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tr td padding 8px Frequently Asked Questions in connection with Advanced Integrated Course on Information Technology and Soft Skills AICITSS and Advanced IT Course and Test there under Note 1 The words Final Old course in this document refer to the Final course being held under the syllabus approved GST rates for specified items for Physically Challenged Persons

Some questions are raised about GST rates fixed for specific devices for physically challenged persons This matter is explained herein below Assistive devices and rehabilitation aids for physically challenged persons listed below have been kept at the concessional 5 GST rate Braille writers and brai PM addresses gathering on the occasion of CA Day

The Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi today addressed a large gathering in New Delhi on the occasion of Chartered Accountants Day In an address seen live across multiple locations throughout the country on the first day of the roll out of Goods and Services Tax the Prime Minister described Chartered IPC taxation paper bifurcated in two sections

It may be observed that currently Paper 4 Taxation of Intermediate IPC examination covers questions from both Direct and Indirect Taxes Candidates are required to write their answers thereon on a single answer book It has now been decided to bifurcate the above mentioned Paper 4 Taxation of Intermed Ordinance passed by govt empowering RBI to tackle NPA

The promulgation of Banking Regulation Amendment Ordinance 2017 will lead to effective resolution of stressed assets particularly in consortium or multiple banking arrangements The Ordinance enables the Union Government to authorize the Reserve Bank of India RBI to direct banking companies to resolv

Kindly give me the answer of these three questions asap1 Market players who would tend to buy Commercial paper to enhance their returns would be a Public sector Banks b primary dealerc Insurance companies d Money market mutual funds2 RBI governor reduced the SLR by 50bps As a bond trader what should

what is the dissolution process of multiple HUF created in past year and whether capital of such HUF will be transferred to beneficiary only 100 or the all the members in ratio mutually decided by them Further after dissolution how to apply for pan card cancellation to income tax department

A SERVICE PROVIDER providing services from his head office in Delhi He has his branch office in Uttarakhand from where he is providing same service Whether office in Delhi and office in Uttarakhand are establishment of distinct persons Whether he is required to obtain one registration in Delhi and o

Can we take multiple registrations in a single premises under GST Act For example i have a Premises Warehouse in Karnataka and sellers from other states wants to sell their goods in Karnataka and they also want to take registration in Karnataka so can they are all take registration in one premises K

The startup culture is full of people who try to want to but are not able to get their business up from scratch The reason for this is a number of entrepreneurs dont know the process of taking their venture from point A to point B The point A is this brilliant idea they have and B is the consequent

Hello everyone I am writing this article in reference to my previous article called ICAI Campus Interviews The experience where in the comments a member said that she was more interested to know about the questions and answers pertaining to my interview rather than general questions In the panel the

Sometimes we only think think and think But when we think and our thinking gets converted into action execution then we see positive results Your positive thinking when combined with positive action result in success Some questions you have to ask yourself and find answers 1 Whether I take any step

Buying a car is always exciting irrespective of the number of the cars bought in past and the queries pertaining to the features of car are also equally exciting Along with understanding the elements performance and highlights of the model you must ask the following questions in case the car is bein

1 What are final GST rate slabs The Goods and Services Tax GST will be levied at multiple rates ranging from 0 percent to 28 percent GST Council finalized a four tier GST tax structure of 5 12 18 and 28 with lower rates for essential items and the highest for luxury and de merits goods that would al