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Yes. UPLIFT Desk’s first ergonomic stool, the Motion Stool lets you move more when you’re seated, and even allows you to swivel and sit at an angle, or "perch". Enjoy the health benefits you get from moving more throughout the day, all while finishing up your latest task. The Motion Stool comes in two color options, blue and black, where the E7 comes in black only. If you need help choosing which chair is right for you, please check out our chair comparison chart for all of the features.

The 10" height range allows you to use the stool while seated or standing. At its lowest setting, the stool will be 23.5" high. When you want to move to standing, you can "perch" on your stool by positioning it in a tripod position with your legs and leaning back into it.

The UPLIFT Desk Motion Stool will better engage your core muscles by allowing you to move through different positions at your standing height desk. However, it is not meant to function like a core strengthening exercise ball. You must have your feet firmly planted on the floor to safely use the Motion Stool.

While the UPLIFT Desk Motion Stool is a comfortable addition to a sit/stand workstation, it does not lower as far as most chairs, and does not offer back or lumbar support. We do not recommend it as a full-time replacement for an office chair.

The UPLIFT Desk Motion Stool has more padding than its competitors so it is arguably the most comfortable stool of its type on the market. Like anything, sitting for a long period of time could cause you some discomfort. One of the great things about this stool is that it will move with you so that you can change positions more often to stay comfortable.

Users under 5’2" tall can still use this stool! But we recommend adding a footrest to your setup in order to make this stool more suitable to your smaller frame. In addition, you may not be able to use the stool in a seated position because the lowest height setting is 23.5" high.

The cushion on the UPLIFT Desk Motion Stool is comfortable and supportive. However, the stool lacks a back rest, armrests, or lumbar support so it is not a substitute for an office chair. This is meant to complement your office chair, not replace it!

The base of the UPLIFT Desk Motion Stool is weighted so that it will remain upright while you are seated (and even after you are done using the stool!) However, if you try to balance on the stool or lean too far in one direction, you may lose your balance.

I got my Motion Stool yesterday and I already love it! I’ve had an adjustable desk for years and wanted to spend more time up, but with less stress on my feet and knees. This little baby will do the trick. It was super-easy to assemble, and the quality is impressive. I am 4’11" and this stool offers comfortable support with my desk at any height. I can even sit atop it with a footrest and it makes me keep my core engaged and my posture in check. Many of my coworkers have adjustable desks and I will be recommending this fabulous little stool to them. Thanks, Uplift, for a wonderful product.

We ordered this sit/stand stool to use with our antique standing desk. It arrived incredibly quickly and is much heavier duty than it looks. It is great—we love it. The bottom is "sticky" and keeps you feeling secure. The seat is super comfortable, no matter how much of your bum is on it. The adjustable height is perfect for our tall desk. We love it and wish we had ordered it sooner. Top quality product!!!

I’ve found this stool a perfect complement to my variable height standing desk. When I get tired of standing, I can adjust this stool to various heights to support my weight from just leaning back on it in standing position to partly bent to fully bent legs in sitting position. It adjusts easily and pivots easily and has a slight spring in the support pole in addition to the soft cushion top. The round bottom allows for rocking in different directions if you choose to move a bit while sitting or it sits still too if you want it to. Seems well built. Highly recommended.

I just received my UPLIFT motion stool today. It is well made and very sturdy. Assembly was very easy as well. However, the stool it self is not very comfortable. I am 5’2 and the stool does not go low enough for me for my legs to touch the ground comfortably without tilting the stool. Unfortunately one can only be in a titling position for so long before the butt starts to hurt. I was really looking forward to receiving the stool but I have to say, I am disappointed.

I tried this at an expo and it pivots back and forth. I found it nice to be able to sit forward with the stool in a raised position. It’s kind of like a standing position but you’re resting on your rear a bit to relieve some pressure on your feet.