Mustang bullitt style pedal covers – manual (94-04 all) – free shipping a gas station near me


Hi, I’m Justin with and I’m checking out these Bullitt style pedal covers for all 94-04 Mustangs. As you’re probably aware the stock pedals are certainly not designed to give you any style points, they’re boring, ugly, and chances are could probably use a little TLC. That’s where these really shine, the pedal covers give your interior an instant boost in bravado and character, drawing on inspiration from the 2001 Bullitt. These pedals were designed to factory specs using OEM quality materials. Now the install can prove slightly difficult but with a little patience, and a little help from our customer review section, you’ll have these on in no time. Now depending on your car you’ll either need to order the automatic set which includes the gas, brake, and dead pedal, like we have installed on our V6 back there, or you’ll need to order the manual set which includes the gas, brake, clutch, and dead pedal. For the install you’ll want to start by removing your factory dead pedal, you actually want to pry it out of there, don’t be shy, you might actually break the two clips that hold it into place, but don’t worry about it, you’re not going to reuse them anyway. After that reinstall the Bullitt dead pedal, and snap it into place using your foot. As for the brake and clutch pedal a lot of you guys on the site have recommended soaking the rubber inserts in hot or boiling water for a few minutes to soften the rubber up, thus making the install a lot easier. Now when it comes time to install the accelerator it might be a little bit more difficult but not that bad, if you need a little help simply follow along with the video, or reference the install instructions on this page. Install itself should take you about 30 minutes but if it takes you a little bit more, don’t worry about it, the important thing is you get everything done right. In the end these pedal covers are a great inexpensive way to upgrade the interior of your Mustang giving it a much cleaner, sportier appearance, and they can be found right here at

The pedals are of fair quality. The dead pedal is a breeze to install, just get something (screwdriver) between the mounting bracket and the pedal cover and pry up to release the holding clips. Ensurse that you get the remanents of the old pedal holding clips (if they broke during removal) out of the mounting bracket. To install the new pedal sit in the seat and press the pedal in the bracket with your foot. The clutch and brake pedal covers are not too difficult. Start with putting the top of the pedal cover over the pedal and work the underside of the pedal cover to fit over the pedal. I am not too wild about the fit for both pedal covers have movement when installed, yet they seem to be secure. The accelerator pedal is the most challenging yet is not too difficult. To remove the old pedal (if you do not intend on keeping it !!!) just grap the top of the pedal and pull it toward the rear of the car, the mounting holes in the pedal will be torn releasing the pedal leaving behind the spline fastener. I sprayed this fastener with penetrating oil and let it soak for a few minutes. To remove the fastener I used Vise grips in a lever motion to extract the fastener. The hardware I used to install the new pedal was a 8/32 screw 1 1/2" long, with flat washers, lockwasher, and nut. Seems like a lot yet with patience and about one hour it can be done.