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I have been vomiting every morning since i was 15 i am now 30.its 2008 now.I have been given allsorts of medication from domperidone,zantack,omeprazole,even lorazapam cos gp thought it was stress,beta blockers as well My gran died at 55 of stomach cancer so did her mum.Now i have a bug called Hpylory it causes stomach cancer,an other members of my family has it.I have been given meds to get rid of it but it comes back.I have also had a camera in my stomach and they found a hiatus hernia,enamel on my teeth has gone,due to getting sick every day,i find it hard to plan a meal cos if i dont feel like eating at that time i will puke just after a couple of mouth fulls.I can only eat when i feel i can.I have been passed around in the n.h.s in the uk for 15 years and everyone i see has no answer.I saw a stomach consultant he said slight hiatus hernia radiographer said food reflux,then got a letter from stomach consultant saying no reflux,even though wen i lie down after a drink the drink comes back in my mouth.I had a barium swollow put me on table tipped me upside down,i heard radiographer say food reflux but got the letter off consultant saying no reflux,even though in the past have been diagnosed with reflux,and hydrochloric acid from gettin sick killed enamell on my teeth.I was passed to ear nose and throat consultant and she said could be sensivity in top of stomach and eosofogus or could be the stomach is not moving prop and a pressure build up could be the cause.So the lates plan is lansoperazole 2 a day and gaviscon advance,i have doubts just close my stomach from goin the wrong way.anyone know someone in leading edge stomach science,i cant take no more.nhs are not sure if they will do my teeth on there remit yet.

i, too, have been vomiting only in the mornings for about a year and a half now. I am a young female, 24, healthy and had to stop drinking completely b/c i would be guaranteed to puke all day long the next morning even after 2 beers.. I have seen 4 doctors in the US, half of them thought acid reflux, but the meds made my vomiting worse, and i was sick every morning guaranteed.

Since I can’t afford a specialist, I can’t get the tests i need. They also thought it may be stress, but why would I wake up throwing up after sleeping for 5-8hours? The only thing that helps me is kava stress relief tea from yogi, i think more b/c of the ginger root in it than the kava, but it has reduced my vomiting by a 1/3rd. I only throw up about 4-8 days a month now in the mornings, and usually only once or twice instead of all day, instead of not being able to even keep down water.

although my mysterious condition remains, a friend of mine had good health insurance and had a similar experience as i did. she is one year older than me, so same age also. She had a camera stuck down her stomach after like 6 hours after she ate a hard-boiled egg, and it turns out she wasn’t digesting food. The treatment: Botox shots IN HER STOMACH! this made her loose a lot of weight (she was already really little) and it is very hard to absorb any nutrients… basically it paralyzed her stomach so the food passes through. This works for her though. The Dr. she saw said young women have been having very similar symptoms (that isn’t morning sickness from being pregnant or acid reflux) and so it is now becomming more common among young women, why i’m not sure though.

Hi, i am a 13 year old GIRL and i have been having problems ever single day for 2 months iv’e been vomiting every morning when i wake up for school i RUSH to the bathrooms and really FORCE myself to vomit since my stomach is empty in the morning its really hard to get something out but i have to because it makes me feel better and I cant even brush my teeth without having a cough attack and throwing up again. At first i though since the cold was starting and winter was almost here it was something to do with me getting cold at night or not covering myself/stomach very well but then i started to notice that every time i thought of school my boyfriend and all that high school stuff i felt nauseous and wanted to throw up again, could it be from stress or depression? I really want to get back to my old morning routines i hate vomiting and i have been reading through everyone’s comments and they say there is no answer to this. And some people are saying it lasts for YEARS and can get worse ? I am really scared and no one from my family knows about this i only told my friend at school so PLEASE if anyone of you has an answer let me know. Even a do’s and don’ts list will help me or what to and what not to eat and how to keep the vomit in in the morning and please don’t tell me SMOKING or getting high will help me because i am 13 and i really hate the smell of smoke it might get me throwing up again. Thank you <3