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Thunderbird is a free email application that’s easy to set up and customize. The latest version of Thunderbird is more responsive and faster to start up and use. It comes with a new and better search functionality, with a new message toolbar, a new Add-ons Manager, new Troubleshooting Information page. Speed, performance, stability and security were improved. gas x while pregnant You can now reorder and drag tabs to different windows. 9gag tv The attachment sizes are now displayed along with attachments. The Migration Assistant helps you to set up Thunderbird the way you want. You can also install add-ons from the Migration Assistant like Advanced Folder Columns and Compact Header for your messages display window. The action buttons are tied directly to the message and leave more room in the toolbar for the richer search text box, as well as add-ons.The compact message reader view has been moved into its own extension. You will want for sure to install The Extra Folder Columns extension to keep tabs on the exact count of messages and disk space each folder is using. It’s very easy to setup an e-mail account now and all the information you need to provide is your name, email address, and password. kite electricity generation The email account set-up will wizardry check the database and find the email settings for you. The address book is a great tool with its new one-click feature, a quick and easy way to add people to your address book. You can add people by simply clicking the star icon in the message you receive. Other details, like photos, birthdays and other contact information can be added as simple as that. Another great feature is the attachment reminder, which looks for the word ‘attachment’ in the body of your message and reminds you to add an attachment before hitting the "send" button. mp electricity bill payment So you will have no chance to forget to attach something.

The Quick Filter Toolbar lets you find an email you need faster. Start typing in the words in the search box, and the results will be displayed instantly. Smart Folders help you manage multiple email accounts by combining special folders, like your Inbox, Sent, or Archive folders. static electricity bill nye For example, instead of going to the Inbox for each of your mail accounts, you can compact your emails in one folder. And the most important feature of Thunderbird is that it secures and protects your e-mail. Thunderbird’s popular junk mail tools have been updated to stay free of spam. electricity worksheets high school Each email you receive passes through Thunderbird’s leading-edge junk mail filters. Each time you mark a message as spam, Thunderbird remembers and improves its filtering, so you can save your time. Thunderbird can also use your mail provider’s spam filters to keep junk mail out of your inbox. Also Thunderbird offers support for user privacy. Thunderbird protects you from email scams, which try to trick users to hand over personal and confidential information by indicating a potential fishing attempt. As a second line of defence, Thunderbird warns you when you click on a link which appears to be taking you to a different web site than the one indicated by the URL in the message. It’s great that Thunderbird’s update system checks out to see if you are running the latest version, and notifies you when a security update is available. It’s a good thing that the security updates are small (usually 200KB – 700KB), giving you exactly what you need. gas and water llc Because of this it’s easy and very quick to download and to install the security updates.