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Roughly two weeks following the release of the popular French comedy, the Ford Mustang once again appeared on the silver screen in the James Bond flick, Goldfinger. It may have been just one scene in the near-two-hour classic, but the chase/race that saw a 007’s Aston Martin lock horns with Tania Mallett’s 1964.5 Mustang Convertible, was nothing short of epic.

Mustang Eleanor played an important role in the 1974 independent film-turned-cult classic Gone in Sixty Seconds, as well as the 2000 remake with the same title. gas jeans usa In the original movie, Mustang Eleanor was a Medium Yellow Gold customized 1971 Fastback (depicted as a 1973 pony car). More than 25 years later, Mustang Eleanor was reimagined as a striking, Dupont Pepper Grey 1967 Mustang Fastback (depicted as a Shelby GT500) with a 351 cubic inch, 400-horsepower-producing engine.

In order to best understand the overwhelming notoriety of both films and the two vehicles that helped make them famous, it is important to understand all aspects of Eleanor and how she grew in popularity. electricity per kwh This article thoroughly examines both Mustang Eleanor models and details their respective impacts on the classic car community and the Restomod industry at large.

The tensions resulting from the oil embargo abroad and a host of new emissions laws back home brought about major changes to the automotive industry, including ones felt throughout the Ford Motor Company. The five-year stretch from 1974-1978, better known as the Mustang II era, is a period of time in which many pony car fans choose to forget.

Two separate Mustang Eleanor models were used for filming the 1974 flick, with one partaking in the vigorous stunt driving scenes, and the other for exterior and interior shots. electricity bill nye Both Eleanor builds retain their 1971 front bumpers and valance panels but were facelifted with 1973 model grilles. gas monkey The lower body side of each vehicle received a blackout treatment and closely resembled Mach 1 Mustang models of the time.

Medium Yellow Gold is the official color given to the original Mustang Eleanor, but in reality, the cars used for the movie were painted school bus yellow in order to save a few bucks. Halicki might have pinched pennies on the paint color, but he made up for it when it came time to modify the stunt Eleanor Mustang for all of those flashy maneuvers.

In 1995, Halicki’s widow, Denice Shakarian Halicki, began to collaborate with Bruckheimer and Toucstone Pictures to produce a remake of her late husband’s 1974 cult classic. Five years later, the remake with the same title, starring Nicholas Cage and Angelina Jolie, grossed over $230,000,000 worldwide, which was far greater than the film’s $90,000,000 budget.

Sena and Bruckheimer’s thriller was similar to the original film, only this time around, the lead character, Memphis Raines (Cage) and company, had to steal 50 cars in a short amount of time. gas x breastfeeding side effects The 50 vehicles in which Cage and his team were tasked with seizing featured a pair of Aston Martins, a quintet of Ferraris, and a Dodge Viper Coupe GTS among others, but the crew saved one particular car for last.

A heavily-modified 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback (depicted as a Shelby GT500) represented “Eleanor” in the 2000 remake of Gone in Sixty Seconds. Cage’s character tried and failed to steal Eleanor several times, which led him to believe that the vehicle was cursed. Some of the finest automobiles in the world made up the list of targeted cars, but it is easy to see as to why the Eleanor Mustang stood out from the pack.

Renowned automotive designer Steve Stanford produced a concept drawing for the latest Eleanor project, and thanks to the hard work and dedication by the team at CVS, the ultimate, high-performance movie Mustang was born. The 1967 Fastback (outfitted as a Shelby GT500) features a customized front-end, with aftermarket lights, fender flares, and side scoops/skirts, as well as hood and trunk lids among other features.

Speaking of the head of the car, the team at CVS replaced the stock front suspension with a coilover spring setup. electricity 80s song In order to achieve top performance in those chase/stunt scenes, the Mustang Eleanor 1967 build was also equipped with a power rack & pinion steering system and a quartet of brake discs were installed on all four 17” x 8” Cobra Style Wheels.

Diehard fans of the movie are free to invest in special Mustang Eleanor kits that contain all of the exterior parts & accessories required to turn an average First Generation build into an exact replica from the film. Thanks to the magic of an Eleanor Mustang kit, you can pretend that you are Memphis Raines every day of the year! (Although) we strongly recommend that you obey all traffic laws and do not attempt any of the stunts from the movie).