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Now Available in Matamoros, Mexico. Just south of Brownsville, Texas. Negative Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) destroys Nano technology instantly. You can Purchase a Nano Killer for $350  Call For an Appointment Which includes Negative and Positive EMP’s with a Nano Killer. Cost – $300 To order send a check or money order for the total cost of the items to; Michael Chapala 1443 E. Jefferson St. # 370 Brownsville, TX 78520 Please Allow 2-3 Weeks for Delivery

A better strategy is to place two magnets facing each other in a configuration of attraction. Think of the area between the magnets as the "kill zone". Place the area of your body that you want to treat between the two magnets. Slowly move the magnets around the area always maintaining the magnets’ alignment towards each other. This will overload and destroy the nano technology as it induces an internal voltage. I have personally tried this on my knee and within seconds, I had relief. After experiencing headaches I used this method on my head and had the same results!

On January 25, 2013 – Latest experiment with a homemade magnetic pulser tuned to the most highly recognized frequency caused thousands of Morgellons organisms to move towards the surface of the skin as if attracted to the transmitted signal like microscopic magnets! As they died they gave off bursts of small electrical charges and heat! My whole body heated up in an intense Herxheimer reaction. I was forced to stand outside in the cold for about twenty minutes until I cooled down. After I came back inside I felt very tired so I drank plenty of water and two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to encourage the cleansing and removal of the dead organisms.  The dramatic reaction to my magnetic pulser speaks for itself. I am speechless because I could have never predicted such an amazing response from pulsed magnetism. The bursts of energy verify the fact that these organisms generate electricity and pulsed magnetism is their weakness.

Through experimentation on myself I have determined that this is a magnetic problem. This is nanotechnology which is electrically based which can be affected by magnetism. This microscopic circuitry can be slowed down or destroyed by subjecting the body to a strong magnetic field. We must attack it at every level. j gastroenterol hepatol impact factor At the atomic level we can place strong magnets in a configuration of attraction on either side of our ulnar pulse points. Colloidal silver being a conductor upsets the electrical processes when taken internally. Green Papaya powder breaks down the proteins at the molecular level. Magnetized water will eliminate it from our intestines. We can use anti-parasitic herb mixtures such as Paragon and Intestinal Freedom to remove it from our bodies. Oil of Oregano taken internally will kill all of the fungus and bacteria which the disease depends on to survive. On the surface of our body we can use 20 Mule Team Borax mixed with any anti-bacterial dish washing liquid and water. gas variables pogil extension questions Glycerine applied to the skin will kill everything on the surface for about 24 hours. Fresh cut lime massaged into the skin will remove all of the larvae and is especially effective in removing it from the scalp. A strong magnet rotated over any toothache will kill the underlying Morgellons organism in 5-10 seconds eliminating the toothache and promote circulation.

Long Term – Lack of Energy, Brain Fog, Bronchitis, Arthritis, Tooth Infections, Headaches, Depression, Irritability, Feeling Insects Jumping Off The Body Like Fleas, Very Small Fruit Flies Flying Around The Head, Blockages in The Intestines, Mini Muscle Spasms, Electric Shocks, Sensitivity To Electronic Devices, Loss of Temperature Control of The Body Which Causes Profuse Sweating.

Magnetic Bracelets – They should be worn 24/7 except to take take a shower or bath.. One is good but two are better. Within one week of putting on the first bracelet my insomnia, bronchitis, arthritis, brain fog, low energy levels, tooth infections and depression were 100% gone. After the first week, I was so impressed that that put on another bracelet. Through all of this my headaches decreased significantly in duration and intensity until finally, one month later they ended completely.

20 Mule Team Borax – Pour 1 1/2 cups mixed with 4 tablespoons of Anti-bacterial Dish Washing Liquid into a large bowl. Take a shower normally then add 3-4 cups of hot water into the bowl and mix well. Apply the soapy water all over the body by massaging it in with finger tip pressure. You will have undissolved borax in the bottom of the bowl. Add more water to the bowl to dissolve the remaining Borax, mix and reapply the soapy water again. Do this twice and add more Borax if you need to always maintaining Borax in the bottom of the bowl to insure that you have the maximum concentration mixed into the water. Afterwards do not dry, wash off or rinse off. Just let it air dry. After brush off the "sand" or dead Morgellons. After apply a thin coating of glycerine all over your body.

Ozonated Water – Drinking ozonated water introduces highly active O3 into the body which will kill 99% of all viruses, fungus and bacteria. It has been reported to have cured cancer on some Youtube videos. Ozonated water is created by bubbling ozone through a glass of water using an ozone generator with a bubbler attachment which is very similar to "air stones" used in fish aquariums. Ozone generators will be available on this site shortly. In the meantime, you can purchase one on eBay.

