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The Abitibi is one of the world’s premier gold camps. Whether it is deep beneath an old mine or a fresh look at a former exploration site, the Abitibi offers tremendous opportunities for creative gold explorers. A fact which Steve Roebuck, CEO of Enforcer Gold (V.VEIN), is fully aware of. Last year Enforcer began work […]

One of the extraordinary aspects of Canada’s junior mining sector is just how international it actually is. Millennial Lithium (V.ML) is headquartered in Vancouver, is advancing two lithium projects in Salta province in Argentina but its CEO, Farhad Abasov is based much closer to the lithium markets in China. Abasov’s last project, Allana Potash Corp, […]

When the gold price crashed to less than $300 an ounce in the late 1990s many gold mines in Canada went into “care and maintenance”. And when that price failed to recover these mines were, effectively abandoned. When the Chimo mine was shut down in 1997 it had produced 379,000 ounces of gold from 19 […]

The name “Argentina” comes from the Latin term “argentum”, which means silver. For AbraPlata (V.ABRA) the silver (and a good deal of gold) is found at the Diablillos property, which contains a Ag-Au epithermal deposit called Oculto, located in the far south of a province called Salta located in the northwestern part of the country. […]

Mining Victoria Gold’s (V.VIT) Eagle Gold Project at Dublin Gulch in Yukon literally means taking off the side of a small mountain. That mountain hosts a National Instrument 43-101 compliant Reserve of 2.7 million ounces of gold at .67 gpt. Operating costs are estimated at US$550 per ounce and the mine is designed to produce […]

“I am not your typical CEO,” said Brian “Griz” Testo. “I was a prospector/developer during the Alberta diamond rush. One year I was flying down to PDAC and I met Pam Strand. She introduced me to Mike Dufresne. They told me if I wanted to develop properties the way I thought they should be developed […]

Whenever a company comes out with a PEA I always look at the CAPEX first. The fact is that, regardless of the size of the resource, the estimated mine life or the internal rate of return, the CAPEX number gives a good first approximation of whether a project is actually feasible. 513 Million dollars is […]

Gold, zinc, tungsten: Tyler Rice, CEO of Margaux Resources (V.MRL) has a true polymetallic property to explore. Located in South Eastern British Columbia, the Margaux properties follow the rich geology of the Kootenay Arc. On February 27, 2018 the company announced that it had completed two significant consolidations of lands, projects and mineral tenures in […]

A lot of exploration is about looking for pointers, for clues, as to where a deposit might be. For Canadian Orebodies, a train of boulders, a number of which had high-grade gold mineralization pointed in a particular direction. If you look at the map above you can spot the boulder train. Angular boulders which suggest […]

The Bayhorse Property, located near Huntington in south eastern Oregon, was the location of the largest silver deposit ever found in the state. It was mined in the early twenties and then again in 1984 when the price of silver dropped below $5 per ounce. Bayhorse Silver (V.BHS) acquired the right to mine the property […]

Did you know that Argentina is the largest generator of electricity from nuclear energy in South America? Or that it imports all of the 500,000 pounds a year of uranium that its three nuclear reactors use? Or that Argentina has one additional nuclear reactor under construction and two in the planning stages? Speaking with Nikolaos […]

To get a handle on MGX Minerals (C.XMG) and its frenetic CEO Jared Lazerson you have to understand Lazerson’s underlying vision of energy technology in transition. For Lazerson the renewables revolution, the need for efficient energy storage solutions and the broad range of “battery” metals all coalesce into a set of opportunities. So many opportunities […]

For Ascendant Resources (T.ASND) , 2017 was an extremely successful turnaround year. The Company’s El Mochito zinc, lead and silver mine located in Honduras has been in continuous operations for 70 years but, over the course of recent years, suffered from underinvestment and some neglect from its previous operator. With its recently released 2017 full […]

Cartier Resources’s (V.ECR) CEO Philippe Cloutier has worked in the exploration business for over twenty-five years. He understands the potential of prospective properties and he knows that the very best place to find gold is where gold has already been mined. He also knows that to develop and execute a drilling program is expensive. Which is […]

Marathon Gold (T.MOZ) had an outstanding 2017. It extended the areas in which it found gold mineralization and published two 43-101 Resource Estimates in February and November. However, for Phil Walford, Marathon’s CEO, perhaps the most significant event of 2017 was the decision to go to a Preliminary Economic Assessment (PEA) of the property to […]

It is one thing to find a gold deposit, it is another to find an economic gold deposit. For GGX Gold’s (V.GGX) Gold Drop project one huge attraction is that the property is less than 60 kilometres from the Kinross Kettle River-Buckhorn mine and mill. A mill which is running at half capacity due to […]

Propose that I offered you an option on billions of pounds (maybe more) of copper with a delivery date six to ten years from now. What would that be worth? For Crown Mining (V.CWM) and its CEO Stephen Dunn the answer to that question is driven partly by a presently strengthening copper price and partly […]

Twenty five years ago Argentina liberalized its business and mining rules. At the time the mineral rich nation had barely been explored using modern techniques. A fact which Joe Grosso was very much aware of. He set out to explore in Argentina and, over the years, made three major discoveries and was named Argentina’s ‘Mining […]