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Let me state this, I HATE AJR with a burning passion and for good reason. This band has been nothing more than shitty overproduced "indie-pop," with lyrics being nothing more than your average privileged white millennial Twitter or Tumblrite, who thinks their so special and everything should be handed down to them. gas 78 industries Or similar to your average emo white teen who listens to Fall Out Boy or Twenty One Pilots. But what really gets to me is the fanbase of this band and the fact they had not one but TWO alt rock hits on the charts this year. Sober Up even hit #1 on the Alternative charts. That really pisses me off cause there is nothing special about any of these songs. Sober Up is just One Of The Drunks by Panic! At The Disco done much worse, not to mention they suck even the shitty Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo of any talent he had left for this song to make a weak ass acoustic guitar song. Not to mention the lyrics are trash about wanting a girl to "sober them up" and to remember when they were younger. But they also say that growing up made them feel numb, yeah it’s called growing up, you’re not in high school, move on.

Then we got Burn The House Down and… I fucking hate these lyrics a lot. This song is basically a faux politically motivated Twitter/Tumblr rant, it tries to be politically charged while not being political all while providing nothing of actual substance. Like this song is basically Mainstream social media condensed into one song; it’s overbloated, overblown, useless, wasteful time spent, full of lies and holes, and the worst part is no fucking solution is ever given, just endless bitching. I thought This Is America was a waste because it provided nothing more than to shock people with a video all while giving no alternative on how to fix a political problem. But no AJR proved me wrong by making this even worse. And the worst part is as I am writing this, BTHD debuted at the very bottom of the Hot 100 on the first week of the Billboard year of 2019 for no reason whatsoever. And that pushed it to the point where I had to put it on this list. And this was a tie between the bottom spot from a shitty band, just wait until you see what I have in store for this list. gas appliance manufacturers association Buckle up people this is gonna be a doozy.

2018 has been the year of the Drake. I’m not even kidding, ever since January Drake has been the most dominating presence in the music industry this year. He had 3 #1 hits, and of those combined 3 #1s, he spent a total of 29 weeks at #1 this year, that’s one more than what Usher did in 2004 with 4 #1 hits. And yet, my #9 is not any of his #1 hits, not at all. r gasquet tennis Hell this isn’t even technically his song, it’s…

…Lil Baby’s, the up and coming new rapper who scored a top 10 hit not because of his talent and wordplay (Or lack thereof) but because of Drake alone being on the track doing nothing more than being the boring dreck I expect from him from time to time. Hell his verse just ends abruptly, couple that with his weak ass delivery, boring ass flow and wordplay that is nothing more than bragging, he just sounds bored here. Also Lil Baby sucks as he normally does, especially in this one though, because he literally sounds like a whiny baby. Not to mention one of his lines is "Wah wah wah, bitch I’m Lil Baby" which is both cringy and hilarious. This is all the definitive proof needed to know why I hate this song, it’s boring as Hell and it only became a hit because of Drake. And if that’s not bad enough Lil Baby has a second top 10 hit and it’s quite bad, not gonna lie. Yeah safe to say Lil Baby has not impressed me and is one fo the worst new artists to come out of 2018. I just wish we could leave him in the garbage bin of 2018.

Okay can someone explain to me why we let a basic as Hell "EDM-pop" song be a top 5 hit? This isn’t even Zedd’s own original beat, he ripped it from another producer from a song from 4 years ago. And while the original wasn’t all that good, the fact that Zedd is a hack infuriates me a lot. I had a lot of respect for Zedd, but from Starving onwards that respect I had has severely shrunk. And don’t get me started on Maren Morris. For a female country artist with a good voice and an album I enjoyed a lot, but her pop songs like this and Rich are really, REALLY terrible. Like seriously the auto-tune on her voice is so obvious and ruins the mood of the song in the chorus, she should not sound like that at all. gas finder rochester ny She sounds fine without it, but her voice is not that good. And these lyrics are the safest, more white washed form to be a huge radio hit… unsurprisingly it was a #1 radio hit because of course it was. I guess all it takes is watered down EDM pop and safe lyrics about a relationship and bam radio plays it like crazy and you get a #1 on radio and the EDM charts. Oh not to mention that overused Target commerical, which got it #1 on iTunes because of course it did. Ugh, at least Zedd has the remix with Lost In Japan to save himself for the pits.

Oh yeah, I have a lot to unload on this, for one I hate the overused concept of the Freaky Friday movie to the point of it being a cliche at this point, unless executed correctly. And no that’s not the reason I hate this song, the reason I hate this song is the fact it was a top 10 hit with Chris fucking Brown, when I thought we had finally moved on from this Usher wannabe. But no all it takes is a fucking terrible joke rapper by the name of Lil Dicky and a 2014 era DJ Mustard beat and bam, Chris suddenly has a top 10 hit. Oh and about Lil Dicky being a joke rapper, there is a serious lack of any real comedic or lyrical genius in this song. Lil Dicky (As Chris Brown, because shockingly this is supposed to emulate the Freaky Friday movie) even says, and I’m not making this "Can I really say the N-word" and he proceeds to go up to people saying what up my n-word. Keep in mind, this is Lil Dicky, one of the whitest rappers alive in Chris Brown’s body saying the N-word, making in racist in deep context. Not only that you have him contemplating about the fact Chris has a kid, and is friends with Kanye and how big his dick is because… dick jokes. Meanwhile in Lil Dicky’s body you have him contemplating about not being so famous or well known and how he won’t be judged by his skin color or "controversial past"… no really, you mean the fact that you’re a fucking woman beat who beat up Rihanna and even sent death threats to other girls before and that you should be locked up in jail you scumbag?! And at the end the switch comes when they realize to love oneself, which is the most narcissistic way for a song I’ve heard since Meghan Trainor’s Me Too 2 years ago! Oh and they also got Ed Sheeran, DJ Khaled and Kendall Jenner of all people as guests in the video and… how is being Ed Sheeran less cool than being Chris Brown??? At least he doesn’t beat up women and knows what the word respect is. gas jet compressor And that Kendall Jenner thing about exploring that vagina, yeah fuck you Lil Dicky. When your song is somehow worse than one of the worst songs of 2016, there is a massive fucking problem. Fuck this song, fuck Chris Brown, fuck Lil Dicky, fuck DJ Mustard and fuck the people who made this a top 10 hit. Let this song rot in the pit of eternal damnation of Hell.

