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Simply press the button on the remote and walk away while the radio controlled motor does the work for you! Shades are powered by a discrete and easy to use custom rechargeable lithium ion battery which is fully concealed in the headrail. The rechargeable battery is built into the back of the shade at the top. Simply plug the charger into the charging port (pigtail) in the back of the shade and the other side into a standard household outlet to recharge overnight. The charger is black and comes with 156” of wire. No special installation hardware or wiring requirements are needed. The rechargeable battery comes fully charged from the factory. No external battery wand is required to operate the shade. The factory programs the upper and lower limit stops for every shade but does not program channels for rechargeable motors. Channel programming is completed after shade installation.

The average battery charge will last 6-12 months based on an averaged sized shade that’s raised and lowered once per day. The battery can be recharged up to 500 times. It takes approximately 5 hours to recharge the motor when depleted. However, it is best to recharge when the shade starts running slow so as not to lose the programming. If the battery dies and the shade is closed it can be more difficult to pry it open and reset the limit stops.

The solar panel can be mounted to the window casing with supplied brackets or can be mounted directly to the glass using supplied special double stick tape. Solar Panel Location Requirements vary depending on the latitude of your home, angle of the skylight shade and direction the windows face. In general, the more horizontal (flatter)your skylight is, the more southward it faces, and further south of Washing DC you live, the better the solar charger will work. The more vertical, north facing and north of Washington DC you are the more you will have to use the plug in charger.

The remote utilizes one 3V battery (CR2032). Batteries are included. Batteries are under warranty for up to 3 months from date of purchase. Motorized shades installed into windows with metal casings may have a reduced radio frequency range or may not operate at all depending on the application. Don’t let the antenna on the motor touch any metal objects. This may interfere with signals from the remote control. Make sure to leave the top of the shade head rail open (motor exposed) do not cover, especially with metal materials. This could result in a reduced radio frequency range for the remote control or the she shade may not operate at all, depending on the application.

North Solar Screen, LLC. warrants that its window treatments will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for as long as the original residential purchaser owns the product, provided that the product was installed properly and in accordance with the installation instructions. The limited lifetime warranty is extended to the original residential purchaser only, or for the original purchaser of shades installed in commercial, institutional, or multi-tenant facilities in the original window for which it was installed.

The warranty does not include any conditions or damages resulting from accidents, alterations, misuse, abuse, misapplication, improper handling, installation, repairs, operation or cleaning, exposure to any and all natural and manufactured excessive heat sources. (Excessive Heat sources include, but not limited to: magnification of sun light through cubes of glass, heaters of any kind, ovens, candles, lighting fixtures, etc.) This warranty does not cover variation in color, grain, or texture in natural wood products nor excessive warping of wood slats in high humidity areas. Loss of pleating is not covered if the product is not being cycled (held in the raised position a portion of the time). Normal wear and tear is not covered. North Solar Screen, LLC. will not assume responsibility for any labor installation problems, whether measuring or installing,( including NBI and including the installation of in-warranty replacment parts.) We do not employ installers.

All moving parts, such as cords, will eventually wear out and fabric may fray. North Solar Screen, LLC. considers these things as normal wear and tear and residential applications carry a three year limited warranty. All fabric, including fabric vanes, panels, inserts, and shades carry a five year warranty. All wood alloy and faux wood slats carry a five year warranty. Commercial applications carry a five year warranty on both fabric and moving parts.

We reserve the right to request specific pictures/videos detailing the problem to send to our factory for inspection and final decision. We may require you to speak to factory personnel for assistance troubleshooting to determine what parts need replacing or if the product needs to be remade. We are not responsible for the payment of any labor associated with the re-installation of parts or shades. Colors vary from lot to lot and may not exactly match sample swatch, sample book, or previous purchases. Discontinued components or color selections will be replaced with the closest equivalent current product. This shall be your sole remedy under this limited warranty.

Simplicity motors and controls have a 5 year warranty. Specifically, we warrant the Simplicity motors and controls to be free from defect in material and workmanship under normal and proper use for a periods of 5 years commencing with the date stamped on each product. If the Simplicity product fails within this 5 year period, we will repair or replace it free of charge. We will warranty batteries for up to 3 months from date of purchase; batteries are not covered by the 5 year warranty.

If you have trouble with your motor, contact North Solar Screen and let us have you work with Tech Support. If after going through trouble shooting steps, Tech Support tells you you need a replacement motor, let us know. You will be sent a new motor and a label for returning the defective one, using the box the new one is sent to you in. We will take your credit card information, which will only be used if the defective motor does not come back, or if it is found that the motor was damaged by water or other abuse.

This Warranty is exclusive and in lieu of all other obligations, liabilities or warranties. In no event shall North Solar Screen, LLC. or its licensed fabricators or distributors be liable for incidental or consequential damages, or for any other damage, loss or expense, cost or fee associated with such damage. In some states, exclusions for incidental or consequential damages are not allowable.