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This Smart Technology electric tankless water heater is configured as a "whole home" model for climates where incoming water temperature is 67 F and above. This model is well suited for heating up to 2-Gallon per minute, which is the equivalent of one shower head (with a 1.5 gpm flow) and one sink with a low inlet water temperature of 67 F and an output setting of 105 F. Digital Temperature Control allows you to set your temperature in increments of 1 Degree. This model can also be used in colder climates as a Point of Use for a sink or other low flow application. All tankless water heaters are sized based on flow rate and temperature rise, and there is a direct relationship between the two. So if used in a cold area requiring a high temperature rise, it will be more limited in the amount of fixtures (gallons per minute) it can heat at one time compared to a warmer climate. When sized properly this water heater will provide endless hot water and only consume the energy needed, giving the user complete control. Prior to purchase and installation please verify this model is the right size for the expected demand and electrical requirements. The ECO 11 requires a minimum 125 amp electrical panel for installation with (1) 60 amp double pole breaker connected to (1) set of #6 awg wire. Plumbing connections are 1/2" compression fitting with the option of 1/2" NPT adapter included. For additional assistance please feel free to contact our support center at 877-474-6473. NOTE : 11Kw at 220 is equal to 13kw at 240.

This lightweight immersion heater is perfect for heating water on the road, whether that s for coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or even soups. You won t have to waste money on an overpriced cappuccino, spend sightseeing time searching for a coffee shop, or worry whether your next hotel will have a water heater.

It works on trains, planes, hotels, or anywhere with an electrical outlet, and you can use it with two different Alternating Current (AC) systems, including 120V, which is more common in North America, and 240V, which is more common in Europe and other parts of the world. It also includes a European adapter plug so you don t have to purchase that separately.

Please note that you should first fill up your container with water, then put the immersion heater in the water, and lastly turn the immersion heater on. After the water is hot, unplug the heater and wait thirty seconds before removing it from the water.

Now you don t have to order room service or bring a bulky pot, tea kettle, or water heater when you re traveling if you want a hot cup of tea or coffee. Easily warm liquids with this portable immersion heater and get your day started off right.

The Eccotemp L10 Portable Tankless Water Heater is one of the hottest tankless water heaters on the market! The Eccotemp L10 Tankless Water Heater gives you endless hot water at your cabin, summer cottage, lake home, potting shed, RV, camper, farm or wherever else you need hot water. The Eccotemp L10 Portable Tankless Water Heater delivers up to 2.6 Gallons Per Minute of hot water ranging from 80-145 degrees Fahrenheit: plenty for 1-2 hot water applications running at the same time. The 2 "D" cell battery ignition starts the flame only when water is running, so there’s no chance of overheating. It is perfect for off grid or areas where you have limited electricity. The L10 comes with standard 1/2" NPT fittings. The ideal operating range is 20-80 PSI. The system also works great on modified water systems with items such as a 12-volt pump. Product Features: Compact & easy to store Great for camping & family outings Outdoor use only Field tested to 5500 ft. elevation (not recommended to be used any higher) Battery powered ignition Manual water temperature control 20 Minute automatic safety shutoff timer Energy Factor of 79% Rated Voltage: 3V (D cell batteries) 74,000 BTU 2.6 GPM flow capacity Water Pressure: 20-80 PSI Rated heat input: 20kw Rated gas pressure: 11" of water column Gas type: Liquid propane Eccotemp L10 Dimensions: Height 25.5" Width 13.625" Depth 8" Weight approx. 27 lbs. Shipping weight 28.7 lbs. Clearance Requirements (at least): 2" clearance from wall 1′ on both sides from anything flammable 3′ from any window, overhand, awning 18" from the ground What’s Included: Stainless steel rain cap Garden hose adapter CSA regulator for use with standard 20 lb. grill propane tank 1-year manufacturer warranty

EXCLUSIVE 3 POWER SETTING SELECTOR 110 Volt Unit Includes FREE wall support/tube – a $12.99 value others show it in the listing but the small print says it is not included You are buying the world famous CORALMAX ELECTRIC SHOWER HEAD TANKLESS HOT WATER HEATER PERFECT FOR POOL SIDE HOT SHOWER RINSE OFFS, ALSO GREAT FOR CABINS WHERE YOU DON’T REALLY NEED A HOT WATER HEATER PLUS ALL THE EXTRA PIPING. THESE SHOWER HEADS ARE USED IN 80 % OF ALL HOUSEHOLDS IN BRAZIL AND THEY WORK GREAT. OPERATES ON 110 VOLTS . YOU ONLY NEED TO CONNECT IT TO THE NEAREST BREAKER (REQUIRES A DEDICATED 40AMP BREAKER AND 10 AWG WIRING). YOU WILL NEVER RUN OUT OF HOT WATER. EVERYONE GETS A HOT SHOWER. WORKS GREAT EVEN WITH 2PSI WATER PRESSURE UP TO 150 PSI. With remarkable electronic technology that requires the outstanding Coral heater saves up to 25% in electric bills. Compact Exquisite Design: The water heater’s compact design, the size of shower head, takes up reduced space and attractively decorate modern living spaces. Infinite applications can be found for the extraordinary Excel tankless water heater. Our customers also use them for washing stalls,horse trailers, de-icing cars in the winter, outdoor camping, RV s, motels, small roadside restaurants and other situations where endless and economical water heating is required .