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“We look forward to working cooperatively with the Administration to implement the legislation that will be needed to achieve savings, as we did two years ago when we worked with the last Administration to cut the unfunded pension liability by putting the New Jersey Lottery into the pension system,” said Sweeney, D-Gloucester/Salem/Cumberland.

“I am gratified to see the governor adopt one of our major recommendations, but yoga gas relief pose this is just one part of a comprehensive solution to our state’s fiscal crisis,” Sweeney said. “We will be facing a $4 billion budget shortfall in less than four years unless we act quickly to adopt the full range of the Economic and Fiscal Policy Workgroup’s recommendations, including development of a hybrid pension system for new public sector hires and those with less than five arkansas gas prices years of service, and a shift from Platinum-Plus to Gold-level healthcare plans.”

“New Jersey has the highest property taxes, the nastiest business climate, and one of the worst public pension debts in the country. Unless we get spending under control now, this state will continue to free-fall without a parachute towards a full economic collapse,” Pennacchio said. “Instead of having a fire sale of our assets, let’s look at responsible ways to solve our fiscal crisis. Racinos in Yonkers have sent back more than $1.5 billion to New York electricity lyrics State. New Jersey should be next.”

“Why would the governor even consider selling off state assets, when there are other solutions on the table? A one-time fire sale is not a long-term solution,” Pennacchio added. “Raising taxes and tolls will only force more businesses and commuters out of the state. Bringing racinos to New Jersey is an innovative way to help fund the state pension.

Diane Murphy I agree Murphy ever since hes been the governor all he did was raised taxes gas tax 24 Sense Endthen a week later for more sense everything he needs to go the only thing that got him in that was the marijuana law which still Has not passed It’s getting ridiculous It is ridiculous But then again that’s a Democrat gas nozzle icon they just care But hes His making pockets fat all they want to do is cause problems for the United States he wants to give illegals driver’s license gas house you got to be kidding Li we don’t need no more people in our country and this moron while will give them driver’s license this way making go to and from the doctors with their children and making go to work I legally and will flip the bill on that to as he ever stop and And thank about if we didn’t have all the illegales in our state we’d have tax dollars close they work I legally and don’t pay taxes a round up all the E legals gas after eating salad and make them pay tax day you go or get the funk out we have enough problems in our country never mind our state to worry about he is just a moron he needs to go he should be in peached I’m so happy I did vote for him I seen him common a bunch up bullship the only thing he did was to get himself elected was like I said the marijuana law which still has not passed and even with that now probly make a billion dollars a year on tax and it still won’t be enough Reply