Limes and Oranges – You can rub fresh cut limes or oranges on the skin. The Morgellons larvae, (little white worms) will die on contact. You can squeeze lime juice on the scalp and massage it in well with finger tip pressure. geothermal electricity how it works Afterwards the dead Morgellons can be combed out. To increase the effectivenes of the limes or oranges, you can cut one in half and place it in the microwave for 20 seconds. The warm liquid will open the pores and alow deeper penetration. Afterwards the dead Morgellons will come to the surface. Just brush them off. Apply glycerine for 18-24 hours of protection. Do not use lemons. The acid level is too high and will cause redness to the skin.

Do not use any type of zapper or device which conducts electricity through the body because Morgellons lives on electrons. gas prices in texas It uses the charges caused by falling through the sky in the metal dust made up of many conductors. Once on the ground it is kept alive through solar activation of unlike metals in contact with one another. Once inside the body it seeks out the central nervous system because it is a source of electrons. A recent experiment with a zapper caused my lungs to fill up with the organism to the point of feeling pain whenever I took a deep breath. Fortunately using my protocol has returned my lungs to a healthy state. A zapper will speed up the organisms growth and kill you. Also do not wear metal such as copper bracelets, rings, jewelry. They act as antennas to pull energy in from your environment and speed up the organism’s growth rate.

Step 1. We have to remove them from the surface of our body. The Borax is mildly toxic to the parasite. The dish washing liquid is mildly toxic and reduces the water surface tension to allow the Borax to soak in. The mixture is massaged into the skin and scalp. You can towel dry but air-drying is best. The residue creates a protective barrier on the skin. After dried apply glycerine all over your body. The glycerine blocks the pores smothering the parasites. Although this protection will last for 12-18 hours, it is recommended that you do this two times per day. Just before bed and in the morning. You will sleep soundly and the symptoms will almost disappear.

A very strong magnetic field is created at the radial pulse point with two magnets aligned to attract each other. As the blood passes between the magnets the magnetic field of the organisms is affected. gas city indiana zip code The electrically based metabolism of the Morgellons organisms are disrupted and they die. The body eliminates them from the body. The heart continues to circulate more blood past this pulse point purifying it. The bracelet is worn 24 hours a day except to take a shower. Eliminates brain fog, headaches, low energy, insomnia, tooth infections, arthritis, joint pain, bronchitis and depression. You can get a bracelet(s) for the arms or legs.

Anise, Cloves, Gentian, Neem, Olive leaf, Oregano, Propolis, Barberry, Oregon grape, Garlic, Tumeric, Carrots – Raw, Sweet Potatoes – Raw, Sage , Thyme, Caraway, Black Pepper, Cinnamon, Fennel Seeds, Cayenne, Ginger, Pumpkin Seeds – Raw, Virgin Coconut Oil Pomegranate Juice, Pineapple, Papaya, Cranberries, Saurkraut, Cumin, Tomatoes, Ginseng, Cabbage

My 72 year old mother which contracted Morgellons in 2012 was living alone a thousand miles away from me in Michigan. She was not following any protocol so she was suffering greatly. She told me that she had lesions with insects coming off of her body so I was very concerned for her health. During the winter months , I was most concerned for her safety so I prayed very fervently that God would help my mother. Two months later, I called my Mom and asked her how her Morgellons was. She told me that two months earlier, the exact time when I was praying for her, the Morgellons just stopped! When she told me, I was speechless because I never told her that I was praying for her. I had asked God to help her but He saw fit in His wisdom to heal her completely.

The first week of June 2013 a regular caller named Shaun called me to let me know that he was cured accidentally by a large pulse of magnetism. Shaun a 19 year old from Maryland had Morgellons which had caused his knee joints to weaken and gave him low energy levels among the typical symptoms. Shaun and a friend got drunk one day out on a farm and had some dynamite they used to remove stumps with .  They saw an electrical transformer which normally conducts 30k-100k volts and thought that it would be a good idea to blow it up with the dynamite! The resulting expolsion threw Shaun 5 feet in the air and 12 feet horizontally and knocked him unconcious for a half hour. The magnetic pulse released was so strong that their hair stood straight up in the air. During the time that Shaun was knocked out his friend noticed that his skin was very hot and red and kept him cool by spraying a garden hose on him. I believe that his friend had saved Shaun’s life that day.  Shaun told me that when he woke up, his joints felt brand new and his energy level had increased. His lungs had cleared up and his Morgellons was gone. The large magnetic pulse released from the explosion was the solution.