Most ceos are ‘rightfully afraid of twitter’ — not elon musk – the washington post gas and water company


It’s an understatement to say that Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s tweeting is different from perhaps that of any other public company CEO. He responds off the cuff to journalists gas giants and random followers, shares odd memes, uses the platform to announce go-private deals for which the Securities and Exchange Commission alleged electricity 1 7 pdf funding was not secured — and then mocks the SEC after settling with it. Now, the SEC alleges, Musk has broken a deal to have any potentially market-moving tweets about the electric vehicle company reviewed before letting them fly.

In that regard, at least, Musk is supposed to have something in common with other CEOs. Communications pros say that even gas unlimited houston texas if the tweets aren’t technically “approved,” most companies have communications teams deeply involved in drafting, guiding, advising or reviewing a CEO’s posts gas stoichiometry worksheet answers — particularly if they’re considered risky or material in any way.

“Very few CEOs hold the keys to publish on their own,” said Craig Mullaney, a partner at the communications firm Brunswick Group who founded Facebook’s Global Executive Program, where he said he supported CEOs and other high-profile figures with social media strategy. “That would specjalizacja z gastroenterologii be very rare, and it implies a level of digital communications fluency and competency that most frankly don’t have.”

Communications experts say that while CEOs’ management of their tweets run the gamut electricity and magnetism equations — there are some who are very hands-on and do have control of their accounts, while others don’t know electricity nightcore how to pull up the app and outsource the job entirely to the PR staff. But the most prevalent practice is for communications teams to draft or suggest posts that are then signed off by the CEO gas zeta costa rica, said Vivian Schiller, CEO of the Civil Media Foundation and a former executive editor in residence at public relations firm Weber Shandwick and head of news at Twitter.

Tweets are not meant to sound like a news release, and a certain level of personality needs to show through for electricity powerpoint template a tweet to resonate and be effective — a tricky balancing act for CEOs, who are often conservative. Schiller points to the battle that erupted between Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Salesforce co-CEO gas and water socialism Marc Benioff over a San Francisco ballot measure to help the homeless. (Benioff, according to a company spokeswoman, is the only person with access to his Twitter account.)

That’s certainly the case with Musk, who has more than 25 million followers but also sends out eccentric gas city indiana zip code missives filled with shared memes, middle-of-the-night responses to users and, of course, the business-related tweets that have drawn the ire of the SEC. As one communications executive, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, put it: “Elon Musk has gotten that all too right, and that’s the problem.”

Some communication electricity questions for class 10 pros say that because the tweets sent by most CEOs are rarely controversial, even in the slightest — a selfie from a conference gas monkey bar and grill they’re attending, a shout-out for a sports team, a non-provocative observation about a trend in the industry — they often don’t need approval from legal or even public relations, and the level of review depends on the topic or risk level.