Oh yeah, the worst 6ix9ine song and off his new DUMMY BOY album, which I had the displeasure to listen to all 13 tracks on it. (Although that is for a different day) But all in all this is straight up trash and deserves all the hate it gets. For one Nicki Minaj is fucking garbage on this song. It amazes me that someone like Nicki essentially sold her soul for this song because any and all personality from the one full of life Nicki is wasted on the boring and weak bragging on this song. The fact that they got Nicki and turned her into a husk of a shell is quite infuriating to begin with. But what really makes this awful is 6ix9ine himself and this fucking beat. Normally I expect a 6ix9ine song to be loud and obnoxious, but this, it’s more infuriatingly generic as Hell than obnoxious! And yet 6ix is just the fucking worst being overly sexual and perverted as Hell, it would make more sense if Nicki was more openly sexual instead of doing what she was doing, but this fails immediately. And these lyrics are some of the worst in a top 3 song ever, I mean do you even know what FEFE is, because if you don’t you obviously way too young to be listening to this shit, because I know what it is and it is fucking disgusting. 6ix9ine, a child molester who performed sexual acts with a minor had a top 3 hit where he is sexually objectifying women in this and it’s disturbing and downright offensive. And then we have the fucking beat and it’s goddamn lowkey awful. It’s like with all that reverb it’s barely there, and 6ix9ine sounds even worse when he’s speaking lowkey and not loud and obnoxious. electricity billy elliot instrumental I never thought I’d say that I prefer him shouting than being whispery or quiet. But my God this song is bad, and easily the worst song off of his album DUMMY BOY which was awful and a 3/10 album. But this is definitely the worst and if you’re wondering what song could possibly be worse than FEFE, well…

Oh yeah, I am going all in on this. Because I FUCKING HATE XXXTENTACION. Of all the new artists over the past year to get big, X is by far the worst of them all. electricity year 4 He can’t sing, his production is a fucking mess ranging from obnoxious to boring emo, and his lyrics are misguided, cringey and borderline offensive. If there is one thing I hate it’s the new trend of emo rap that’s been getting popular, and I blame it all on X. He is the reason why songs of his own caliber and even rip-offs like Juice WRLD managed to get hits. And if Cicabeot1 and In The Furnace can give Green Day’s 3 hits a tie for best of 2005, I deserve to put X in a tie for worst of 2018. I hate EVERYTHING about these songs in so many ways it’s not funny in the slightest.

Moonlight is just obnoxious relying on a weird instrumentation as the main beat, with X sounding very awful and the lyrics being the most repetitive in a song I’ve ever heard. Every time I hear this I can only hear the words "moonlight, moonlight yeah drop top on the moonlight" and I know some of those are not the actual lyrics but that’s what I hear because X cannot fucking sing in the slightest. And I’d consider this the "best" of the three songs, and it’s still trash.

Changes is the most boring, basic, and very emo levels or trash I’ve heard all fucking year. I could recreate the piano all by myself if I wanted to with no piano lessons whatsoever and it would sound better than this trash. Also X sound fucking awful, him trying to sound emotional and crying over the fact that his girlfriend is changing and he’s too close-minded to understand why she is. Maybe if you fucking talked to her instead of acting like a sad whiny emo character with the most basic and boring lines you’d fucking know!

But by far the worst offender is SAD! where X literally tries to guilt trip this girl into staying in an abusive relationship with him or else he will kill himself. That is b y far the worst sentiment you can say when you’re in a relationship. static electricity examples If someone is going to kill themselves because of a relationship that person needs to seek help immediately. And it’s the most fucking emo thing I’ve heard all year, not even Twenty One Pilots or even any other emo rap song can compare to this shitfest of a song. Not to mention that X sounds awful as Hell and that fucking beat is the worst thing ever. Remember 4 years ago when Happy by Pharrell was #1, this hit #1, all because X was killed. This is the first posthumous #1 is over a decade if not 2 decades, we let a man who beat up his PREGNANT GIRLFRIEND get to #1 because a bunch of teens who need to move on with life, and get over their shitty emo phase and get better music tastes so we don’t get people like X and 6ix9ine charting. And the worst part is, even in death a bunch of corporate hacks are releasing posthumous songs with X on it, even on feature credits. That tipped me over the edge because there was no real reason why anyone else should be the worst of 2018. I’m already expecting the Skins album to be big and I will HATE IT when it blows the charts up. Of all the songs and all the artists to get big, XXTENTACION is the one who deserves it the least. If the #MeToo movement can kill Hollywood actors careers or politicians, why can’t the same happen with artists like this??? XXXTENTACION, my pick for the worst of 2018.