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It’s been a few months since I did my retreat but the experience still stands out vividly in my mind. Everyone’s experience of ayahuasca will be different but rest assured that Selva Madre is the best possible place to experience it. Don Lucho, Luis jr, Anderson and translator Jose, as well as all the other staff members were super caring and attentive – I felt extremely safe at all moments of the retreat, which is especially important during the ceremonies. The chanting and singing was so captivating and I felt that the shamans were very careful in ensuring you received the proper dosage. The food and accommodation was also wonderful, especially having the private huts to yourself. Things electricity worksheets grade 6 like the jungle trip and the mud baths etc were also great fun and overall the retreat area made for an amazing place to relax and reflect during downtime. One of the main mantras afterwards is not to let yourself get angry, and i definitely feel like I am a much calmer and chilled out person overall, with a new perspective on life. I am definitely going to go back in a couple of years and experience the ayahuasca journey again! More Show less

It’s still part of an integration process to find verbal expressions for what happened during my time in Selva Madre. To sum it up it was more than I could have ever dreamed of and I came back completely transformed and healed! The wonderful shamans Don Lucio, Luis gas relief for babies home remedy and Anderson create such a safe, heartwarming and beautiful space for the ceremony in the temple and care for each and everyone on a very personal, appreciating level. Their broad experience with this Medicine and the invocated assisting energies is beyond what words could ever express and the Icaros take you to instant soul tuning with such profound acknowledging who you truly are. Believe me you’ll fall in love with the whistling, the Chakapas and their blissful singing. The food (especially on the non dieta days 😉 ) is extraordinary and the whole kitchen/staff team are always friendly and have a smile on their faces. You’ll never leave hungry and they try to give you the constant feeling of being home with your loving family! Jose, the wonderful guide and translator, is always available and around so anyone thinking the language barrier might be a problem can get rid of these thoughts. He has such patience and looks out for all participants and is the connecting link within Selva Madre. Every ceremony he and Don Lucio gas prices going up or down wait until everyone feels fine to leave the temple and support you with all you need for a night you can handle. The pick up and transportation is absolutely safe and doesn’t even take 1 hour from Iquitos, plus you’ll always have either Luis or Jose as your company. The excursions are lovely and give you a nice insight into the incredible Rainforest area and its inhabitants. You’ll explore the jungle, visit a Native tribe and even take a boat tour on the Amazon river etc electricity merit badge worksheet answers. The litlle privat houses (all with a private shower, toilet and sink) are all unique and very beautifully decorated with amazing paintings. 1 minute walks to the dining house or the temple or the lovely hammock place – so even a very lazy person can make the walks through the grass 😉 The whole environment of the surrounding Rainforest provides special sounds and animals and stunning vegetation. It’s a homecoming to all people I talked. I can simply recommend this place to anyone without any doubts and wish all the best possible transformation for all that follow their calling and work with this Master Medicine and this professional team

Being at Selva Madre for 10 days recently, was one of the best things experiences Iv ever had. The grounds are amazing and the huts a lot more spacious and comfortable than I thought they would be! Every member of the crew here are so happy gas oil ratio, warm and kind, and it’s really infectious! From the day I arrived, I felt safe, comfortable, and at home. Everything was explained to us in detail and the doses of Ayahuasca to be given during ceremonies were discussed prior to each ceremony, starting out small to see how our bodies reacted. We also discussed our experiences with the shamans the days after each ceremony. Having Jose translate made it easy and he also took amazing care of us all during the 10 days My experiences with the Ayahuasca were not always easy but overall truly profound. I came away from the experience feeling happier within myself, more comfortable in my own skin, calm, peaceful and with a heart full of love. The ceremonies were amazing and the Icaros sang so beautifully. During one of our ceremonies we had thunder and lightening grade 6 electricity worksheets and it made it made the experience even more magical! I cannot recommend Selva Madre enough…I hope to come back one day

I had an amazing experience at Selva Madre, i learnt a lot about myself and my life in the 10 day retreat. Before I arrived I was very nervous almost to the point of not going due to different things I have read online in regards to ayahuasca, however attending was one of the best choices I have ever made in my life. Don lucho and his family and team are some of the nicest , positive , and sincerely caring people I have ever met . The energy was very positive the whole time , and after my first day my fear was gone as I felt like part of the family . Having this time without distraction , without cellphone , eating healthy , reflecting , learning , and partaking in ayahuasca ceromonies completely changed the way I thought about many things before in my life ; and i am a lot online electricity bill payment happier and better off after this retreat. I recommend this retreat highly and encourage you to go if your considering it , no matter what walk of life you come from I truly believe that everyone needs to do this once in your life . Thank you again to everyone at Selva Madre. one day I’ll be back !

It’s been a while since I visited Selva Madre, but the memories are still fresh. The 10 day retreat was truly amazing, which is why I’m writing this review! I won’t say anything about my actual experience. This mainly depends on the person, their intentions and preparation. What I will review is how the retreat is being organized and how Selva Madre helps to prepare for gas to liquid you trip, which definitely deserves 5 stars. From being picked up in Iquitos to being dropped off after the retreat ends, you feel you’re being treated like a king. These are some of the things that make the retreat good and save: – Having Don Lucho as Shaman and Luis Jr and Anderson as his Apprentices! They are amazing Shamans, with beautiful Iqaros and very good at interpreting what you have experienced – Having Jose as translator. Such an amazing guy, who plays awesome guitar as well – Don Lucho and his stories! – Having your own cabin, including shower and toilet – Being at a well-maintained retreat – A pre-ceremony investigation by a medical doctor – Starting with a low dose during the first ceremony, to see how you react to the Ayahuasca – Good introduction on what Ayahuasca does and is for – Discussions after the ceremonies, also to discuss subsequent doses – Having 4 ceremonies in 10 days. This is more than enough I can tell you – Amazing food, including local fish species (does differ between ceremony and non-ceremony days) – Going on trips to learn about local plants and culture – Having enough time for yourself And I’m probably forgetting a couple of things Selva Madre does not feel like they want you there just for the money. They hp electricity bill payment online invest a lot in the local community. Definitely consider Selva Madre if you want to start exploring the beautiful and intense things Ayahuasca has to offer!