My first audi 4 gas laws


So after several VWs, I made the switch to Audi and boy was it worth it! I turned in my last 2.0 TDI to VW and was rolling in a 04 LS430 for a few months. After scheduling my day around trips to Costco for cheap gas, I decided to get the newest Q5 TDI I could find. I did a bunch of research and decided on the S-line trim because I really wanted the paddle shifters. After seeing what dealers were charging for new Q5s that were sitting on lots for over a year, I decided to go used.

I manage to find a 2016 Q5 TDI S-line P+ w/ Tech with <25k miles, Audicare (until 45k) and warranty (until 50k) for $38k. Thinking about pulling the trigger for either a 10/100k Audi Warranty for $4,300 or 10/120k Audi Warranty for $4,900. I would love to keep this car for as long as I can so this feels like a no brainer. My only reservation is a potential tune voiding the warranty if I were to go that route.

So far the driving experience has been night and day. The quality of the vehicle is much more refine than the VWs I’ve had in the past. I’m sure a big part of this has to do with the two additional cylinders. But I would say I’m glad that my wife talked me out of a ’18 Golf R. So far my biggest complaint is the rotational direction of the MMI control knob. I know it’s such a minor issue but for some reason, I just can’t get over this! And don’t get me started on the B & O sound system…

My VW’s seat heaters stayed wherever I set them. This stupid Audi will adjust the heat down from high to mid after 10 minutes. It’s infuriating. My VW had an aux in and a 110 v inverter. My Audi has a cigarette lighter. My VW had a touch screen. My Audi is uncomfortable, gets poorer fuel economy, and has less cargo room. I made a huge mistake. Furthermore, you could tell the designers of the interior were just not that interested in what they were doing. The cap to the center console extends so you can use it as an arm rest, EXCEPT, when you extend the cap you can’t use the cup holders!!! Did no one test drive the car during development? It is incredible how little effort was put into this car’s design. The VW was extremely well thought out. I was SO impressed with the job VW did, that I only bought the Audi assuming it was an upgrade (if VW does such a nice job, Audi must be REALLY nice). It is not.

I bought the car because I wanted more ground clearance, AWD, that panoramic moon roof, and more horses. When I saw these were back on the market, I just figured I’d do my buyback and jump on one. Lesson learned. Always, ALWAYS, heavily scrutinize EVERYTHING before you buy it.

What I am most impressed about my Audi is how it drives, very solid/heavy feel with great nimble handling. My Passat after modifying the suspension with VW Driver Gear Sport Springs and Koni Sport Shocks handled very well but was never as solid feel driving down the road that this Audi offers. The Audi suspension is the type you find in German sports cars and luxury sedans (upper and lower control arms or what I think can be called multi link suspensions) compared to a typical American car McPherson Strut suspension (in my last Passat and most other VW’s now) that consists of a single lower control arm connected at 2 points to the front sub frame and the upper strut mount. My A4 has 5 control arms up front, 2 upper control arms and 3 lower control arms and this is what makes the drive of my A4 enjoyable compared to Passat I drove for last 9 years.

The new Atlas will be way more successful from a numbers sold standpoint for VW in NA than the Touareg could ever be and most Touareg owners will not consider buying the Atlas because even though it has 3rd row seating and tons of great amenities in cabin it is no where as enjoyable to drive as the Touareg with it’s Porsche designed suspension.

IMO VW is "Americanizing" the vehicles they sell in US (tons of Bells and Whistles that look nice), that is what the general car buying population wants and that is where the sales #’s will come from but the engineering of the chassis and drive line is being compromised.