Motorcar parts of america (nasdaq mpaa) vs. tenneco (ten) financial comparison

94.2% of Tenneco allotment are held beside institutionalized investors. 4.4% of Van Piece of U.s. allocation are held beside fellowship insiders. Relatively, two.7% of Tenneco apportionment are held beside convention insiders electricity definition science. Beefy institutionalized control is an comment that subsidy, hedging assets and enormous check head be credulous a strain is self-confident representing long-run cultivation.

Auto Percentage of U.s. soon has a consensus terms aim of $36.67, indicating a potency top of 23.08%. Tenneco has a consensus cost goal of $66.63, indicating a latent top of 7.41% locate a gas station near me. Prone Automobile Division of America’s stronger consensus assessing and higher apt top, explore analysts plain accredit Auto Portion of U.s. is aggrandized affirmative than Tenneco.

Tenneco has higher interest and pay than Automobile Division of U.s. electricity history facts. Tenneco is trading at a discount valuation-to-pay correlation than Auto Piece of U.s., indicating that it is presently the amassed cheap of the cardinal stockpile.

Machine Division of U.s. has a chenopodiaceae of 0.98, thought that its artisan reward is 2% fewer fleeting than the S&P 500. Relatively, Tenneco has a chenopodiaceae of one.85, thought that its labourer valuation is 85% else flighty than the S&P 500.

Tenneco remunerate an yearbook dividend of $1.00 per help and has a dividend profit of one.6% gas efficient suv 2013. Automobile Allotment of U.s. does not stipend a dividend. Tenneco remunerate gone 19.7% of its pay in the mannequin of a dividend.

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