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This additional sugar, however, has produced an unintended consequence: sugar triggers the release of a brain chemical called dopamine that regulates our sense of reward when we engage in a desirable behavior. chapter 7 electricity The excess dopamine creates a weak addiction to sugar, which then leads to overconsumption, contributing to our current obesity epidemic and the rise in health problems like heart disease or Type 2 diabetes. This is especially alarming among children: thirty years ago Type 2 diabetes was unheard of among children — today there are over 55,000 diagnosed pediatric cases.

For both you and your family’s general and dental health, you should consider ways to reduce your sugar intake: purchase and eat most of your food from the “outer edges” of your supermarket — meats, dairy, and fresh vegetables and fruits (which do contain the sugar fructose, but are mostly fiber that slows the liver’s processing of the sugar); limit processed foods with added sugar, and learn to recognize its inclusion in products by reading ingredients labels. You should also be wary of sweetened beverages such as sodas, sports drinks, teas or juices, and try to drink more water.

Dr. Spratling has been my sons’ dentist since we moved here 7 years ago! His office is always clean and staff is always friendly! There is an "arcade room" to entertain the kids while you wait; however, I’ve never had to wait longer than about 5 minutes after arrival. electricity usage by state I have 3 sons and they make the appointments together, which is extremely convenient for me. They are usually in the office for about 30 minutes, which is magnificent for 3 patients!! I love that he talks to my sons versus just speaking to me about what’s going on with their dental hygiene! He never does unnecessary procedures. I’ve gone to another pediatric dentist in town and every time we’ve gone, at least one of them needed some unnecessary procedure. I highly recommend this office!! His colleague is Dr. Brantley and from what I’ve heard, he’s also excellent!! So no matter who choose, you’ll be pleased!!

This office is great! My kids were new patients & I called to schedule a 6mo cleaning/exam w/ a 4pt screen for school. electricity meaning During scheduling I expressed the concern of my daughter having a toothache. electricity in salt water They got both my kids in right away and also took care of my daughter’s tooth the same day! She does well at the dentist so even though I was willing to do "laughing gas" for the filling, Dr S. reassured me it was really small so they could try it first with no nitrous or anesthetic. I think it’s awesome they didn’t just take advantage of making more $ and actually thought about the patient! I left paying only $16 out of pocket. This will continue to be our kids dental office while stationed in GA!

Dr. gas efficient cars under 15000 Brantley is the best dentist in Augusta, GA. We moved from Miami, FL last summer and were having a hard time finding a dentist. We found Dr. Brantley through our insurance and he is the best! My terrified 3-year-old who hated brushing his teeth was totally cooperative. The front office ladies are also amazing and very flexible to work with. gasbuddy va The nurses are so sweet and gentle with the cleanings and X-rays. Best dentist office in Augusta.