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The Molokai Mule Ride was one of the best vacation adventures we have ever done. The mules are well trained and know their job well, which is to take you down the switchback trail on the 1,700 foot sea cliffs. If you haven’t ridden a mule or horse before, be prepared to be a little sore, but please trust me – it is 100% worth it! My mule was named Lahi Lahi, and my wife’s mule was Buster Brown. The trek takes about an hour and a half each way. Once you reach the foot of the cliffs, you then can take a tour of of the leper colony, which is quite interesting. The view of the beach and ocean and cliffs from here is stunning, and unforgettable. The tour also provides lunch at the original location where victims of leprosy were sent ashore, and I simply cannot express how beautiful it is here. You must see it to believe it. Be sure to save your mayonaisse packets (provided with lunch) to feed the ferel cats here – they love the stuff! We spent 16 days on 3 Hawaiian islands hp gas online booking mobile number in July 2008, and this was one of the best days of the whole trip. We give it our highest possible recommendation! If you can stand a total of 3 hours on muleback, please take advantage of this tour. More Show less

Last year we took the ferry over to Molokai and did the van land tour. We were intrigued with the mule ride down to Father Damien’s leper colony. Ran out of time last year, but this year we did it! WOW! This is a must do for those coming to Maui. This tour fills up fast, so prior planning is a must. It usually fills up about a week in advance due to the fact there are only 4 staff and 16 guests. You have three ways of starting the tour. Check-in at the barn is between 8-8:10 am. The ferry from Lahaina harbor will get you there too late for the same day, so if you want to do the ferry, you’ll have to overnight on Molokai. Note; The Ranch Lodge has closed. Option two is to fly out of the West gas up asheville Maui Airport on Paragon Air. My recommendation is don’t do it. I have read numerous reviews on this site, and checked out Paragon Air on the BBB site, and it’s not good. Don’t go there. You’re on vacation and don’t need the stress. Option three is the best. Drive to Kahalui Airport, park your car ($7 all day), and get a ticket on Pacific Wings Express (about $100 RT), or one of the other airlines flying from Kahalui (OGG) to the Hoolehua or Molokai Airport (MKK). Rent a car (we did Budget for about $40). Drive to the barn. Some tour agencies advertise gas near me cheap their van will pick you up from the airport and transport you to the barn, but reviews have shown sometimes it’s unreliable. Rent a car, it’s about the same price for any other transportation available there….ask Bubba Roy, the leader of the mule ride. He’ll confirm that. If you get the rental car, there’s only a couple of places to get gas (it’s close). The person at the rental car desk can give you directions. The island is small. You won’t get lost. Our flight was very early (6:15 am) out of Kahalui, so got to the Molokai Airport at 6:40 am. Drive to Coffees of Hawaii and get a breakfast sandwich and a cup of fine Molokai coffee. Your on the road to the mule ride…only a few minutes away. At the barn, you’ll be given a briefing and a mule. Remember the name of the mule, it’s important. Each rider’s stirrups will be adjusted, and you’re good to go. Follow the mule in front of you, and trust your mule. He’s done it a few times. The trail is steep in many places, hairpin swithbacks and gets a bit scarey at times, but oh so much fun! Look at the video I posted and pixs. Going down takes about 45 minutes, going up about an hour. At the bottom, you get on an OLD bus (29 years old) and you tour Father Damien’s leper colony. Population at the colony about 120, with 26 of that being leper patients. Go now, because once the lepers are gone, things are going to change. The original site of the leper colony was the location for filming Jurassic Park 2 and 3, so take pictures gas vs diesel cars and video. It’s here that you will eat a light lunch. Ham and cheese sandwich, chips, drink and a candy bar. You can bring drinks and snacks along, but you probably won’t be able to eat or drink on the trail because of the bouncy ride and perhaps….FEAR! Just kidding….. Once back at the barn, you are given the option of buying a picture of you and your mule, along with the standard touristy items relating to the operation and tour. The tour got over at about 2:30 pm. Our flight left at 5:45 pm, so we just drove around a bit and visited some of the same stores we visited last year. Good ice cream store I believe is called Dave’s…. Fun, informative trip, and I agree the top attraction on Molokai. Make it a point to tour the leper colony, because change is coming. Don’t miss out. Aloha

The most memorable experience on the island of Molokai (Hawaii) is taking the mule ride down to the Kalaupapa National Historical Park. It was there that some 8000 persons with leprosy were isolated and there that Father Damien pioneered for the care and dignity of those afflicted with this tragic disease. You start about 1600 feet above the peninsula, astride mules electricity flow diagram down a very bumpy ride ( it’s better going back up). The 26 switchback trails offer some spectacular views. (We went in mid-March – great weather.) At the bottom, (you must have reservations to go into the area, either with the Mule Ride or park service) you go aboard an old school bus for a tour of the two areas: Kalaupapa, where patients still live, and the original site at Kalawao. It is a marvelous tour. Those going with the Mule Ride are provided with a box lunch. This is not cheap price (think of the insurance that the Mule Ride must pay) but it is WELL worth the price. If you are a Hawaii resident, you get a kamaaina rate. The Molokai Mule Ride is a must for historical buffs and anyone who wants to see spectacular scenery along with a unique mode of travel. P.S. You will probably be sore for 3 days so it is nice to enjoy a day off at whatever hotel or condo you are staying at.

I went on the Molokai Mule Ride in March/07. It has taken a while to write this review, but it was an exceptional journey. You should prepare for this by reading about Father Damien, and the people who have lived on Kalaupapa; it will make your journey much more interesting. Roy, Buzzy, and all of the team at the Mule Ride were wonderful (particularly Roy, who took great pains to make sure that I got there, despite an initial cancellation because of very bad weather). The mule ride is spectacular and electricity demand scary, but not to be missed! The muleskinners are excellent guys and the mules know exactly what they are doing; you just have to relax. The views are extraordinary. Once you have arrived on the beach, you are able to tour the settlement and take in all of the history. We saw whales breaching while we were eating our picnic lunch. When you ride back up, you are amazed by all that you have seen, and your mule is working hard to bring you back home! One of my two most amazing memories of Hawaii.