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I am a solo female traveller and I wanted to hike Mount Mulanje during my stay in Malawi. I had contacted gas prices in michigan a few guides that I found through the different reviews online on TripAdvisor and Yamikani was the first to answer. We communicated through Whatsapp to plan the trip. He was very available and we messaged back and forth to plan the trip. We agreed that I would have a guide and a cook/porter that would be arranged for three days. He arranged for a driver to pick me up from Mulanje town given that it was quite late and the mountain is approximately 15-20 minutes away. It was very v gashi 2015 much appreciated! I stayed the night at the CCAP Likhubula Lodge at the base of the mountain before we began the hike the next day. I had broken my charging wire for my phone and Yamikani helped me buy a new one before we started the hike so that I could take pictures. We began the hike around 10AM after we managed to find me a wire in town. The first hike was on Skyline Road. We took breaks when needed, drank water from gas in dogs the streams and his cook Gani had prepared me snacks and lunch (a sandwich with fruit). We reached the first lodge which was Chisepo Lodge before it got dark. The next day, we woke up early in the morning to hike up Sapitwa. I had asked if it was possible to watch the sunrise from the summit. We agreed to wake up at 2AM and we hiked up until 5:30AM. I strongly encourage that only people who are experienced hikers to climb up early in the morning. The path is not easy and the rocks are quite slick. If you don’t have proper equipment or are not physically fit, I recommend you go during the day at an easy pace. Yamikani was great in finding the right paths despite the dark. We managed to reach Sapitwa summit gas jeans usa and watched the sunrise (as you can see in the pictures!). He was patient during the climb down electricity in water pipes. My shoes had worn out and torn on the side so the way down was a bit difficult. We managed to reach the cabin around 8:30AM. Breakfast was ready when I reached the lodge and we rested before moving onto our next destination, Chumba Lodge. Walk was much easier than Sapitwa. During the last day, we walked down to the waterfall and I swam in the pool. We stayed a few hours and had lunch near the waterfall which was nice. We reached the CCAP Lodge early afternoon and I had left for town afterwards. All in all, Yamikani and Gani were very professional, efficient and chill! I really enjoyed having them as my guides and porters! The food was always hot, ready and on time. I had wholesale electricity prices by state an excellent time with them! Some small pieces of advice for those who want to hike: The lodges up in the mountains may not have electricity (which was true u gas hampton in my case for every lodge. Bring headlamps, extra batteries and an external charger. The lodges don’t always have equipment for cooking so check with your guide if you need any utensils, pots, pans if you decide to bring your own food. Water is very available. I personally drank it filtered or boiled but I was told it is safe to drink. You can wash yourself bucket style at the end of the day at the lodge. You can have hot water which is boiled in a kettle on the fire if you need it. Another thing, be sure to bring warm clothing. The summit isn’t so high (3002m) but the weather is incredibly unpredictable up at the summit and in the mountains day and night. It hailed, rained and thunder showered while I was there. I was happy to have my windbreaker, long underwear and wool socks. Yamikani +265884545088 5 gas laws