international players chosen to represent the foreigners in the 2011 GSL World electricity problem in up Championship, he would be eliminated immediately from the bracket by Canadian TT1. Attempting to qualify for GSL May, mOOnGLaDe was defeated in the first round of the open qualifiers by viOLet. He would return to Australia for personal reasons as the rest of the FXO roster went to Korea.

From August 10 to August 11, mOOnGLaDe participated in the World Championship Series 2012 Australia. mOOnGLaDe defeated deth, Techtron, and YoonYJ, in order to advance in sixth round to face PiG. He lost to PiG by score of 1-2 and fell to the losers’ bracket. In the losers’ bracket, mOOnGLaDe successfully defeated MaFia and advanced in to the finals for a chance to get revenge against PiG. mOOnGLaDe put up a great fight and fought valiantly but wasn’t able to get his revenge as he lost to PiG by a score of 2-1, 0-2, and ended up in second place.

mOOnGLaDe managed to reach the round of 8 in WCS America 2013 Season 1 Premier League, defeating such players z gas station as Illusion, Apocalypse, and TheStC, but was eliminated in very close games against Axiom n gas price’s Ryung. He was unable to qualify for the Season Final, losing to Ryung’s teammate, Alicia, however his performance still qualified mOOnGLaDe for Premier League Season 2.

In WCS America 2013 Season 2 Premier League, he was unable to replicate his previous performance, losing to XY and Polt in his Round of 32 group to fall to Challenger League. He lost in the first round to the New Zealander Tileä to fall to the group stage, where, due to theognis’s retirement, he only played puCK, whom he lost to twice to remain in Challenger League for Season 3.