Mud did not fulfill contractor’s request to refresh gas line markings before m’s pub fire _ money _ omaha. com

MUD says its crew already had marked gas lines earlier in December, when the contractor made a previous request for utility lines in the area to be identified with paint, flags or other markings. Electricity and magnetism quiz questions (The other utilities marked their lines at that time, too, they say.)

Ratepayer-owned MUD said instead of responding in person to the Dec. K electric jobs 30 request, it called the contractor — North Central Service of Bemidji, Minnesota — by cellphone on Jan. E payment electricity bill mp 4.

MUD spokeswoman Tracey Christensen said a North Central representative listed as the onsite contact for the Omaha project told the utility that new markings weren’t needed after all, so the utility’s employee considered the case closed.

Had the worker shown up, he might have realized the M’s Pub gas line was possibly not marked correctly in the first place, from the early-December request when MUD says it did report to the site to mark its lines. Gas arkansas The State Fire Marshal’s Office, in a draft investigative report obtained this month by The World-Herald, has said MUD didn’t sufficiently mark its lines in the area. 1940 gas station photos One marshal investigator went so far as to say in his report: “The (gas) service line was not marked!”

MUD’s failure to revisit the site also raises other questions about the process that contractors digging near potentially hazardous underground lines must follow to alert utilities of their digging — and the laws surrounding the utilities’ response.

For instance: After a contractor’s front office has made a formal request for utilities to mark — or remark — lines in an excavation area, can the contractor’s onsite contact wave off the utility, as MUD says the North Central worker did just days ahead of the line strike and subsequent fire?

Whether a return MUD visit might have averted the gas-fueled fire might never be known. Gas jewelry But the handling of the request to refresh markings in front of M’s Pub is another example of the utility’s actions in the runup to the fire — and its response to the fire after its gas line was struck — that suggest a workforce operating under policies that aren’t cut and dried.

The details on the refresh response come in light of the State Fire Marshal’s Office’s investigatory report contending that MUD did not, in the first place, sufficiently identify or mark the pipeline that ultimately was hit.

Before excavators dig, state law requires them to notify utilities by using the “One-Call” system: They contact 811 and then companies — OPPD, MUD, the city and Cox, among them — are notified of a request to locate their infrastructure in the area.

But a World-Herald review of related 811 records shows that underground utility and cable operators are not uniformly carrying out the 1994 law designed to avoid service interruption and to protect Nebraskans from dangers inherent in dig and drill projects.

Variances make it tough for an average citizen to find out whether all underground lines indeed are marked before an excavation project is launched.

And the Fire Marshal’s Office, which is charged with overseeing and enforcing the one-call notification law, interprets parts of it differently from some excavators and utilities, said Val Snyder, chairman of the state 811 One Call board.

“There is just too much gray matter in there,” said Snyder, who said he is part of an effort to update the law during the 2017 Legislative session.

A lawyer for North Central, the contractor that hit the M’s Pub gas line during the fiber-optic network expansion project, said he would not comment for this story because of pending litigation. Electricity year 6 The company has said in legal filings that it didn’t do anything wrong.

Fuzziness on excavation projects starts at the 811 call-before-you-dig website, which says markings that identify underground utilities are valid for 10 days. Electricity dance moms Actual language of the law is not as clear, though.

State statutes say a digger shall notify the 811 center at least two full business days, but not more than 10 business days, before the project starts. Shell gas credit card 5 (That notice is then sent immediately to utility, cable and other companies that have property in the excavation area.) Recipients are to respond no later than two business days, or at a time mutually agreed to by the parties.

Markings on any permanent surface are supposed to last a minimum of 10 business days, says the law, which continues: “If the excavation will continue for longer than five business days, the operator shall remark or re-identify the location of the underground facility upon the request of the excavator.”

In the case of the M’s Pub site, more than 10 business days had passed since MUD and other underground operators marked their properties in response to the earlier ticket that North Central submitted to the hotline on Dec. Grade 9 electricity test 9.

OPPD said it went back to the pub area on Dec. Quadcopter gas motor 31. Electricity 101 video “We did physically go to the site and we repainted our markings,” said spokeswoman Jodi Baker.

Said Cox spokeswoman Beth Weiss: “We respond to every request … 3 gases so, yes, there was a second physical visit to the location to check to ensure that the original markings from the first visit were accurately still in place.”

MUD’s Christensen, on the other hand, said the utility’s workers who mark its gas and water lines “don’t have to go back out every 10 days unless asked by the excavators.” She reiterated that the MUD line locater called North Central and was told that MUD “did not need to refresh the area in front of 11th and Howard.”

Snyder, the 811 board chairman, said it’s an “accepted practice” for operators to rely on such a comment from an excavator who says a refresh is not necessary. Electricity generation by source by country Snyder also is a damage-prevention supervisor for Kearney-based Tall Grass Energy, which offers natural gas transportation and storage services.

“As an underground operator, we rely a lot on what the excavator tells us,” he said. Static electricity in the body effects “For lack of better words, it’s a gentlemen’s agreement.”

Current law also doesn’t require participation in an online ticket check process that provides a public record of whether lines indeed were marked.

With regard to the Dec. Electricity tower vector 30 ticket, a few companies’ statuses showed up as “Does not participate in ticket check.” When asked how the public knows if those companies’ properties indeed were marked, Geyer said a person would have to call the operator or excavator to find out.

Snyder said the 811 board is seeking a law change that would mandate participation in the online ticket check program. Electricity sound effect mp3 free download It also is seeking to clarify the 10-day validity period of location markings, he said.