Mrs. jorgenson’s 2nd grade electricity cost per kwh by country


Hello Parents and welcome to second grade! My name is Mrs. Jorgenson and I am very happy to be your child’s second grade teacher. It was nice meeting those of you who attended our ice cream social last week. We just completed our first day of school and it was a success. Your child will be coming home with paper work (from the office and a couple of things from me) that need to be filled out and returned right away , thank you for doing so. I have sent home a volunteer sign up sheet it is only to be returned if you are available to volunteer your time I use parent help in our classroom for centers. electricity deregulation choices and challenges We will be starting centers in the beginning of September. I will contact if you are available to help out.

Your second grader will have homework Monday thru Thursday (no homework today 8/6). They will be assigned homework each day and will be responsible for returning it completed the next day. Homework will consist of Math, Reading, and Spelling (this week no spelling homework). Homework assignments will always be written in the planner. Please initial the planner daily so that I know you looked at the planner.We did not write in our planners today (Mon., 8/6-so you do not have to initial the planner tonight). I often leave notes in children’s planners as means of communication.

As I stated in my letter that went home last week at the ice cream social, second grade is a very special year for our students as they prepare for the Sacraments of First Penance and First Holy Communion. electricity in salt water experiment More information about these days will be given out as these dates approach. I just wanted give you the dates now so that you and your family may plan accordingly.

We had a fun and successful Catholic School’s Week. Thank you to all the parents who volunteered to transport kids on Friday from St. Patrick’s Church to OLM–your help is greatly appreciated!! I would also like to congratulate the newest members to our Catholic family..Olivia, Sophia, Ava, and Payson were all baptized this past Friday at our school mass. It was a pleasure to be apart of your special day and a truly beautiful moment watch the four of your receive this sacred sacrament!

Parents please remind your child that it is very important to come to school prepared and ready to learn. Classroom behavior needs improvement..we are in the second half of the school year. electricity vs magnetism Students know what is expected of them-bad behavior will have consequences! Also, I have caught a few students not writing in their planners. This is unacceptable–writing in our planners is apart of our daily morning routine. All students are expected to bring their planner to school everyday and write down whatever information I write on the board!

We have a Math test on Wednesday, January 18th. We began this chapter before Christmas break– we have been learning 2, 5, and 10 times tables. I have expressed to the students how important it is to have these math facts memorized. There are still some students who are struggling with these math facts. I have suggested to the students and a few parents to buy flash cards and have your child review them daily.

This is an important week for our second graders as they will be receiving the Sacrament of Reconciliation. The Penance service will begin at 6p.m. at St. Patrick’s Church. electricity questions grade 9 Please be at the church by 5:45p.m. This is not a mass so the service will be about 45 minutes or so. Have your child dressed in church attire. Also, for those of you who are not Catholic…your child is more than welcomed to join the class for the Penance service. Non-Catholic students are able to receive a blessing from the priest. victaulic t gasket If you choose not to attend the service that is more thank okay.

Reminders, please talk to your child about following class room rules. No talking during class time, raising their hands to get out of their seat, be mindful and respectful to their classmates, to make sure they are taking care of their personal items and most importantly to remember to write their spelling words first thing Monday morning.. It seems like every week I have parents asking me what the spelling words are because their child did not write them down. I have the spelling words on the board Monday morning. When students come into the classroom they are to unpack, sit down, open their planners write their spelling words and their homework for the day, then start their morning work. This has been the routine since the first day of school. Please remind your child to stay focused and to follow class protocol!

We have reached the last week of August and what a busy and exciting week it will be!! This week marks our OLM celebration of its 90th Anniversary. I hope to see all of you at the 90th celebration events that are taking place over the weekend. gas in back symptoms The activities start Friday, September 1st there will be a Golf Tournament. On Saturday, September 2nd there will be a dinner and dance held in our auditorium. To conclude our weekend celebration there is a 10am Mass being held on campus . If you are planning on attending Mass please make sure your child is wearing their school uniform (shorts are permitted at this mass). Following Mass will be our Open House from 11:30am to 1:30. Please come and join in the fun:)

A quick reminder please remember to view planners every night. It is important to review what your child has for homework and I also have children write reminders about happenings on campus in their planners. I may also write a quick note if I have a question or concern for you. If your the planner is not signed your child will sit out 5 minutes of his or her recess! Thank you for your cooperation:)

your child writes in his/her planner everyday. First thing Monday morning your child should be writing down the spelling words on the left side of the planner that is titled Spelling List. From Monday through Thursday they should also be writing down their daily homework that is written on the chalkboard first thing in the morning so that once they enter the classroom and before they start their morning work they are writing what they have for homework that night. Every student is responsible for writing in their planner. Please remember your child is now in second grade and they need become a little more independent and with that independence comes some responsibility. Please make sure to sign the planner week I will be checking every students planner to make sure it is signed. gas x tablets himalaya If their planner is not signed they will sit out 5 minutes of their morning recess. The last two weeks I was a little relaxed with this rule but now that we are entering the the third week I will enforce it. Also, please remind your child that they are at school to learn and while in the classroom they need to abide by my classroom rules… not speak out of turn, do not get out of your seat until you ask permission, keep your hands and feet to yourself!

Math: This week we will have our first math test on Wednesday, August 23rd. We have been learning Place Value for the last two weeks…we will review Monday and Tuesday for the test. Your child will come home on Monday with a study guide this guide is to remain at home for you to study with your child. We will then begin Chapter 2 Addition up to 1,000.