More people are leaving wyoming than entering it energy journal what is electricity


I have to laugh at some of the above posts. Biggest cost of living difference is housing not groceries or gas. Who cares if you pay 50-100 per month less for those if you are paying 500-1000 more per month for housing. I moved back to Wyoming from Colorado and I have a good professional job (engineer). Wyoming is far more affordable and the dollar goes further. This is backed by actual economic statistics (cost of living calculator is a start for those wanting to check) and not limited to a few anecdotal stories.

Hope you are able to make it through this bust and stay in a state you have come to love. The bust will not last forever, and from what I have seen the oil companies are better positioned and prepared to keep development through this bust than they were in the last one. All hope is not lost. Best of luck, and I will do what I can at the local level to help people such as yourself in these not so good economic times. Merry Christmas keep in mind this Christmas and uncertain times that because of Christmas we can have hope no matter what the world throws at us.

Actually, Wyoming is only one of 4 states with a shrinking GDP. While the national economy is not nearly as strong as the propagandists want the mindless masses to believe (they just want people to spend again), most all other states are doing much better.

I recently encouraged a friend to move away from Wyoming, where he was reluctantly facing unskilled labor jobs, working for under-educated/unmotivated/ignoramus bosses, paying measly wages (~$20-$30k/yr). This guy is smart, hard working, and educated. He’s now making slightly under $100k just to the South of Wyoming, and his cost of living has risen only slightly for that huge increase in salary. He is finally able to use & improve his skills – rather than waste away via atrophy in Wyoming. He was amazed at the number of skilled jobs available, skilled jobs not offered in Wyoming (where the fast food & service industries truly reigns supreme).

After spending a couple decades in Wyoming, one thing became clear to me – Wyoming is full of trust fund brats. Most people in Wyoming, whom have anything, were given what they have via inheritances – they haven’t worked for it, nor do they know how. The largest landowners throughout Wyoming are still living on family land, acquired through homesteading of the late 19th century (can you say "socialism"?). It’s why Wyoming continues to lead the pack in reliance on federal subsidies. Without continued assistance from the federal government, Wyoming could never sustain itself. But hey, some people are proud of living off big daddy fed. The Chinese socialists have been doing it for decades.

So many people in Wyoming are glad to see others leave (evidenced by many of these comments), simply because they fear the competition. They lack the education, skills, and motivation to effectively compete. They embrace & promulgate ignorance.

Well said. There’s never been a worse time to be in your 20’s and trying to start a professional career in Wyoming. As a lifelong resident here, I was only allowed an opportunity to develop a trade skill once I was introduced by a friend into a job that has been, so far, the only long-term career employment opportunity that I could actually be both interested in and good at doing without muddling my ethical boundaries by working in the retail business. Otherwise my options would have been in restaurants or, eventually, oilfield. Even then, that career has come to a recent halt, and I find myself back in restaurants. I can’t complain about the lack of jobs altogether, but those available to me personally are not exactly widespread. That being said, it is daunting to attempt gainful employment for the majority of employers here. The majority of them are convinced that on the job training is a sufficient test of one’s employment abilities. It is truly sink or swim for everyone, which is why I believe that energy jobs are the only option for many people. Jobs where large companies know that taking time to train employees to be knowledgable and proficient at their jobs is how you keep turn-over rates minimal and seasonal hire’s unnecessary. So if any business owners want to know why they can’t find good help, it’s because you keep running it off when you get frustrated because a month into someones employment they’re still making mistakes and costing you time and money, so you belittle them, tire them, and then drive them to quit. Rarely are employers willing to fire someone for inneficient work. That would mean paying out unemployment, and good luck convincing the 35-65 year old boss that he is the problem with his still surprisingly sailing business.