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IMPORTANT! Overuse of the ONLY most powerful powers will result in blurry vision and a crippled head but this can take a few mins of continuous use to take effect, which should NOT kill you unless your using a mod the changes headshots etc (for example Stop Time will cause this)

Enemies WILL use most powers against you, but use them when they see fit If they have them. Sometimes you can kill them before they use them, other times they use them as soon as they spot you depending on how much practice they have with their powers and how well they can control them

Essentially its a save and load script, if used in inventory it may not work correctly so be sure to hotkey the items and not be in a menu when using. To use again, unequip "mark time" and ONLY use "reverse time" AFTER you have equipped "Mark time" again and made a "mark" otherwise you may just be reset to the main menu or the game may glitch out (bug)

(warning sometimes stop time doesn’t work if you use vats when time is stopped, as the vats has a build in effect to change the time scale so it will jump start time again and youll need to unequip all other powers and use time stop again to fix it)

20. Ethereal: Invincible until you perform an action, secondary ability is phasing. To phase through a door (and some thin walls as long as there is some ground on the other side) So to phase, first move as close to the door as possible, equip phasing and use the grenade throw button to fire directly forwards, you should appear on the other side of the door and as long as the wall is thin, you can also phase through it, can fall outside the map if used against a door or wall that has nothing on the other side

23. Invisibility: Cloaking effect and can not be detected even when standing and running, enemies will fire and throw grenades in your direction but cant actually see you to lock on making it very hard for them to hit you. To make up for this powerful ability you take 10pts radiation damage per second, so its only good for sneaking in and attacking enemies quickly. Also if you have already been detected and attacked and engage this power they will still shoot at you until they lose LOS then you should be able to attack them again in a few seconds without being spotted

27. Super Senses: Thermal Vision (highlights enemies with glowing red, and everything else appears cold) Sense Weakness (show enemies level, stats and weakness in vats) and super hearing (gives Perception of 10 and sees enemies through walls) and night vision

28. New Power: Physics Manipulation: Reflect bullets (Reflects 99% of bullets back on attacker) , Reduce damage resistance (offensive power, reduces armour rating by 500, endurance by 5 and slows down their speed and attack speed, basically makes armour rating useless for 10 seconds)

30. Plasma (not vanilla, had new effects) 2 types, high energy red plasma bolt with no explosion, powerful for killing large or single targets, seconds is plasma cloak (enemies that get close are struck by tentacles of plasma emitted from the wearer, ONLY effects hostile and ONLY works when already in combat, has new visual effects)

36. Stone Skin, New visual effect, increases carrying weight, endurance, and damage resistance, also reducing staggering and reduced chance to be knocked down by explosions, and hand to hand skills as well as melee skills. Slows down the user and their attacks while equipped

37. Distortion, Creates a cluster of dimensional explosions on target that and randomly explode nearby causing a continuous rain of distortions in space time which inflict energy damage, lasts about 5 seconds, Can harm the user if not used skilfully (has new visuals and cluster type effect) Good for taking out larger numbers of enemies but can also hit you if your unlucky, also contains a defensive ability to protect against some distortion effects damage

38. Water Manipulation. Main effect, when equipped and completely submerged in water, your body turns into water and you can breathe underwater, swim at super speed, regenerate to max almost instantly and are almost impossible to target. Secondary attack creates a fountain of water that erupts from the ground causing nearby enemies to be flung in the air

Sends a shockwave from the player in all directions. Two types, Concussion which throws enemies but does little damage, and does little damage to the player. Or Nuclear, does huge damage but also causes a percentage of that damage to the player.

44. Homing Sprites, Works like a gun instead of a grenade, first aim and wait for the red triangle to appear on the target, then fire to launch 4 sprites that will follow the target wherever he goes or runs to. They are very slow but hard to shake off

45. Sludge Power, works like a mine. Place and a green energy field appears, when an enemy triggers it they will get covered in sticky sludge that slows their movement to almost non existent until they can escape, may not affect high strength enemies

46. Nature Powers, First is a bug swarm that works the same as Homing sprites, Lock on and fire when ready, then the swarm will follow them and harass them, staggering them while you fight, 2 is a wall of vines and trees, to help block off a path, 3 is a new effect where vines appear from the ground and grab the target, immobilising them by holding them in place. They can still attack, but cant escape the vines

When equipt you appear as someone your enemies know, if you attack they will fight back, but you can walk among raiders and other enemies without being spotted. Doesn’t work when already in combat, you will have to hide and wait until your "hidden" before using it again

50. Power manipulation Resistance, you have high resistance to enemy offensive powers. Many powers will have no effect at all, this only effects base damage. For example, getting hit by poison powers will ignore base damage but other effects such as the poison will still leak through. Or being hit by telekinesis will do no damage but you will still be throw down. Also does not work against strong powers such as nuclear shockwave as its just far too powerful

53. Magnetism Manipulation, when used against enemies it will crush enemies if they are wearing metal armor (including power armour, army helmets ect), breaking their limbs and causing massive damage. Has a separate version to use against robots, but doesn’t work against synths. Also makes lockpicking much easier, as long as you have the correct perks to unlock that level lock since just because you can use this power to turn locks doesn’t mean you have the knowledge to know how to work it

85. Possession, when used on an enemy, you take full control, and your old body appears next you you. Should only be used on humans and synths. (Does not change Physical appearance, so will need to use shapeshifting to change visual appearance)

104. Breaching, you can create portals which you can then fast travel to by equipping the secondary item. Max 2 portals at once for mark and recall type effect. Also can target an enemy and send them to the portal, so if you set up some traps you can teleport them to one of your two portal locations and obliterate them (all new visual effects as portals)