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The initial point, that I disputed, was that the suburbs in Greater Boston are ‘quiet and boring’. Suburbs are inherently boring. That we both agree on. But, as the initial post suggested (not yours), to insinuate that it’s somehow worse in Boston is simply false. Again, pin your choices here against those in Seattle, or San Diego, or Chicago, and I think they stack up pretty nicely.

I have read people in other city-data subs saying that Boston seems much more focused on the core than in other regions of the US, particularly the south, as regards dining and entertainment. Certainly many of the suburban towns try to keep things quiet. OTOH there is life out there beyond the cul-de-sac. Maynard, Lowell, Newburyport, Beverly, Salem have things going on. West and south maybe quieter? Places that were already urban before the automobile era really changed development patterns have a better chance of being lively today. But it’s not just urban-ness, it’s also how the class and race divisions sort out. So Boston-Brookline-Cambridge-Somerville have a lot of the action, and beyond that Worcester, Lowell, New Bedford, Northampton and a few others. There’s a larger number of urban places that your typical professional class salaried person avoids. Places like Lawrence, downtown Framingham, Southbridge, Lynn, Holyoke and Brockton could be lively; they sure have the bones, but social divisions scare the money away.

I’m Black recently moved out from Boston. Racism will be that bad in that 80% of black and Latino people in this area (most of the Latinos here are Afro-Latino and assume black culture as their own. Aside from Salvadorans in the cities immediately north of Boston) are lower middle class and live in lower middle class/working class areas. This is due to systemic racism in Aniston that excludes mimorities on a civic and economic level far more in Boston than other areas. Black and Latinos are systemically suppressed politically via gerry mandering, strong mayor systems and exclusive town rule. As a result most black are herded INTL a few towns and cities. As a black professional there certainly are others and you will not be alone he you must pick and choose your areas of life so we hear carefully. Throw out the 30 minute commute and make it 45. Now here are your options to live and then options for socializing/shopping.

Quincy- great location. Beaches train. Lots of large apartment complexes. Many small cape single family’s and two family homes. Small and burgeoning black community. 1/3 Asian mostly Chinese and Indian. Revitalizing downtown. Cool shops. Touches Dorchester. South Shore

Dorchester. Huge neighborhood of 110k. West an central Dorchester can be extremely dangerous and gang ridden. But parts of far south Far East and pockets of central Dorchester have amazing homes for a bargain. Lots of African American middle class. Lots of city employees and teachers. Terrible schools. You will have to test into an exam school or go private. Heavy West Indian, Irish and African American cultures.

Framingham-Large city of 75k in Metrowest. Pretty diverse. Small but strong African American community with two baptist churches. Mix of suburban and urban. Had a black female mayor. Solid school system throughout. A very normal and standard town. Relatively affordable. Mostly white and with lots of retail along route 9. South Framingham is cheaper.

Cambridge/Brookline- is it can get into an income restricted unit you can do well here. Very progressive. Multiculturalism and cosmopolitanism are valued here. Cambridge has a much larger black population than Brookline (11% vs. 4%) that is predominately African american and Haitian. Lots of Cukture and quirk in the Central Square area. Brookline and Cambridge have many residents and people are friendly. The proximity to Boston and amenities are reflected in the shocking price tags.

Milton middle and upper middle class about 70% white. 15% black and the rest is a mix. West Milton is a collection of small beautiful single family homes and neat duplexes. I have lots of info on Milton. I enjoy that town very much. Very good public schools. Touches mattapan Randolph Quincy Dorchester and Hyde Park.

Roxbury-Mecca of Black culture in New England. Can be highly dangerous on Dorchester bodet and heart of Roxbury. Experiencing gentrification and yet still has bye highest violent crime levels in the city. Many famous and prestigious African Americans and families live in Fort Hill/Elm Hill and the South End.

Hyde Park Suburban neighborhood at the southern edge of Boston dome crime . Horrible schools and somewhat isolated form downtown. 35k people Overall a pretty area with some rundown spots. Heavily West Indian and Dominican with remnants of Italian and Irsh culture. Lowe rmiddle class pretty much throughout. People who live here are often affiliated with the south shore.

Revere- Very towny Italian/Hispanic area with somewhat below average schools. Very dense. Amazing coastline and some brand new luxury dcindosndown there. 6 miles from downtown. Commute could be horrible but there is a large rapid transit stop via the blue line with a spacious garage. Affordable.

Lynn-Crime. large city of 90k ten miles north of Boston. Majority Hispanic (50%) with a sixeable but shrinking African American community (10-12%). Westblunn headingt into Suggs can be pretty and middle class but is a traffi nightmare and dull