Msa 200 c-bq lithium-ion powered chainsaw stihl usa gas in oil pan


Rated 5 out of 5 by Jacobrules from For the size and weight this is as good as any other chainsaw i’ve used I have wanted one of the MSA 200 saws since they came out last year. Finally got one yesterday and used it for the first time today. I started with a small tree trimming off small dead branches. Moved on to an old dying apricot tree with branches up to 8” in diameter. This saw cut them like butter. I had the whole tree cut into 16” logs in about ten minutes. Comparing this saw to others i’ve used in the same bar length and saw size, this is as good as any I’ve ever used, electric or gas powered. I called my dad just to tell him the next time he’s wood cutting smaller stuff he has to borrow this saw and try it out. If you are cutting logs small enough that you only have to split them once to make firewood this thing is a champ. PLUS you can pick it up overhead and no chainsaw exhaust in your face. Still wood chips though. Lots of chips. Yeah the saw price isn’t too bad, but yeah the battery and charger are expensive. If I had to do it all over again I’d do it in a minute.

Rated 5 out of 5 by Takaraz from Brilliant saw. I run a gardening service business and have found this saw to be excellent. It’s first use was over the Xmas break where I took it camping, I was cutting fire wood about 150 metres from our site and the other guys never heard it. This saw is very capable on the job and has routinely provided me with a more enjoyable day at work, no fumes, low noise. I feel the 1/4 chain dulls down a bit quicker than my 3/8 machines but when there is no cord to pull and warm up periods I feel that makes up the time. My only negative comment really is I had to take it back(after 3 months) as it did show an error code but the saw did fire up again after about 5 mins and let me finish the jobMy dealer contacted me ASAP with the diagnostics results and it’s was apparently only a switch in the throttle trigger. Completely covered under warranty. I own the hla65, fsa90r, bga85, hta85,hsa86 and a few ap300 battery’s aswell and have been using these constantly while leaving my older 2 stroke tools in the shed as plan B.I was surprised with the error code but given my past experiences with the range I see it a very minor issue and since it did fire up again and allow me to finish I can’t complain at all . If my carb was fouled or I simply snapped a pull cord that would be expected in the word of petrol and probably mean it’s the end of that tools day.I probably will never purchase another 2 stroke tool again. POWER ON

Rated 5 out of 5 by JPH45 from This chainsaw, even though battery powered, is a tiger! I have a typical 1/3 acre subdivision lot but many trees of all sizes that seem to always require attention…sometimes major and most times minor. I decided to pick up this chainsaw when I had a small tree to take down or to cut up a large branch which might fall in a windstorm. I figured that it would be easier to "fire up" with no gas, etc. to fool with. I had a small tree on a hilly part of my lot that I needed to remove. So I fired up my new chainsaw and it was really surprising. It cut through the tree like butter. In no time, the tree was down and cut into chunks and into 35 gallon refuse cans for the trash man to remove. I believe that this is an ideal tool for homeowners who have occasional need for a small chainsaw for maintenance of their treed lot. No worries about "Why won’t it start". Just charge the battery and it’s a 100% guarantee every time that it will start "no problem" and get the job done.

Rated 5 out of 5 by H2K2 from Better quality than the competitors – Stihl gets it right This is a surprisingly good chain saw. I just did not want to buy a saw that I would use occasionally for small trees and limbs and to have to deal with storing and mixing gas and all of the maintenance and start up required to keep the saw in order. Now, when I want to cut something, grab the saw, cut, and store the saw. The battery system seems very stable, The charger and extended battery work hand in hand to keep the battery ready to go, but not overcharge it. Pull the battery out of the charger, and pop it in the saw and you are running. If you need to transport the saw and battery without the charger, there is a back-out position of the battery so that it is in the saw’s battery sleeve, but not making contact. There are some nice safety features that you would expect from Stihl – like the chain brake – which are very easy to engage/disengage and well thought out.I paid more for this than for competitive products, but like I said, Stihl just seems to get it right.