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The mother of a seven-year-old boy believed to have died from deadly toxic fumes during severe winter flooding has told an inquest that the family fell ill in the days before his death but had “no reason to think that the house was poisoning us”.

Nicole Lawler, 39, a company director, broke down as she described finding her son, Zane Gbangbola, in bed and not breathing at the family’s home in Chertsey, Surrey, which flooded on 7 February 2014 during some of the worst winter storms in years.

Zane’s parents believe their son died from hydrogen cyanide poisoning when water from a lake on a former landfill site flooded into their basement. Electricity edison Zane’s father, Kye, 50, was left paralysed from the waist down and in a wheelchair after the flood.

The coroner Richard Travers, sitting at Woking coroner’s court, has heard that a competing theory will be that Zane may have died from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Zane died after being rushed to hospital at 3.30am on 8 February 2014. Thitima electricity sound effect Describing the “drama” of the days leading up to Zane’s death, Lawler said her son had been off school with what was thought to be a cold, but which returned on 30 January.

His father, also a company director, began vomiting shortly afterwards, felt very ill and could not get out of bed for a couple of days “because his spleen and other organs were aching”. Electricity jokes riddles Lawler said she felt very dizzy herself and eventually went to her GP with “terrible” chest pains, and was prescribed antibiotics for a suspected chest infection.

The couple had been flooded in January that year. Gas vs electric stove cost The weekend Zane died, they had been warned to expect a further 12 inches of rain. Eon gas card top up In preparation, the owners of nearby mobile homes and caravans had begun using industrial diggers to excavate a gravel pit to build a bund to protect their homes, Lawler said.

The couple had built a dam in front of their Victorian home, she said, and had eight electrical pumps that were being used in the soil-floored flood basement. Hp gas online booking hyderabad Worried that they might lose their electricity and be unable to use these pumps, Lawler hired a petrol-driven pump from Surrey Hire and Sales. Was electricity invented during the industrial revolution She was given a “quick demonstration” but no safety instructions came with it, she said.

Lawler told the inquest that they had not used the petrol pump, nor bought petrol for it, but had set it up and switched it on several times on the morning of 7 February to see whether it worked using the small amount of petrol that was in its tank when they hired it. Shale gas in spanish Lawler said they planned to buy petrol if they required it from a nearby garage, as they did not want to store petrol at their home.

Zane had a bath and then he and his mother snuggled up to watch the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics in one of the bedrooms while his father worked in another room.

After Zane fell asleep, Lawler said she regularly checked the electric pumps downstairs, and in between dozed at the foot of her son’s bed. Gas tax in texas At 3.30am she noticed his snoring had stopped.

She called 999 immediately. J gastroenterol “He was not breathing at all. Z gas guatemala He was lying sort of on his front,” she said. Gas pain As she performed CPR, she was unaware of where Kye was.

Lawler said: “I was losing my child. O goshi judo If you have children you are not going to leave your child. Electricity units of measurement Kye was not a concern with me. Gas after eating bread I paid no attention whatsoever.”

Dressed in black and wearing a red fabric poppy, which has become a symbol of his parents’ campaign for a full investigation into Zane’s death, Lawler said: “He walked in truth and we are here to make sure he dies in truth.”

Lawler said Zane was “a gift that kept on giving”. Gas x strips after gastric sleeve Wiping away tears, she described him as “generous and kind” and said his parents would “cherish every moment we were together”. Gas mask drawing He had “so many qualities” and “all the ingredients of a perfect child”.

Lawler said Public Health England would not let the couple return to their home until one year after their son’s death. Electricity projects for class 12 She said their insurance company, concerned about “migrating gases”, had insisted on installing a gas-proof membrane, extra chimney vents and hydrogen cyanide alarms and other measures as well as rebuilding interior plaster walls, because gases could travel up those walls.

Asked by the coroner whether her neighbours had installed similar safety measures since Zane’s death, she replied: “Some neighbours have been so frightened they have spent £60-70,000 to put in their own gas-proof membrane. Gas laws worksheet with answers Some neighbours don’t have the money to do that and they are living on a ticking timebomb.”

Lawler denied she had told a hospital doctor, Tariq Bhatti, who pronounced Zane’s time of death, about using a petrol pump. Gas pain in shoulder “I recall him telling me about the hydrogen cyanide and not being able to return to my home. Electricity production I didn’t discuss the petrol pump with him,” she said.

In his opening remarks, the coroner said: “It is likely that Zane died as a result of toxicity will not be in contention. Gas vs diesel towing The question may well be which toxic substance was responsible. Gas city indiana police department It may be that is a more contentious issue.” Travers added that the question would likely be “whether it was as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning or hydrogen cyanide poisoning”.

Cabinet Office minutes relating to a Cobra meeting held at the time of the flooding have yet to be “tracked down” despite requests from Zane’s family and the coroner. Gas 37 weeks pregnant Travers said he was struggling to obtain information about who could release the documents. D cypha electricity futures Leslie Thomas QC, representing the family, said: “It is a little surprising that it can’t be tracked down, even if it is to say you are not entitled to it.”

Zane’s parents have been forced to crowdfund to pay for legal representation at the inquest after twice being refused legal aid despite support from the coroner for their application. Gasset y ortega biografia One anonymous donor contributed £25,000 on Friday, bringing the amount raised to £3,000 short of the £75,000 required. Electricity and magnetism pdf More than 30,000 people have signed a petition calling for an investigation and public debate into Zane’s death.